Dr. Greenberg has been my doctor since 2001. I came to him in the beginning of summer that year with pain, discomfort, and other symptoms. He was able to diagnose my Crohn's Disease very quickly and has since been absolutely amazing in helping me along this journey. He is always current with new information and treatments. He is willing to listen to his patients while giving the best medical advice. My parents are also his patients. He is very easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable.
Had lower abdomen pain for years, so he did an endoscopy (which didn't make sense to me, since my pain was near the colon). When the results were normal, I asked what my next steps were and he said "I don't know! Your test was normal!" Well...shouldn't you find out? Such a rude and careless doctor.
I took my son for a colonoscopy at their brand new facility. From the moment we walked into the center (located in the back of their main building), we were greeted warmly by Lisa. I waited in the comfortable waiting area. After his procedure, I was escorted to recovery. I was impressed by the facility, but even more, by the attentiveness of the staff. The Dr was exceptional, as he described his findings. Both my son and I feel the care he received was excellent.
Dr. Greenberg is an excellent Doctor. He is polite, does not rush a conversation and listens very carefully to a situation you may have. He has done all mine and my husband' s procedures. I have recommended Dr. Greenberg to my friends and they felt the same. Sandy & Don
I have been a patient of Dr. Greenberg for over 10 years. He has been very professional and knowledgeable. He is easy to talk to and is compassionate and understanding. I am 100% confident Dr. Greenberg will help me with any issue that arises. His office staff is very friendly and helpful too.
I have known and seen Dr. Greenberg for the last 14 years! I am so blessed that the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn. recommended him to me! He takes the time to assess the situation and then either prescribes the medications or changes your diet to help improve your life! I am grateful that he would take on my complicated case and resolve it to where I can lead a normal life! Dr. Greenberg is an extremely patient, kind, and knowledgeable doctor and I have and will continue to sing his praises!!
I went in for a Colonoscopy and Dr Sun was so caring and professional. She's an awesome doctor and her team was Awesome. The nurses went above and beyond their call of duty. I highly recommend this group of staff. The doctor was the "Best". The procedure was quick and painless!
I have been a patient of Dr. Bernsen for nearly 30 years. He is very thorough in his care for patients, friendly, and will take the time necessary to answer any questions or concerns. The entire staff at Northwest Gastroenterologists is courteous and professional.
I went in to get a colonoscopy and Dr. Sun is a knowledgeable, caring doctor. She made me feel very comfortable.
I had Dr. Lattin for colonoscopy at NCH I was wheeled into the room for my procedure & just before I was given the anesthesia he asked "Why are you here?" Another doctor at his office had told me to come back in 3 years & sent me a letter to come for procedure-so I did. He said I wasnt due but put me under anyways. I cant say what happened when I was under but it was over super quick & I didn't feel like I normally feel afterwards. Now I have doubts. Will not use Lattin or IL Gastro again.
I really like that he tells it like it is and will give me his honest medical opinion. He cares whether or not treatment is moving toward success and presents the next step/option if and when needed. When I asked if I could do a different medication than the two offered, he was fine with it. We discuss other treatments sometimes and he tells me about the research done so I can make better informed decisions. He's pretty cool and can be pretty funny sometimes. I have recommended him 3x already.
His office charged hundreds of dollars for preventive screening, which is unbelievable.
Great first visit, easy to understand and he gets to the point.
I have been sick for a 2 years with diarrhea and stomach pains and bloating. I saw a few different gastro doctors and nobody could find the cause of my symptoms. Everyone said I had irritable bowel but I never had any problems until I was 50. Nobody wanted to believe my symptoms and just kept treating me with drugs. Dr. Bernsen listened and read all my records and said I probably had bacterial overgrowth and treated me and my symptoms resolved. He is the best!!
We met with her and she was so kind and gentle to my daughter. Even though she sent us directly to the ER, her demeanor and professionalism was outstanding. I'd recommend her to anyone!!
Has the bedside manner of a Dementor. His first appearance bedside (at our request, he wasn't even planning to explain the procedure or what the results would give us) he was glaring and and sternly lecturing us because I said I had a few questions and only asked 2 and 2 is a couple not a few. When I explained after he berated me (patients mother) he owed me an apology he refused and continued his attitude. He continued while my daughter was in OR, standing in the corner on his phone. AVOID!
My daughter is a patient of Dr. Greenberg and he always takes the time to answer any question or put to rest any concern either one of us has. His staff has always been friendly to us and are always happy to call us back promptly.
Dr. Greenberg has helped me with my Ulcerative Colitis from the beginning. He's always ready with a solution if I have a problem and only suggests what he thinks will be best for my case, nothing more. If you have an intestinal issue, go to him for the very best of care.
Very good doctor. Listens to your concerns and takes time to explain treatment and test results.
I had a procedure done by Dr.Kaplan. He entered the procedure room in street clothes and started asking questions. He got irritated when I couldn't answer them. My husband was with me in the recovery room and Dr. Kaplan came in and told me that my test results were normal. Everything was fine. I asked him "Then why am I having all this pain?" In the snottiest voice you can imagine he said "I DON"T KNOW. Your test was normal!!" That man has the worst bedside manner.
Dr. Kaplan was knowledgeable, helpful and professional. He listened carefully to my questions and concerns. I found him to be caring and highly competent.
I found Dr. Lattin to be laid back and calming, which helped me because I was so upset and scared about my stomach pain. His triage nurse Mary is fabulous and takes the time to speak over the phone how to take meds and other options to relieve pain.
Smarted off like a little kid with a mental issue , took 20 days to get a diagnosis, that he yelled at me about , because I was taking pain med for cancer...although the day before, his nurse told me to take a pain pill. I switched to alcohol to relieve any pain. If you are Senior Cancer Patient in pain, that wants hear an impression of Al Capone, here's your chance. Listening to his rude mouth again, as I made it my phone ringer, makes me hate the person that sent me to him more and more
Wonderful and compassionate dr. Just like the old school drs used to be - Dr Sales does not rush through appointments and is very thorough in his explanations and expertise. I am forever grateful to have found such a great dr.
1. He has treated me for the last 15 years overseeing my care for diverticulitis, abscesses, fissures, colonoscopies, GERD and hemorrhoids. 2. He demonstrates excellent leadership skills that motivates his staff and his fellow colleagues. 3. He has a calming, reassuring demeanor. 4. He takes time to answers all of your questions. 5. I have recommended him to family and friends.
I have been a patient of Dr. Greenberg's since approximately 2004 and have recommended him to both family and friends. He always very patiently listens to all my concerns and questions and answers them completely and comprehensively in terms that a non-medical person can understand. He is friendly, caring, and professional and his staff is helpful when I call with a problem or to schedule a test or an appointment.
Extremely rude and does not care about his patients. Has no decency. Worst experience.
I call for a regular visit. He charges me for level 1 visit. He was impatient to answer questions and spent less than 10 min for the whole visit. Very dispointed
Dr. Bernsen was caring and compassionate. He listened to my problems and helped solved my complaints. I finally found a doc that cares about me as a patient
Great professional. I would recommend him to any of my friends.
Worst GI/Colon Rectal physician I ever meet! Completely arrogant and condescending in his attitude. Don't go to this doctor!
I went to visit a specialist. For any of my question the answer was I don't know. So where did I go, to a beauty saloon or a doctor office-specialist. And the visit is not for free so I'm going to the doctor with some expectations. No good not at all.
I called the office to schedule an appointment at 4:10 pm on 3/16. I was told that they were too busy to talk to me and that they would call me tomorrow in a snotty tone. I told the Tia that if I did not here from them by 4:10 the next day I would call them She said NO. I told her I would call. I have never been so badly talked to by a DR office.
Wonderful physician. Dr. Sun is patient and thorough and has a great bedside manner.
Arrogant, unapproachable man.,does not tolerate any questions, has no respect for patient or other medical,professionals.
Dr. Sales was extremely knowledgeable, evaluated and diagnosed the issue accurately, and had excellent bedside manner!
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