I've been a patient of Dr. Alvarez's since 2004 as has my family. He did my sinus surgery, which was very successful, and my daughter's tubes/adenoids. He is a great Dr.! He's very thorough, explains things well, and is friendly and has an easy manner. When I went for a problem this week, they got me right in the next morning and wait time was short. He is very skilled and knowledgeable. I recommend him highly.
Linda Stahelek is a great audiologist and provides wonderful consultation and service. I wear hearing aids and have purchased two different hearing aids from Linda over the past 9 years. Linda provided thoughtful and practical advice on hearing aids that best matched my hearing needs. I trust Linda because she spends the time to understand my requirements and then recommends what was right for my hearing vs selling a more expensive hearing solution.
A visit in July 2015 resulted in a $500 charge which they submitted to Medicare. Medicare approved $300 and paid them $239 leaving a balance of $61. A year and 2 months after that visit, Dr. Alvarez's office his billing department finally agreed I should only pay that $61 which I did pay on 11/8/2016. Three days later they billed me for another $439.00. (I assume that was the $500 original charge minus my $61 payment.) Now they are demanding on this most current invoice $439. Just outrageous!
I went to Dr. Joseph for a sore throat and was diagnosed with "acid reflux." After several visits and exams the pain worsened. I then pointed out a lump on the side of my tongue. Dr. Joseph did a biopsy, without anesthesia, and pulled a chunk of my tongue out of my mouth. Before time for my next appointment, she called and said she had lost the biopsy and could not locate it. I said "GOODBYE!" After consulting with other doctors my "acid reflux" was diagnosed as cancer!
Seemingly unwilling to accept Medicare's decision on how much to pay Alvarez, his office billed the amount Medicare didn't approve to my account and never sent me a bill but instead, turned me over to a collection agency in Louisiana. My calls to his office billing department were constantly met with inaction and with me having to explain over and over what they did wrong. Remember, he can only collect from you what Medicare approves of the service. Simply horrid service. Loss of trust!
If I knew that this doctor is so unprofessional I would rather pay fees for not coming then having so much problems like I have right now. If you wonder should you come to this place then you should expect Ipad bill where you pay for unknown services (just one raw number) and most likely you pay for something what you should not pay. My statement was incorrect. My child had just one tonometry which supposed to be covered by insurance but doctor did not want to spend extra time and verify code.
Dr. French spent a lot of time with me and answered all of my questions. At no point did I feel rushed or not respected. He treated me with much courtesy and was very practical with his care (i.e. not just pushing drugs or surgery). He was extremely knowledgeable about my particular issue surrounding a scuba diving ear injury and I will definitely recommend him to others.
Dr Alvarez put tubes in my ears a few years ago. I was having problems with my right ear and made an appt. Upon my arrival I was told I would not be checked in to my appt. until I paid a balance on my account. I was never advised of balance which was suppose to have been left since 2012. I wasn't told when I made the appt so I could check it out. I was not allowed to see the Dr. so therefore I am still having ear problems. I am very unhappy with the service!!!
She treated me like I didn't deserve to be there...she cut me off, blamed me for my pain, refused to hear me out, and ultimately sent me home on the same meds I've tried for years. I will never go near this office or this unprofessional 'doctor' again. Do yourself a favor and look for another dr for when she treats you as rudely as she did me.
Wait time was well over an hour before I was sent back to an exam room to wait for another 20 minutes before actually being seen by Alvarez. I was not properly numbed by the nurse, hence adding additional time in the exam room to repeat the process prior to the doctor seeing me. It has been a 3 ring circus to obtain my $300.00 deducible deposit back from this office with repeated attempts through the billing department. The deposit seems extremely unethical and much like a scam. Will not be back
Professional and very detailed explanations of results and treatments. Excellent!!!
THE FORGETFUL OFFICE the doctor visit was fine. i visited the office in July, they never billed me , I called 4 months later and asked about it and they said my balance was { 0}. then in January of the next year they bill me. so I pay the bill then 2 weeks later I receive a COLLECTIONS letter. call again, they said they forgot to mark paid. BILLING DOESNT HAVE A CLUE 2nd time I have had problems with this office. I am done with them.
I went to this doctor for nasal irritation. He asked me to visit 3 times and billed me $350 $150 and $400 for 3 visits. Then he had a procedure done on me. I checked at the beginning it is in-network and got the answer yes. I had United Healthcare. After the procedure I did not find relief nor any change. Moreover it turns out the facility is out of Network with United Healthcare. The surgery center in same building on first floor is billing me for out of network charges for $17000
Easy to get appointments. Professional and caring staff.
TERRIBLE !!!! they screw up the schedule, blame it on me, screwed my daughters other appt that silly me scheduled the same day. then an aditional hour in the waiting room in extremely hard plastic chairs and 50 minutes after making it to the back im now finally seeing a dr (i think, hope, pray...) stay away unless u want to be angry too!!! i pray i never have to come back.
Informative visit and was able to be seen in a timely manor.
I went to see Dr. Won based on a recommendation by my GP. Was 35 minibus on time, di an audiology test and was told to wait in the waiting room. After about 15 mins the Dr comes in doesn't look me in the eye, asks me all the questions and getting all the answers from me but not providing any feedback. Extremely rude and condescending. I asked him what should I do, his response and I quote "you didn't hear me I want you to have and MRI done. I'm seeing a better qualified ENT now and am pleased.
This medical practice--like so many others--hounds patients to be on time, yet thinks nothing of making you wait. I was scheduled for a 9:10 a.m appointment. Between verbal and text messages, I received FIVE different reminders to PLEASE arrive 25 minutes before my appointment. I did, yet, I was made to wait until 9:37 before I was seen...and only then after twice politely complaining to the front desk staff. No apology offered by doctor.
I wish I would've read the reviews on them BEFORE I went. Overbilling, expensive unnecessary procedures EVERY time. They lost credit card payments I made. Went round and round with them for over 18 months. No one would return phone calls. Then I get a collections call for $700 when in actuality I had a zero balance. I had to get the billing dept and collection agency on the phone at the same time in order to straighten it out. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing but neither seem to car
My first time visiting dr.won .I was very pleased with him and his team.very courteous and professional very nice experience,office environment very relaxing.looking forward to my next visit.....(dr.won & team ur the best) thank you.
Dr. Won is rude, disrespectful, doesn't listen, & has an attitude on getting questions about what he proposes; for example, he wanted to do a CT scan of my sinuses even though he admitted it was very likely that it would come clean. When my wife and I asked for another test that could give us better results he brushed us off without an explanation and ordered a CT scan anyway. Then he came back annoyed and said he has other patients and I was wasting his time. So I 'm not a patient? what a joke.
His office lost my records and had to do another exam. Oh yes and he charged me again showing no remorse. Office staff can be seen eating food while working.
He is a very rude and cold hearted man not sure how is he getting 4.2 stars. I would never ever recommend him to anyone. I took my 5 month old baby there and any issues my baby had it was not big deal to him, all he did is charged me $75 plus insurance for 5 min to tell me what I already knew. Horrible doctor if you can call him like that, he forgot the pledge he took before becoming Dr. No emotions just money hungry. Please take into consideration before selecting him.
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