Absolutely awful. Rough, rude, inconsiderate... This woman Does Not Care about her patients.
Dr. Sophia was incredible rude. I was having a difficult time breaking. She said all of my problems would be solved if I would lose 50lbs. This would put me well under 100lbs. She did not want to refe me to a specialist. After begging, I was referred and diagnosed with a lung disease.
Without question, Dr. Sophia as she is popularly called, is one of the most considerate, engaging and capable physicians I've ever met over my 50+ years. Her knowledge, experience and sincere dedication to the total healthcare and wellbeing of her patients is second to none. Accordingly, she care for three generations of our family members. Without hesitation, I would recommend her to all as you'll find no one better!
saw him last summer for plantar fascitis in foot, very painful. he recommended gel arches and said not to go barefoot or wear beach shoes. wore the arches and sensible shoes and it went away (after not taking walks for a few days also) in a couple of weeks altho pleased w//these results i've seen him twice as a primary care physician and he doesn't ask enough questions re my general health. the last PCP i had interviewed me for an hour.

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