great doc
Dr. Tojo did my stapedectomy surgery. I was very nervous about it, as I had not had surgery before but his friendly, calm and supportive demeanor really put me at ease. My hearing is much improved and I am a lot less nervous about going back to do the other ear! I highly recommend him.
I cannot THANK Dr. Layland enough. By the time I got to his office, he was the 6th doctor I have seen in two weeks time. I was seriously ill and was unable to eat. After a HORRIBLE experience the day before at the Oral Surgeon office who was supposed to have taken a biopsy but didn't, I was feeling pretty hopeless. Dr. Layland took his time and I could appreciated the fact that he was honest and told me he doesn't know what it is but will take a biopsy and HELP ME GET SOME ANSWERS!!! I THANK U!
Dr. Tojo has excellent knowledge of medical care, supportive, caring, and compassionate. He is a successful surgeon who displays empathy, being humane, thoroughness, and respectfulness. In my nasal issues, Dr. Tojo's medical professionalism provided me with utmost confidence of being in safe hands. He was capable to understand my nasal issues, diagnosis, and treatment including the correct recommendations with his incredible knowledge.
I went to the office for a chronic sinus infection that has not been improved by three rounds of antibiotics. Dr. Ziffra told me that I could either take the extremely potent antibiotic with a wide array of significant potential side effects that he was recommending or he "is of no use to me." How about trying to figure out what's actually causing the problem instead of threatening me to either take the medication or leave the office, especially since antibiotics haven't worked so far?
Doctor did not seem very attentive and did not volunteer to try and educate or explain to us things in detail. Overall seemed disinterested and the worst part was when he pulled out a used tongue depressor from a drawer, used it then put it back in the drawer. Completely shocked!!! Did not even realize all this happened until after it happened. Had my family in the room with me so there were witnesses to corroborate what I saw because it was unbelievable! Currently looking for a new ENT dr.
This man was the worst doctor I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. I would not recommend him to ANYONE. While it was easy to make an appointment, actually interacting with the doctor was horrendous. I came to Dr. Ziffra for a second opinion about a chronic sinus issue, and nearly walked out mid appointment. Not only was this man pompous and condescending, but he actually had the nerve to ask, where I got my medical degree. Look at other review sites, this man does not deserve 5 stars.
Most patient, kind and gentle physician. Most highly recommend. Explained surgery procedure in words that anyone can understand. Very open to questions. There are not enough superlatives that I can use in describing Dr. Tojo. Thank you for putting me at ease.
I was first time in this office and I do not have nothing but best words for Dr. Tojo and staff. He was very professional, kind and considerate of my fear from tonsillectomy. He had explained me every single step in to details and assured me that I am in good hands. I am looking forward seeing Dr. Tojo and his staff in one month.
I would say very professional and knowledgeable doctor
Dr. Tojo was recommended to me by my primary care physician. He has always explained all procedures to me in full before proceeding. He takes the time to answer all of my questions. The visits to his office have always been pleasant.
Dr. Layland did extensive sinus surgery for me. He was patient and explained everything thoroughly. I was amazed that the surgery recovery went as well as it did. Despite extensive sinus reshaping I had no bruising and had a speedy recovery. I put off my surgery for over two years. I am very glad I did it and would use him again.
Great specialist !!!!

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