This is an amazing dr. with very shady billing practices. He refused to allow my chiro order my shoe inserts (at an $80 out of pocket cost) and made me come see him. After asking multiple times that my benefits be checked before ordering my inserts they went ahead and ordered them anyways and stuck me with a $600 bill. they told me they would call me before ordering then claimed they "made a mistake" and forgot to verify benefits but I'm still responsible or they will send me to collections.
I saw Dr. Garg after experiencing a running-related injury in which I tore my calf muscle. I waited a week to see him (when I was in excruciating pain) because his online reviews were so good. Thankfully, the reviews did not lie! Dr. Garg made me feel relaxed & comfortable from the moment I met him. I stressed how much I love working out & Dr. Garg came up with a plan that got me back to the gym ASAP. He listened while I asked questions & made me feel at ease with the solution. Highly recommend!
Dr Guelich repaired my torn rotator cuff. He did a great job and the shoulder has healed marvelously. Glad I did it. I'm planning on having him fix my other shoulder as well. He's professional and thorough and explains exactly what to expect. He's not easy to get an appointment which demonstrates the faith patients have in him.
Terrible. Wanted to jump into right into surgery even though I'm pregnant. Not a fan. Breezed in and breezed out of important. Nurse seemed nice. If you don't have to go here don't.
It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Garg for the first time today. He was very professional, made me feel very comfortable, and he explained to me everything very well to where I could understand my diagnosis and the protocol to follow. I would definitely recommend him.
Dr. Garg was friendly, easy to talk to, and knowledgeable. He was able to quickly and accurately diagnose my problem and overall I had a great experience.
Dr Garg diagnosed my shoulder injury problem and made effective treatment recommendations to my physical therapist. My should is on the mend. I highly recommend Dr Garg to anyone with an orthopaedic injury.
Dr. Nam is an incredible knowledgeable doctor. I've loved working with him on recuperating from a severe knee injury. I know I'm in great hands with Dr. Nam. His assistant Tony, as well, has been a tremendous help! Thank you
I consider Dr Nam to be a top notch surgeon. I had two total knee replacements done and my husband had rotator cuff surgery. Everything went extremely well for all three surgeries.
I visited three doctors regarding a problem bunion on my left foot. Dr. Diekevers recommended a less-radical surgery than the others (z-bunion), explained it well, and I had outpatient surgery at the Presence facility on Surf. Everything went extremely well with the doctor and the hospital. So far, I am very pleased with the results. The surgical and recovery pain was relatively benign. I would recommend Dr. Diekevers.
I have had Dr. deKievers as a podiatrist for over 8 years. Pleasant, professional, and caring. Highly recommened.
I had a massive tear in my rotator cuff (unbeknownst to me at the time). Dr. Nam didn't know it was as extensive as it was, either, until he performed the surgery. Nonetheless, he was able to fully repair the tear and complete the procedure successfully. I was extremely satisfied with his professionalism, his explanation of my condition and his ability to perform the surgery with positive results. The rehab/PT is going to be quite long, but at least the surgery went great thanks to Dr. Nam.
I am 64 years old. For almost a year I had a bad left shoulder. The MRI indicated a completely torn rotater cuff and a torn Labrum . After meeting with DR. Guelich, he went over my options. I decided after checking his patient satisfaction ratings, to let him do the surgery. It is almost two months now, but I have no regrets. The rehab is very hard, but I have already passed the pain point of before the surgery. Doctor Guelich has been great, very happy with him and the results
Dr Garg is amazing. He takes time to get to know his patients and leaves you knowing that while you may have an issue now you can work to overcome any challenge you face!
I have had and continue to have amazing care. He's very clear and open takes time to answer question and from what I've noticed has a good bed side manner. I was concerned after reading the reviews here but I personally found them not what I experienced. Wait time and ease of a scheduling appoints us always hard do to speciality.
Not willing to extend his services to get additional physical therapy sessions required for a full recovery.
Long office wait, over an hour for a 5 minute consult. Unprofessional
Dr Guelich replaced one of my knees last year and one this year. I found him a marvelous and caring doctor and highly recommend him
Went to him to get a wart removed on the bottom of my foot. The first visit had a $50 copay. He gave me an option to get it removed on a separate visit at a different location or take heart burn medicine and apply a topical solution. I chose the latter on his recommendation thinking it would be less invasive. It didn't work. They wanted me to come back for another visit (another $50) to see that it didn't work and schedule another appointment and go with the first option ($50 more). Crook!
Dr Hoffman has replaced my hips and knees over the past five years and I could not be happier for what he has done for me. I would recommend him to anyone and have already
On February 10, 2016 had a foot surgery. Dr. Diekevers explained the procedure to me very well. He performed an excellent job on my foot. Everything happened the way he told me. I thank the him and his staff for an excellent job. I highly recommend him
I highly recommend Dr Guelich , take time to make you comfortable before and after surgery everyone is very professional and friendly.
COSM, founded in 1965, has been one of the longstanding centers of excellence for Orthopaedic care in Chicago. The latest generation of surgeons and non-surgeons, provides state-of-the-art treatments such as arthroscopic and minimally invasive techniques for sports injuries, arthritis, and fracture care. The COSM physicians are some of the best trained and most experienced Orthopaedic surgeons and non-surgeons in Chicago. Patients can be confident they are receiving the latest techniques in both conservative and operative care. Spanish

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