I cant say enough about Dr. Palmer or his informative Website. He is very confident in helping you achieve a better quality of life through knee replacement surgery and he delivers. I had my Left Knee replaced by someone else and I can tell you that Dr. Palmers procedure is terrific. The Recovery Time is very fast as long as you follow his instructions to the letter and work hard at Physical Therapy. Stop suffering with your Bone on Bone pain and let Dr. Palmer "put a spring in your step!"
Dr Alpert is a great doctor! Very amiable personality and great with following up with his patients. I would highly recommend him.
Dr. Albert did a remarkable job of repairing my quad tears. Due to my size, this surgery was more of a challenge, but Dr. Alpert's expertise came through with flying colors. I just started out- patient PT. Several therapists mentioned how much they respect Dr. Albert and his skil as a surgeon. I highly recommend this Dr/surgeon!
I've recently had my hip replaced. It's amazing how quickly I've recovered and how I'm pain free. Dr. Palmer did great work and I will recommend him to anyone needing the same procedure.
Both my son and I have been treated by Dr Alpert and are very satisfied! My son had a torn ACL that has healed perfectly and I am at the end of a rotator cuff repair and couldn't be happier with care from Dr Alpert and staff! I would highly recommend him!
Dr. Alpert was an excellent choice for surgery. The surgery he performed was perfect and I healed faster than anticipated. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
I had a total knee replacement on March 1st and am so happy. I worked very hard in therapy and no lie, it was a bit challenging. I am a heating and air tech. Our trade requires us to twist, bend and kneel. I went back to work around week 8, part time, and "eased" back into my routine. At week 12 I am doing great and seldom have a hint of pain. It gets better every week! Thanks to Dr Palmer and St. Joe's for the best care one could expect. Life is good!!
Left my house for the hospital - 12 hours late returned with a hew hip. Walked four hours after surgery. Yes the pain does peak around the third day after surgery. It's been two weeks now since my surgery and just some slight swelling. Just do it!
Dr. Alpert and Adrian were awesome! They were quick and efficient in their work allowing me to recover in only four short months with no complications from surgery. So thankful to have been seen by such a wonderful team.
Dr Palmer did a bilateral knee replacement on December 7th I can't believe how great everything went, very little pain hardly any scar and physical therapy went great and I was back to work at 100 percent in 12 weeks and my knees have not felt this good in years I would recommend Him to anyone needing knee replacement surgery . And I would like to add that Dr Palmer and his staff was very good about answering any questions I had at a very timely manner
Dr Alpert was very professional and kind. He took time to explain my daughter's injury and different surgery options. After her surgery, he was available anytime to answer questions via email. We emailed him on a Sunday afternoon with a post-op question and he replied quickly. His PA is also wonderful. I would recommend him.
You cannot get a better surgeon than Dr. Palmer. He is highly qualified as you can tell by previous reviews. What impressed me the most is his confidence. He is not cocky but very confident in his abilities to do my hip surgery with a quick recovery time and minimal discomfort. There is no other surgeon I would rather have doing this procedure than Dr Palmer
Dr. Palmer replaced my right hip 8 days ago. I was walking on my own in 5 days, and driving in 8 days. This was not pain free surgery by any means, but the results are worth it. While Dr. Palmer himself is a spectacular surgeon, his office staff and partners (surgery center and home PT) are dreadful to deal with. Don't expect calls to be returned the same day during recovery. The 24/7 access his website brags about doesn't exist. I felt rushed out on my follow-up visit, after waiting an hour.
Dr. Alpert is a good doctor of explain the findings when there is a problem. When you have x-rays and MRI's and nothing shows but inflammation I would like Dr. Alpert to believe his patience a little more when he is being told that something is truly wrong with the patient. Otherwise Dr. Alpert is a friendly and outstanding doctor.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Palmer to friends and family. I already do. I have heard folks from near and far sing his praises. I was also very touched by his kindness when I saw him in December before my March 1 surgery. The only thing I think could be improved upon is the fact that you never see him again after the surgery. I know how busy he is--9 were done the day I had my hip replacement. However, I am used to seeing the surgeon in recovery or at the post appt. Not enough follow-up.
I had a slight rotator cuff tear and Dr. Alpert recommended a cortisone shot and physical therapy. So far, so good. I'm 95% better than when I first walked in his office. His staff is great and so is ATI Physical Therapy.
Did research and now I know why he was very highly recommended. Everything he told me to expect about the outcome and the recovery was right on.
Dr Alpert did a fantastic job of Revese Replacement of my shoulder. I am pain free and after physical therapy rehab am even better than before surgery. He was pleased that I exceeded expectations for my range of motion. If you are facing this procedure I would highly recommend Dr. Joshua Alpert.
I would indeed recommend Dr. Palmer . He replaced both my hips and a knee.
Dr. Palmer is the only doctor I have considered for my surgeries.
Dr. Alpert was recommended by my general doctor to review a shoulder injury. I met with Dr. Alpert and he determined I had a left torn rotator cuff. He went through the procedure and rehab time. I decided to have him do the procedure. A few weeks after surgery he got me in touch with ATI in Carpentersville and they worked with me three days a week strengthing my shoulder. I did a total of 4 months of rehab. I would recommend Dr. Alpert and ATI to anyone who needs surgery for a torn rotator cuff.
Great experience and recovery time was exactly 1 week and I returned to work walking 6 miles a day for left hip replacement. I was surprised that I had almost no pain after surgery. I actually walked out of the hospital the same day only hours later and out into the parking lot to go home unassisted. It was overall a fantastic process very easy and fast. The entire process from appointment to surgery could not have been made any simpler. I have told everyone I know to go to Dr. P!!!!
Dr. Palmer did a great service for me with the hip replacement. He is the best.
Dr. Palmer changed my life ! My hip surgery was such a success, I feel like a new person.
Dr Palmer did a great job on both of my operations. I had no pain afterwards. I had about 6 sessions of out patient therapy on both hips as a precaution. I have given Dr Palmer's name too a few friends of mine. I wish Dr Palmer could have seen me after the operations either in the hospital, or on my office visits afterwards. Thanks to everyone on his staff for a great job done.
Dr. Palmer was the answer to my prayers! I didn't know anything about his method of hip replacement until I heard an advertisement on the radio one day of "The Knee and Hip Center." I researched it online (VERY informative) and decided to make an appointment. After 4 years of crippling pain, it was now or never! Dr.Palmer was so down to earth and had me feeling quite at ease. He explained everything thoroughly and patiently answered my concerns. I left actually feeling excited to have surgery!
Best. Ortho. Dr. Ever.!! 2 days with a walker, 4 days witha cane AND in 1 1/2 weeks I was riding my bicycle!??
3 yrs ago Dr. Palmer replaced my hip. Surgery early AM...walked into house that evening. Dr P hip replacement ... A piece of cake. Recently, Dr Palmer performed bilateral knee replacement (two knees same time). Walked w/o cane in 3 wks. Driving in 4 wks. Per my phy therapist, I'm the poster child for bilateral knee replacement. Final testament to Dr Palmer, whenever mention to hospital staff Dr P as my surgeon, all said (in their experience) "you're very lucky ... he's THE BEST there is!!
I have recommended Dr. Palmer and will continue to do so. I have the utmost confidence in his ability and knowledge. Every thing he told me prior to the surgery was right on the mark. If I need another hip, there is only one surgeon I would consult.
Excellent experience and very good results. Care at Presence St Joseph was good as well.
My husband and I have both seen Dr. Palmer for hip and knee replacements. Neighbors recommended him to us. Dr. Palmer and his staff were all we could have hoped for in our quest for an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Palmer gave us confidence through his expert knowledge, compassion, and easy going style. His staff is much the same, plus very efficient. My husband will soon have another hip replacement with Dr. Palmer. He has given us our quality of life back again to ski, hike, and bike again!
Very caring and extremely knowledgeable. I don't worry when he performs my surgery because I know I'm in capable hands. He's with you through the entire healing process.
I was worried because knee replacement surgery is major. From the beginning RN Lori Compton helped me get started with the arrangements. I soon met Dr. Palmer. He listened to my concerns and helped me understand what was going to be done. Lori took care of all the arrangements and I was on my way. Other than the expected recovery pain the process was easy. Any concerns I had I contacted Lori and they were taken care of promptly. I had the second one done 4 1/2 months later. Good job!
Much to my surprise, my knee pain was due to hip problem... dr. Palmer took x-rays and we discussed hip surgery and scheduled the surgery. Next time I saw him was day of surgery prior to my procedure. My one complaint was that my post-op appointment was with his nurse practitioner instead of with him... I was somewhat let down by this as I wondered how much damage he saw in my hip.
I work in construction and was told I can return to work in four weeks without restriction. After four weeks I was definitely not near ready to return without restriction. It took me nine weeks to return confidently. I think the doctor may be a little too ambitious onthe recovery time. That being said my hip now feels 100% better.
Dr. Palmer was one of 3 surgeons i visited after an MRI indicated I was a candidate for a total hip replacement. Being in the madical field myself, i did a lot of on line research and consulted with collegues about surgeon outcomes. I was impressed by Dr. Palmers website and the videos he created addressing patient concerns. Great insight into the practice and the man. At my appointment, he was very willing to answer additional questions. Never felt rushed. Demonstrated empathy & confidence.
I have already referred friends and Neighbors to Dr. Palmer I am so satisfied with the services I received I am planning another service to my knee in the near future and I am using Dr.Palmer
Dr. Palmer demonstrated great concern, compassion and understanding besides being a true specialist in his field. Even though his practice is a 4 1/2 hr drive I choose him to do my surgery. This has been one of the best choices that I have ever made. The results have been wonderful and my recovery time has been shorter than others I have spoken with. Lori Compton, Dr. Palmer's nurse navigator is wonderful. She was there for me through the whole process.
Dr. Palmer is beyond fantastic! Truly a joint God! I found him through my own research because I needed bilateral hip replacement and wasn't getting anywhere with 3 other orthopedic surgeons whom said "I was too young". I changed over all my primary care and hospital to travel to Elgin to have him evaluate and do my surgery. I have been told by my in home therapist that his approach is amazing and she was very impressed by my recovery and incision site and size.
Great, great, great. Run, don't walk to this doctor if you need a hip replacement.
I heard his name from my family doctor, friends, neighbors, people at work, even random people when out shopping. I almost felt ready to schedule my hip surgery before actually meeting him. Now that I am recovered, I can see why so many people referred to him.
After enduring pain in my right shoulder for far too long, my doctor recommended I see Dr. Alpert. It was decided rotator cuff surgery was the way to go and I am very grateful to Dr. Alpert and his team for the great care I received during and after my surgery. Appointments were always on time which was very much appreciated. I am back bowling and golfing without the pain I endured prior to surgery. Should anything ever happen to my other shoulder, Dr. Alpert will be the last one I call.
I injured my elbow in June of 2016. Needing help with the pain and discomfort, I found Dr. Alpert at Illinois Bone and Joint. Dr. Alpert was beyond helpful with the healing of my left elbow. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Alpert.
Diagnosis was right on very friendly and knowledgeable. Surgery was perfect explained every aspect of recovery. No surprises or complications. Took the time to answer all questions and did not feel rushed at all. I would highly recommend Dr Savino!
My type of doctor. Straightforward, to the point, get the job done. He clearly explained what my options were and how I should proceed. My situation required left shoulder rotator cuff surgery to repair three tears. He laid out the schedule and met it spot on. Just for the record I never thought I would have full use of my left arm after getting hit by a car while on my bike. He fixed it! Nice job.
I was referred to Doctor Alpert by my doctor. The first time I met him I liked him. He quickly and accurately diagnosed my rotator cuff shoulder injury. He assured me he could fix it and outlined the steps I would need to take to get back to normal. His confidence level was so high it was contagious! I am happy to report that today I enjoy total range of movement without pain. Thanks Doctor Alpert!
Would recommend him to anyone. In fact, I already have. Very good experience all things considered. Would like to see pricing come down. But this is the norm I guess in this field now.
Dr. Alpert took excellent care of me through all the phases of my ACL injury. Post diagnosis he walked me through all my options and helped me choose the option most suitable for me. My surgery went extremely smoothly and my recovery progressed almost exactly along the timetable that he projected for me. During all subsequent post op appointments Dr. Alpert's bedside manner was perfect. He was always very receptive to all my questions/concerns. I would 100% refer anyone with a knee injury.
I had lower back fusion last summer and have had no pain since. I am now needing cervical spine surgery and opted to go back to Dr. Stanley as I had such good luck with my other surgery.
Dr. Alpert did a fantastic job with my shoulder surgery. I am progressing ahead of schedule and my shoulder is significantly better than it was before the surgery already! I attribute this to the expertise of Dr. Alpert and his staff; they really did a great job. Thank you very much!
I went to see Dr. Stanley for my neck (as a recommendation from a friend who had amazing results with her treatment) the initial visit was very comforting-the staff (Randi and Yesenia) were very friendly and helpful! Dr. Stanley explained my diagnosis in detail and we discussed my treatment options thoroughly. I have seen him several times now and each time, I have the same great outcome! I was released from his care last month and have been feeling great! Back pain gone :) Definitely recommend!
My experience with Dr. Alpert was first class all the way. Dr. Alpert was able to zero in on my problem immediately and assist me all the way through rehab and eventual recovery. He went above and beyond to make himself available to answer even the most basic questions and always responded to my numerous questions in a very timely manner. My in-office visits were a pleasure as Dr. Alpert took the time to listen and understand my issues and develop a strategy for my pain and recuperation.
Had a very tough surgery repairing my chest. I healed way ahead of schedule due to Dr. Alperts ability to reattach the tendon cleanly and evenly. Couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommend him for any orthopedic related problems you have
Kourtney is ONLY 16 so this message is from her mother (Patricia Pena) WORST "DOCTOR" (TOM STANLEY) EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE!!! The OFFICE STAFF......"AWESOME" they're GREAT!!!! My daughter is only 16 years old. Her Pediatrician ordered X-Ray of her spine/back, got the results, it's scoliosis, they suggest we see orthopedic Dr Tom Stanley. We saw Dr TOM STANLEY on Friday Nov 18th. **RUDE and ARROGANT" He NEVER explained what scoliosis is! We had to go home, go online and research it
Dr Alpert is very approachable and knowledgeable. His office staff are efficient and friendly. He has several office sites so it is convenient to be seen. I had surgery and everything was handled by his assistant, Jessica. I was back to work in 5 days and had a great result. Highly recommend Dr Alpert.
Dr. Alpert is amazing. I came in with some serious back issues and I was in a lot of pain. He did not keep me waiting, listened to everything I had to say and figured out pretty quickly what was wrong with me. He immediately got me in the MRI machine and I was diagnosed. We went over my options which he made very clear. He with out a doubt knows his profession as after a couple months I was good as new all thanks to him. If I need a orthopedic again I will for sure see Dr. Alpert
As an emergency physician I have particularly good insight into the competency and professionalism of other physicians and specialty providers. Dr. Alpert and his office are responsive, professional, and show great care towards their patients. As a fellowship trained sports orthopedic MD I feel confident and comfortable with Dr. Alpert's skill set in getting me back on the field as soon as possible. I would highly recommend him - unfortunately I wish he had offices closer to downtown.
Great experience. Had a cortisone shot for shoulder pain and I am pain free for 3 months now. I couldn't be happier!
Dr. Alpert was tremendous in treating a torn lateral meniscus in my left knee. First, he helped me to understand the nature of my injury and my options for recovery. When we decided on surgery, Dr. Alpert communicated with me regularly regarding the procedure, and performed a flawless surgery. My knee had been in pain for a long time and has been pain free since I had the surgery done. From both a personal and professional perspective, I offer the strongest possible recommendation of Dr. Alpert.
Dr. Alpert was recommended by my general practione to care for my infected bursa. He had to open my knee to clear the infection. I am pleased with the way e and his staff took care of me.
I am a runner and saw Dr. Seeds for knee pain. He was extremely knowledgable about my issue and was exceptional about explaining things in terms I could understand. He was very cost-conscious bout not ordering unnecessary tests and came up with a non-surgical solution that worked! I'm back to running and just completed my first half marathon last weekend! Thank you Dr. Seeds!
I went to Dr. Alpert for extreme pain in my right knee. I don't believe he even looked closely at my xrays & I know he did not look at the medical chart I filled out. When the doctor came in the exam room he had a rep from ATI Physical Therapy with him. I didn't appreciate that. He said I have arthritis in my knee & I should have physical therapy & that he would prescribe some meds. When the doctor found out I have an HMO he rushed out of the exam room. He prescribed duplicate drugs, which are c
Dr. Alpert barely took the time to look at my sprained and quite painful ankle, and before I could ask him any questions he had already run out the door. He literally examined my ankle for under 30 seconds before giving me a diagnosis and leaving. I know that YOU don't care about my ankle, Dr. Alpert, but I do. And since I'm your customer that should matter to you.
I liked Dr Alpert from the first appointment. He is professional and caring with his patients. He did surgery on my shoulder and also fixed my torn miniscus in my knee. I feel great ! I would recommend him and the excellent staff !!
Dr. Alpert has helped me with left knee pain. He suggested the Orthovisc injections and they are working in my knee. It was a series of three injections. Dr. Alpert's office staff is friendly and helpful. They work hard to verify insurance and to accommodate my work schedule for appointments
I would highly recommend Dr. Alpert, he explains things to his patients so that they understand what the procedure entails, as well as your recovery time. He also is compassionate about the needs of his patients and takes the time to not only answer your questions, but ask you if you have any questions he can answer.
Had a shoulder injury from a severe fall and was unable to move left arm for weeks. When I finally saw Dr. Alpert, he didn't even want to do any imaging, just send me straight to PT. He then did an MRI and said I only needed PT. A year and a new Dr. later I am getting ready for more imaging and probably surgery that I should have had a year ago. Thanks for brushing me off. Really improved my life.
Dr. Alpert is very nice and professional. He gives several treatment options and I trusted his expertise. He really cares about helping his patients heal He is an excellent surgeon!
He did a great job in fixing my son's broken kneecap and an even better job in the follow ups to his recovery.
Awsome guy, fixed a 20 year old snowboarding injury! Now I feel great have way better mobility in my shoulder than ever before. Highly recommended!!!
This highly skilled surgeon has my vote for the go to guy if you face an orthipedic crises. My first encounter with him was for a severely fractured ankle which he rebuilt and I saw him today for a final appointment after he did extensive arthroscopic repair on my dominate arm shoulder. I do five miles a day and the ankle is fully functional and pain free. My frozen shoulder is now pain free and fully functional. I highly recommend Dr. Alpert, an outstanding gentleman and fabulous mechanic!
Terrible-for having a knee replacement & the Doctor doesn't come to see you progress at the hospital? That speaks volumes He is behind the times. Has another doctor do the replacement & you don't meet him till you are rolled into the surgery room Run from this group of doctors. Newer procedure and better doctors at CDH
I am in the operating room on a daily basis for work and have viewed many surgical procedures in the area performed by numerous surgeons. When it was time for me to get my own shoulder repaired, I went to Dr. Alpert. I was dealing with instability issues in my shoulder and it was progressively getting worse. Dr. Alpert was very understanding about my desire to get back to playing sports and lifting weights without pain. I'm very happy with the results from my surgical procedure.
Dr Alpert is a hands on surgeon who is accessible. He is very talented at what he does.
Dr. Alpert is amazing. His attention to detail and ability to walk you through the steps all the way through surgery are extremely professional. I felt better then ever after my surgery and recovery were complete. My surgery day experience was efficient and again handled in a very professional manner. I highly recommend Dr. Alpert. He is a true pro.
Great experience, Dr. Alpert reattached my bicep muscle and in just a few months I was able to get back to the gym. His office staff was very accommodating and there wasn't a lot of waiting around. It has been over a year since the surgery and there is absolutely no discomfort, arm feels as good as new.
Midwest Bone and Joint Institute is a group of 8 Orthopedic Specialists. We are all fellowship trained, with interests in general orthopedics, sports medicine, hand surgery, joint replacements, and spine. We provide total orthopedic care. We distinguish ourselves as being made up of the best trained and most highly educated orthopedic surgeons in the area. All of our surgeons are fellowship trained beyond residency in some of the best institutions in the country. Most importantly, we are friendly and give you individual attention. Our mission is to provide outstanding care to all of our patients and facilitate a rapid return to an active, pain free lifestyle. Spanish

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