Dr. Pellant was recommended by a surgeon who performed a surgery on my knee. I found her to be very involved, thorough and attentive. I have recommended her to several people looking for a quality primary care physician.
Very caring and professional!
I have seen loveland for over 20 years had to cancel a apointment due to car problemes and now he dropped me as patient. Now i have no doctor and out of my maintnace meds so looks like the er is in my future. Dont wast your time or money in this doctor he dose not have heart.
I have a rare disease, Occipital Nueralgie and Trigeminal. And Dr. Jordan was absolutely amazing to me the entire year that he searched and helped me through my health troubles. He loves a challenge. Fantastic bed menner!! Love Him
Dr Pellant has an amazing memory of her patients conditions and past treatments. She always comes into the room with complete knowledge of what has been going on with your health with other Drs as well. Therefore, she is thorough and prepared for your visit.
Very easy to communicate with, good listener, very knowledgeable with his advice.
Dr. Jordan has been our Family physician for over 5 years. I trust him more than I have ever trusted a physician and enjoy having him as a partner in my healthcare. He is also wonderful with children. We feel very fortunate to have such a caring, knowledgeable physician!
He was attentive to my needs as a patient and spent adequate time in listening to my concerns and discussing a solution.
Patient, kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable doctor. He has been helping me and my two children for about half a year now and we couldn't be more blessed to have him on our team. My children have Autism and severe delays and all of us have a rare genetic disorder. I highly recommend this doctor. He listens well, respects me and my children, takes the time and effort to help us however we are needing it, and is amazing and gentle with handling when my children are struggling in the office. A++
I came in for refill for Rx for a lifelong illness. Required bloodwork. DrP ordered 1/5 of required labs. Dismissed me without Rx. OBGYN ran labs, said I was in terrible condition and needed Rx. Child 1: spent 1 yr in PT for knee injury. PT kept saying surgery needed. DrP put off 1 yr! Surgeon said it would've been an easier repair if it was treated earlier. Child 2: Simple tongue tie. DrP referred to Speech Therapist who suggested ENT. DrP DENIED referral. Tricare&Speech Therapist dumbfounded.

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