Miracle worker. Saved me from severe depression after multiple other docs gave up and electro convulsive produced no results. Exceeding optimistic and has the results to back that up. Markedly better, smarter and more informed than typical psychiatrist.
Dr. Goldstein is smart, honest and straightforward. He does not sugar coat things which is good. It makes him more trustworthy. If I contact him via e-mail or text - he always gets back to me the same day. I have been battling severe treatment resistant depression for a long time. He hung in there with me and kept trying. I'm grateful.
Excellent!!! Very knowledgeable. Turned my life around. Thank you!!
I started seeing Dr. Goldstein through a clinical depression research study run out of Rush. At first he seemed brisk and intimidating, but when my condition severely worsened he was really responsive and caring. He took me out of the study so that he could freely adjust my meds. Since then, he has been following up a lot and helping me get samples of the very expensive medicine that I need. He's very knowledgeable and experienced in his field.
Dr. Goldstein provides caring and attentive treatment for my 18 year old son who has bipolar disorder. He is very good about keeping the family involved, and communicating with my son's therapists. When my son has had crisis situations, he has always been available and has gone out of his way to assist -- even calling my son late on a Sunday night.
Dr. Zajecka is an outstanding Doctor. He listens intently, remembers history from 20 years ago with out looking at charts. His prescribed medications have always been right on, he follows up, returns calls, takes extra time with you if needed. I haven't experience his dedication to patients with any other Doctor that I deal with or have dealt with in the past. I have complete trust, and confidence in Dr. Zajecka.
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