I met Dr Sharma through an emergency room visit . I was referred to her and the practice of Lakeshore Infectious Diseases. I have been to her office more than any doctor in my lifetime due to the nature of my infections. Dr Sharma was WONDERFUL! She was kind , caring and a fantastic listener , not to mention one of the finest doctors I have ever met. If you would ever happen to need a doctor in this specialty, Dr Sharma is the finest there is! Sincerely Melissa
I've been a client of Dr. Sharma for 3+ years and delighted with her management of my health care. She's extremely professional, personable, and very experienced. Each visit I'm greeted with a smile, promptly attended to by her staff and herself, she takes time to review and provide a professional update or opinion about my health care and makes sound recommendations. 2015-2016 I worked in Utah and flew back/forth to Chicago to see her so she could continue my care. That's how awesome she is!!!!
Never have I come across such a rude, dishonest & unprofessional doctor. She talked over me constantly, wouldn't let me finish explaining, then rushed me out of her office. She made all sorts of notes in my chart which were false & unwarranted, implying my condition was imagined. She falsified my exam: never performed a full physical, but naturally still billed insurance for all of it. She's lucky I didn't report the false exam to the state medical licensing board & internal medicine board.
Takes his time to ensure that I truly understand my illness. He's Thorough, compassionate, up to date on the latest advancements in his field, etc...
Dr Sullivan did not accurately read my chart. He indicated to me that I should listen only to him and not my other physicians and you will be dead by Saturday if you don't listen to me.
Group practice of 5 physicians, all board certified in Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine. In addition to consulting on inpatients at St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago, outpatients are seen at the 12th floor office located at St. Joseph. Outpatients should be referred by a primary care physician within the Resurrection system. Particular areas of excellence in outpatient medicine include HIV, opportunistic infections in AIDS, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, syphilis, tuberculosis, herpes, zoster, diarrhea, osteomyelitis and HPV infection. Spanish
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