The best doctor I've ever seen. He is kind, open, patient and really listens to your concerns. Dr. Abassi has truly saved me. I won't see another doctor.
Friendly, knowledgeable, and takes the time to study your chart to know your healthcare needs. He has an excellent memory and I've always felt as if he was family. I don't know why he is no longer at this clinic. He has treated my husband and I for 5 yrs and, I feel like there's a hole now in my heart. I hope to find him at another clinic as I would certainly change to keep him as my dr.
Dr. Abbasi is the best doctor I've been to. He takes time to listen to my health related issues and treats me in a timely manner. If I ever need help after I leave the office the staff is always so helpful.
I have been to Alliance two other times, and saw Dr Abassi, who was a great doctor. Not this guy. He spent about two minutes in the room and didn't address or even listen to my issues. He used scare tactics to try to get me to accept his treatment, which I would have gladly accepted if he had given a proper exam. However, my issue is with my breathing, so more than (literally) 5 seconds should have been spent there. I never even got to tell him that I am a nursing mother, or that I have asthma.
He was very understanding
Had a new patient appointment that lasted all of two minutes and he did not address my problems at all. I got more help and information from google prior to my appointment
Dr. Abbasi is the best doctor I have ever seen. He is patient, kind, and understanding. He keeps on top of the best and most recent issues. He looks you in the eye and treats you like a human being. Great doctor with great bedside manner.
Amazing Dr! I've known him for several years and he has always helped me with my medical issues. He's caring and patient. He's very informed in latest medical trends. Good staff.
Bad bedside manners. Not very professional. Poor diagnostic skills.
I've been many times to this doctor & he's always kind & helpful. He listens to you & genuinely cares. I recommend him to anyone needing a good doctor.
A doctor that listens and treats you like a human not just a number
He is truly in the medical profession for the right reasons. He cares about people. He truly wants to heal and is always very knowledgeable about anything health and medicine. He always listens and always has or finds answers. Best doctor I have been to!

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