My health history is complicated. That being said, Dr. Ennis understood everything on my first visit. No other doctor has been able to do that. He either remembers every visit or takes spectacular notes because we never have to reinvent the wheel, he picks up right where we left off at the previous visit. He's sharp, listens, and values his patients.
I saw him a few weeks ago, and have STILL yet to receive an update about a scan I had. TERRIBLE! cannot get through to find out results. Don't waste your time. Although most doctors are terrible.
First of all he takes time with you. Second of all he notices very small symptoms and he is thorough. His beside manner is great
Rob Ennis, MD is an excellent endocrinologist. He has a rare "MD personality": he is very bright and curious (excellent diagnostician), he is compassionate, he has a sense of humor and and he is a good communicator. He is a great teacher. He will learn things if he is unfamiliar with rare disorders. He encourages me when I need it. A+ Dr. E! Thank you for choosing the Treasure Valley.
I have never had a doctor who was so defensive when questioned...ever! You and your doctor are supposed to be partners in your health care. As my previous, world renowned endocrinologist and chief of staff at a very large hospital, told me "when your doctor won't listen to you, it's time to find a new doctor!" Guess that's what I'll be doing.
The BEST medical care advocate I have been to. She is a Physician Assistant but she exceeded all the physicians I have seen in my 51 years of life. She has a pleasant, friendly and professional personality and makes time to clearly answer all questions without giving the usual cold doctor feeling of "your wasting my valuable time and extra income from another patient by asking questions " I usually get from many doctors. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER and she accepts Medicare, an added bonus.
I am stunned to see any negative reviews for Dr. Ennis. He is an excellent Endocrinologist and a very caring Dr. I have been an uncontrolled diabetic much of my adult life. Dr. Ennis spends a great deal of time reviewing all of my medications and their interactions and side effects. With his guidance I have seen a significant improvement on my A1C over the years in his care. I feel very fortunate to be in his care.
Dr. Ennis was AWESOME! First his staff was very pleasent to talk with. As I spoke with the Dr., he listened and cared about my needs. He was very informative and was excited to help me and didn't push me aside. I highly recommended Dr. Ennis!
I've had complications with my insurance companies and due to that I've ad issues getting my prescription for insulin filled and my transmitter for my CGM. When I call the office to get the required documents sent to my insurance company they always seem to have trouble finding them or don't call back when leaving important and time sensitive messages. I'm not one to complain or ave a bad review but this has been a continued behavior for this clinic and i am terribly disappointed.
After having my thyroid removed Dr. Ennis did nothing more than shove levothyroxine at me. I told them over and over that I felt horrible and it was not working no one listened. After paying thousands of dollars and getting zero results I finally fired Dr. Ennis, and with my new doctor. only took a few weeks for me to start feeling better. I do not absorb the medication that Dr Ennis prescribed to me, and a simple change did the trick. If you value your life don't go to Dr. Ennis.
Dr. Ennis does not take any time at all with you, I spoke with him for 5min did some test and had to wait, two weeks went by waiting for a call on the test no call. So I called and had to get the resolute from the person that answer the phone for this Dr. I am on HMO so is that a reason to be treated like a non person all I did receive from this Dr. was there is nothing wrong with you (no suggestion on where I should go from here) and here is your bill now go away! I was sick for 1.5 years!
I had thyroid removed. Saw Dr. Ennis twice. Then got a phone call saying he couldn't do help me. Just dropped me. I live 4 hours away. Not impressed and will not refer him.
Dr Ennis has taken an interest in my health and goes above and beyond when I need him outside of my appointment.
My frustrations with Dr Ennis comes from the fact that his nurse is very rude, does not return phone calls, and does not follow through with what she promises. The office NEVER answers the phone, it always go to voicemail, even during office hours. However, any time I have had an appointment, there are always 2 or 3 girls sitting at the front desk. Even though I left 2 messages in one day, they never returned my call and I had to drive there to talk to someone. I have decided to find a new Dr.
While I am sure Dr. Ennis is a talented endocrinologist and quite personable, his office staff is horrendous. They did such a poor job following through on the pre-authorization process for specialty medicine Dr. Ennis prescribe in April, CVS mail order pharmacy finally had to kick the order in August. At the end of the day, the office staff is a reflection of a physician's care for his patients. All the knowledge in the world is no good, if you can't actually get your patients what they need.
Dr. Ennis, is a highly knowledgable Doctor. Excellent. The office staff needs work, and the billing is not very good at all, He as a Doctor is excellent
I would recommend Dr. Ennis to anyone, specifically for male hormone replacement/hypogonadism treatment. With Dr Ennis I feel listened to when I ask questions, I feel like my own opinion is valued in my care plan, and I feel like he goes above and beyond in enabling me to be an active part of my health care. He really knows his stuff with hormone replacement and has suggested adjunct medication, treatments, etc. His care has helped me to feel the best I've felt in years.
I would consider recommending Dr. Ennis to others.
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