Horrible! The first time I went to him, I was unimpressed. He was dismissive and uninterested. However, there aren't many Rheumatologists in my area, so I went back. The second time was a nightmare. He was obviously sick, so I tried to be tolerant, but he crossed the line! He told me that I needed to change my perspective on my diagnosis because "at least it's not cancer", then grabbed my love handles and told me my back hurt because I carry all my weight there (I weigh 130lbs).
I am very impressed with Dr Brown. He actually takes time to listen and discuss symptoms. Wait times are typically short. Lab results post to the portal, plus he typically calls to discuss any outliers.
STAY AWAY! My mother saw Dr Kramer for 5 years. He has a poor bedside manner and gave her a diagnosis of systemic Lupus, which later proved to be incorrect. We went to another rheumatologist for a 2nd opinion, and as a result he refused to see or help my mother ever again. Even when she was hospitalized and the attending physician wanted to discuss her clinical history, Dr Kramer refused to take that doctor's call. I couldn't believe that someone could be so petty and cruel.
It took one month to get lab results and the doctor still never called me to discuss. I had to call multiple times and finally asked that the results be faxed to me. The receptionist called and gave me answers from the doctor that did not AT ALL match up with things we had previously discussed, which makes me feel as though he has me confused with another patient.
Dr. Brown is the first doctor who spent time with me and asked me a lot of health related questions. I feel he was genuinely interested in how I felt physically and wanted to help me feel better. I went to him initially because of a hypothyroid diagnosis last year. All was okay, but he did find my vitamin D was deficient, called in a prescription to my pharmacy and I am feeling better than ever.
Clearly explains what's going on
Dr brown and office will not respond to phone or emails. only been there twice and took over three weeks To get lab results each time. Feel like it was a complete waste of time and money.
He will not listen to you and will talk over you. He has his own agenda and it doesn't Matt what you say. Just not interested
He just didn't seem to care one way or another about my condition.
Dr. Kramer tracked down the cause of debilitating pain that was ruining my life after 3 other doctors were unable to pinpoint the source for over 3 months. With the right medication he had me functional again in less than 48 hours and 2 years later provides the appropriate level of monitoring. Dr. Kramer spends time to answer all my questions.
Unlike other physicians, Dr. Brown really tries to work with patients, no matter what their situation. He's patient, he listens effectively, and is always encouraging. When one is a diabetic, one needs to work with doctor who can encourage patients, not scare them. The fact of the matter is that because of Dr. Brown, I am healthier.
Our goals as providers are to be friendly and approachable partners in your care who are genuinely interested in you and your health. We understand the importance that communication and education play in the provider-patient relationship. We encourage you to be an active participant in your healthcare, and do our best to provide care in every sense of the word. We welcome patients ages 16 and up.
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