Friendly. Professional and very informed about issues pertaining to each patient. She is honest in her approach. Relaxed in interactions. I highly recommend Dr. Waite to anyone in need of these kinds of services.
I was TERRIFIED to have an endoscopy, but Dr. Witte took time out to calmly answer my questions. I didn't feel like just another number. He seems to truly care about his patients, and my procedure went off without a hitch! I'm very thankful to God for helping me find this facility.
Dr. Sericati is an excellent doctor. I have had multiple problems and he is always willing to try different ideas and if he is at a loss for isn't afraid to send you to someone for a second opinion.
Great doctor but horrible nurse. Don't bother relying on her nurse to call you back when you need Dr. Waites help! What a letdown because she really is a great doctor. Expect to wait over an hour to see her when you at your appointment. Take a book. I had to change doctors because of her horrible nurse.
We are from Oregon and a small town. I take my husband to Dr Witte in Meridian because we get exceptional care by him, his staff, and especially his nurse Desiree. I am an RN and I know when another RN is exceptional and she is! Dr Witte is kind, compassionate, and has great intergrity. He does however have a difficult time explaining information, but it could be because of my expectations. He and his office staff work very hard to provide great care. I recommend them to everyone I can!
I have seen Dr. Waite several times off and on over the years, and I find her extremely professional, compassionate, well informed, and personable. I would go on, but I don't want it to be too hard to get an appointment because she's too booked! Seriously, she's one of the best doctors I have ever been to, and I respect her immensely....
Dr. Hammerle is a great doc, personable, knowlegldgable, and thourough. I had an intake appointment with him, bloodwork, and an endoscopy. No personal follow up though. Results communucated through nursing staff. This would be fine, however, I have had difficulty getting a response to specific questions which is frustrating. I will contact again but that is a big hit to patient centered care Hense the 4 vs 5 stars. I am a busy person too andshould not have to make multiple calls to get answers.
Excellent care honest and kind! Takes time to explain and I trust him with his diagnosis Very refreshing to have a doctor who cares and looks at you when I or he are talking. Thank you for your prompt service and kindness . The valley needs more Doctors like doctor Witte.
I have been taken care of by Dr. Gupta as my gastronologist since my other doctor retired. I have found that he is professional and thorough in maintaining my follow-up treatment over the last 4 years. His mannerism is kind and helpful.
Had my first ever colonoscopy with Dr Story at IGA. It was an excellent experience from start to end. The nurses were very friendly and explained everything that they were going to do. Dr. Story talked with me before and after the procedure to explain the findings. I don't remember the test itself due to the sedation protocol (versed and propofol), which worked great (I did not feel drugged at all immediately after the procedure). I highly recommend IGA and Dr. Story.
This Doctor doesn't care for his patients I was given the run around after I 1st saw him. It took over 3 1/2 months to get a call to have my Liver Biopsy. Only done after I complained to my other doctor. Been over 4 weeks ago and still I have Not heard from him. I talk to his nurses and I cant get direct answers. I have Esophageal Varices recently found by another doctor who is concerned because it is a sign of Late stage Cirrhosis. He is Rude, Arrogant and uncaring !
Office as a whole seemed very efficient right up to my endoscopy by Dr. Hammerle for persistent heartburn. Afterward it is impossible to get answers about interpreting the results of the endoscopy (went over it afterwards but the versed and fentanyl (if I remember correctly) make you so absent minded you will need another consultation) diet, otc meds vs prescriptions, getting a prescription, how to proceed over how long to get relief, etc. Not one positive experience after the scope.
I saw Dr. Gupta for upper abdominal pain. He was very thorough and explained the procedure and treatment that needed to be done. He's very knowledgeable and professional.
Extremely kind and gentle and obvious cared about his patient. He explained everything, and also options. He has helped me through a couple different situations, and he was the only one who knew what to do, and also would try options, which worked. I feel he is a very bright young man and very intelligent. I've recommended him to friends who have then gone to him and been very pleased.
Dr. Baehr was very professional and compassionate. He explained in detail issues of concern and was very reassuring. I highly recommend Dr. Baehr. If needed, I would go back in a heart beat.
I saw Dr. GUPTA for persistent abdominal pain do to idiopathic pancreitis. I was referred to him by my family Dr. He was rude from the moment we met. Would not answer any of my concerns or questions and said he would not refill my meds for another 6 weeks at our next visit even know I told him I was out. I have never had a meaner Dr. I will not be seeing him again and highly recommend other people don't either
Poor bedside manner. Lacks respect for patient trust, confidentiality, and privacy. He delivered good news to me in a way that made me feel more emotinally miserable than when I went in to do two procedures in an already phycally miserable state. THIS DOCTOR SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

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