Dr. Gupta installed my 3rd defibrillator. The 2 previous ones was installed at another hospital by another Dr. The 2nd. installment was a bad installment and therefore I went to Dr. Gupta, since he is closer to where I live. He did a "super Job" installing the 3rd. one as a matter of fact he did a much better job than the previous d DR. that is supposed to be a very known specialist. Dr. Gupta did a better Job .. period .. I highly recommend Dr. Gupta and I'm glad I have him do the installation
I have experienced atrial flutter every 4 to 5 years for the last 20 years. As a result, I have become considerably rigorous in my consideration of treatment options and administering physicians. My expectations were very high and Dr Gupta met or exceeded all of them. He is not only a superior technical professional but his interpersonal skills are exceptional as well. I don't do reviews but am honored to do this one and fortunate to have him as a critical part of my heart health portfolio.
I would highly recommend Dr Gupta. He is very caring and knowledgeable about your condition.
I have known Dr. Adele from high school. He was an outstanding, disciplined, and caring student. He graduated top of his class and has continued that tradition through college, and his career. I went to him after my heart surgery. I am extremely satisfied with the treatment he has provided, and recommend him without reservation.
He has saved my life literally, by being the only Doc out of many that had a suspicion as to what was wrong with me. Sure enough Dr. Smith was right on target. I trust my life with him, and will continue to do so. People talk about his bedside manner, and I think it is fine. He is right down to the point of what is wrong, and a lot of people can't handle a doctor that is a straight shooter. Again saved my life for which I am very grateful!
Ive been a patient of Dr Smiths for several years now for chronic pain.The past several times Ive seen Dr smith I told him the pain medicine hes prescribing me doesnt work..So today dr smith said,I will prescribe your narco 10 mg 4x daily.I said thank you,then his nurse said Dr smith represcribed you methadone.I said no he just told me he would give me narco.The nurse said no,hes not.So either hes a liar,has bad memory or the nurse is his bos.This is the third time his memory failed him.Retire!

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