Awesome doctor. Best around
Doctor Romney is an amazing person.He is a professional and very attentive with his patients. It is pretty rare to find a doctor that actually takes the time to listen and understand how your condition is affecting your everday life, and Doctor Romeny does so. Doctor Romney treats his patients as individuals rather than a statistic and is always in a happy mood.
He was the doctor on call at the hospital. My doctor was out of town. I suffered from high fever for 3 days due to flu. He didn't take me seriously when I told him. He was dismissive and downplayed it. My temperature was up over 102 F and I worried about my baby because I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Next time I'll just go to the ER even though my doctors office recommended calling L&D. I'm sure he's great to personal patients, but he was not helpful to me when I needed it most.
Your willingness to go above and beyond is my favorite. I'm glad you were my OB, you gave me hope. Now my miracle is 10, thank you for never giving up.
He is a very intelligent man, very kind and willing to help. He delivered all 3 of my children. He's a great obgyn & family dr.

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