He is the worst doctor!! Avoid him. find someone else!
Dr Gent has always been patient and sympathetic. My daughter had ACL Surgery with him a few years ago and he was very good with her. I recently had shoulder surgery and He was very clear about my options. He spent the right amount of time listening to my concerns. I highly recommend
I have a joint injury and I feel like he is just not listening to me. I am not a typical woman with a woman's typical strength. Yet after extensive physical therapy the doctor feels like the results are good. Not true there is still a lot of pain and strength issue. I use to be able to lift 70 lbs with one hand and I am not even lifting 10 yet. How is this good? Last time I saw him he said to call him if it got worse. Worse, it isn't better yet.
Wonderful doctor. If you need hand surgery this is your guy. Great bedside manner and good sense of humor. My hand healed great and the Wole staff was so nice.
Woud not take the time to listen to my concerns. At second appointment, he asked if I was still in Physical Therapy? I notified him that my PT sent him a comprehensive follow up to renew my PT services. Must be having nurses re-prescibing and not reading follow ups. Waste of time.
I saw Dr. Gent due to the fact that Dr. Cox was out of the office. Dr. Gent was extremely rude & cocky. I work in the healthcare field & his bedside manner was appalling. He seemed very annoyed & talked down to me for te few minutes he spent in the room. The only reason I'll be going back to MCO is becasie Dr. Cox is the exact opposite of Gent.
Dr. Havenhill was patient and thorough in sharing his diagnosis and presenting us with options. He was knowledgeable and friendly and made sure all of our questions were answered.
New to area so had to research doctors because I injured my knee so thought I came up with a good one - and I did! Dr Basran is an excellent Doctor. Takes time to listen and answer all questions. After my surgery he even called me the next morning. Just came from my post-op appointment and he showed me a video of my surgery! Have had many surgeries but never saw that before! I highly recommend Dr Basran!
Worst bedside manner. Explains nothing. Rude & very cocky. He believes he is the best doctor that ever walked the planet & God forbid you question or disagree with his findings.
Dr. Gent prescribed an MRI for my daughter's knee. When I called the office to speak with him, his 'asst' wouldn't let me. She told me several times that he is to busy to speak to me. When I asked for an explanation of why she needs this exam the asst couldn't find the script or his notes explaining why. My daughter gets the expensive MRI and Dr. Gent is still too busy to call us with the results. His 'asst' calls but doesn't understand diagnosis. Gent still too busy and won't talk to us.
I have torn the meniscus in both knees, 3 times in the left knee, and now once in the right. Dr. Cox has performed two arthroscopic surgeries on the left, and I'm scheduled to have the right one done. I don't know if others that have rated Dr. Cox as less than a 5 visited the same doctor I have, but I would recommend him to anyone. I can't imagine a doctor providing better answers, advice and care than what I have received.
Terrible doctor. Hus negligence almost killed me and caused lasting damage to my lungs. After mocking , belittling and ignoring my complaints of severe calf cramps/pain, swelling and warmth near my broken ankle , which I found out from my primary doctor was due to blood clot in my leg , It caused a life threatening pulmonary embolism which can cause sudden death and kills almost 100,000 a year. He even ignored my symptoms of shortness of breath and lung pain . I was hospitalized and almost died
Dr. Havenhill performed Carpal Tunnel surgery on my left hand. I found him to be very professional: he was concerned about my comfort, explained the surgery procedure, recovery time, and the expected results. The results of the surgery was excellent! I do not have pain in my hand and fingers, as I did before. I also have feeling in my fingers that I didn't before--I would recommend Dr. Havenhill to anyone who needed this surgery.
I'm an active 46 year old guy that had a serious shoulder issue. Dr. Gent repaired my right shoulder. I had a torn and detached labrum, torn rotator cuff and biceps tendonitis I had a total of two surgeries on my right shoulder over the past two years (2015-16) the healing time was a bit longer that I anticipated but now my shoulder seems bullet proof. My range of motion is awesome and I'm able to resume an active life style with out limitations or pain. I highly recommend Dr. Justin Gent
Had a work injury not get better. Was referred to Dr. Patel for my elbow. He and his staff were wonderful and friendly. He listens and was very thorough. I did not have long wait times either. I ended up having surgery and he did such an amazing job.
Very nice, professional, knowledgeable, and communicative. Very highly recommended. Great credentials, University of Chicago.
I've never had a doctor actually take the time to listen to me. He fixed my rotator cuff and my husband's acl. We both are ahead of schedule and thank him for his great work!

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