Dr Flynn has always been very attentive and willing to spend the extra time needed to answer any questions. When he met my daughter she had been treated for 10 years by another physician. I asked him to treat us like it was our first time and explain her condition. He took the time needed and explained everything clearly. Additionally he immediately suspected another auto-immune issue causing symptoms that we had been dealing with for 1.5 yrs. I could be more pleased with Dr Flynn & his care
Dr. Flynn was kind and attentive today for my son's first appointment. He was confident and knowledgeable. I appreciated the time he took explaining what he looks for and why he is recommending an additional test. Also, he was gentle with my baby boy (12 months old) and picked up toys for me throughout our visit.
Dr Lisa is great! We have been seeing her for our teenage daughters diabetes treatment. She is thorough, caring, happy to answer questions, willing to try things, and smart. We wish her only good things!
No follow through! Terrible nursing staff. Office and staff are not kid friendly. Take your kids else where and avoid wasting your time. Very disappointed!
My ex wife keeps taking my daughter to this guy. 2 years ago, he recommended growth hormone shots for my daughter, who at the time was 2. She is small for her age, but she is developing normally and lab tests have shown she is not deficient in natural hormones. We had to take my daughter to SLC to the top pediatric endocrinologist in the country and she said hormone therapy would have NO BENEFIT to my daughter. My ex is now going to him again and again, he is recommending hormone therapy.
He is very arrogant. He claimed that there were no known supplements/diet changes that could change early puberty and yet my naturopath gives seminars on it to allopathic doctors often. The only way is the shot he claims.
The day my son was diagnosed with Type 1, Dr. Flynn said he could come in and then proceeded to have his nurse conduct the whole visit. We never saw him. A day we had an appointment and my son had a stomach bug we were sent home without seeing the doctor because he was sick! Following appointments I was treated as if I knew nothing even though I've been a type 1 for 30+ years myself. Dr. Flynn is arrogant and pompous. If there were any other pediatric clinics in Idaho I'd go there.
There is not enough space here to describe the very unpleasant and unprofessional experience I had with Daniel Flynn. It's disturbing to know that his man is still in a position of leadership, despite complaints made against him. When a handful of unrelated people have pretty much the same thing to say about a person, believe it.
Dr. Flynn is about as arrogant and abrasive as they get. He is argumentative and more concerned about his rating as a doctor than he is about the health of his patients. Would recommend finding any alternative to seeing him.
Came very close to medical malpractice with my child. Mr. Flynn is not thorough and fails to communicate. He does not like being disturbed with patient issues on his time off/away from the office.
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