Absolutely love this guy. He's amazing. He actually listens to what is wrong with you and looks at it from every possible angle and treats you with the upmost respect. He has taken really good care of me so far. ??
Cameron Clark failed to inform a patient about the discovery of a mass on the man's kidney. When the patient tried to show Mr Clark the swelling in his feet Mr Clark told him to keep his shoes on. He did NOT mention anything about finding a mass on one of the patient's kidneys during a recent MRI, nor did he tell his patient that he needs to speak to an MD about anything. Cameron Clark simply refused to examine, and further treat his patient, while offering NO explanation.
I was put in the Hospital in Sep and he was the Dr on call for family health and he was easy to talk to, made sure I received everything I needed medically. He wasn't like most MDs in Twin falls with a God complex.
Just diagnoses, doesn't really care if you want to get off pain contract actually encourages you to stay on them and gives outrageous amounts of medication, almost like he wants you to become addicted to the meds so he can continue seeing you as a patient.
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