I wish I could give less than 1 star... Dr Virginia Schmidt at access northwest was who I went to see after waiting such a long g time to get a primary doctor... Well it turns out I will be waiting much longer, first if all she did not even complete the examination and did not even address all of my issues. She targeted one issue in specific and did a poor job with that one. She referred me to a different specialist for something Completly unrelated and that has nothing to do with me...
I went in to Dr.SCHMIDT for a possible chicken pox infection. I was never told when making the appointment to be careful of spreading it. While I was in the exam room, I overhead her actually bad mouthing me to her coworkers, saying HE came in here knowing he had chicken pox and can infect any children! One, the whole point I went is because I didn't know if I had chicken pox. Two, you shouldn't make someone feel like a leper. A doctor should never make you feel bad for being sick!!
This is the best doctor I have encountered in a very long time. She has great bedside manners She is very thorough and caring. It's hard to find a doctor like her. I found her through County Care and I now have a job and I will continue to see her

IL, Arlington Heights, IL, 60005
Arlington Heights
Access At Northwest Community
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Access At Northwest Community
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