My LASIK experience with Dr. Barrett was top notch! The staff was very professional and personable. They made me feel at ease even though I was very nervous. Thank you for my perfect vision, Dr. Barrett and staff!
My experience with Dr. Barrett was outstanding. He was calm and patient while explaining the procedure. He was very responsive to the unexpected extra pain I experience, even meeting my wife at the office after hours with additional pain eye drops. He adjusted for the next eye based on my experience with the first surgery. Overall I could not ask for a better experience or practicionare for a painful operation.
Great experience! Thanks
I really enjoyed him and his staff. He did a great job on my cataract surgery and I'm doing great.
Great doctor. He has a can do attitude and goes the extra mile to ensure you get the best results.
Beware. I had a simple cataract removal and I'm still having vision difficulty a year later. i had serious pain for the first 6 months, including cornea infection. He did not see that I had Ocular Rosacea and he could have given me an eye antibiotic. Generally he does not see patients unless there's a problem. He probably is a great surgeon, but in my opinion it was a huge mistake to miss my Rosacea and to believe the herpies virus will not shed to infect others unless there's obvious outbreak.
Hands down, eyes wide open, the best LASIK experience. It was easier than getting a haircut. Dr. Hollingshead is awesome. Wait times for improvement of vision, who cares??!! Paperwork??!!! Who cares. For crying out loud! When you walk away from a building and can see a flippin street sign, heck, I would stand in line for days!!!! It's not a concert people! It's your eyes! I wouldn't trust. I other, whole staff is great! Keep it up!
Both eyes cataract removal following several years of regular eye exams.
I made an appointment him Dr. Holdingshead specifically and got some other physician. The nurse put way too much dializion solution in my eyes that caused problems for months. Also she was quite rough and only seemed concerned about going on vacation the next week. A normal hour appointment took almost 3 hours (mostly waiting).
I wouldn't return to and wouldn't recommend Dr. Hollingshead simply because I spent more time filling out forms and answering questions regarding advertising and marketing than he actually spent in the room with me. The assistant who conducted my appointment sounded like she had memorized a script and I felt more like I was part of a cattle drive than a patient. He may have the experience but I would much rather go someplace smaller with a staff who cares about their patients.
Experienced eye surgeon Dr. Mark Hollingshead has been part of the Boise community in Idaho's Treasure Valley for more than 20 years. With the addition of highly trained eye surgeon Dr. Ryan Barrett in 2016, Dr. Hollingshead and his team offer patients an even wider range of state-of-the-art medical and surgical vision services than ever before. Spanish

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