Recommended procedures that were unnecessary and life threatening. Instead of listening to my needs and ailments, he made assumptions and judgements all of his own. Wish I had chosen another Dr, but the permanent damage is done. Don't make the same mistake that I did.
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Page and would not go to another ENT as long as he is in practice. He is the absolute BEST. He did all of my son's surgeries and he did one for me. His bedside manner is excellent, he tells you everything he is going to do or what is needed. He is just WONDERFUL
Dr. Blankenship took time to evaluate me and discuss his findings until i felt comfortable with diagnosis. I never felt rushed and he was very open to questions and answers about my health. I HIGHLY recommend him to everyone! Great doctor who cares about his patients! Outstanding!
Dr. Morpeth is an outstanding physician. I suffered a fall causing a severely deviated septum with extensive scarring. I had great difficulty breathing through one nostril, and the other was partially blocked. Dr. Morpeth performed surgery on me at Saint Francis Hospital (which is also five star) and completely repaired the damage to the extent that it is as though my problem never existed. I could not have received better care or a better outcome.
I found Dr Phelts to be both pleasant and professional.
I went in this office with coughing and wheezing. I advise I'd been tested negative for cold, flu, strep throat, bronchitis, pneumonia had been given steroids, zpax, and asthma medication wasn't working. All he did was give me some cough syrup and Augmentin 875 and said see your asthma specialist. Really? After 3 hospital stays and 2 urgent care visits that's all he did for 40.00 Co pay...
I had an appointment with Dr. Blankenship in December, 2016. His office cancelled the appointment after I left home for the 45 minute drive to his office. The office rescheduled the appointment for 11 am, January 4, 2017. After waiting an hour and 15 minutes without seeing the doctor, or even getting an explanation, I left his office. I won't reschedule with a physician that can't be bothered with his patients.
I am so disappointed in this doctor and my entire experience!! I regret not sticking with dr.blankenship!! I switched to dr morpeth instead of just rescheduling. I've had a mass on my neck for a while and wanted to get it check out! I went back for a follow up w/dr morpeth and he was so DRY, NONCHALANT, and RUDE! He looked at my neck and said he doesn't see a problem but couldn't tell me what it is! CT scan done I called & they have my results but only he can tell me but won't return my calls ??
A Real Jerk who doesn't know how to talk to people.
After months of suffering, I finally went to an ENT. I explained deviated septums have ran in my family. He didn't do anything but look at my nose and tell me I was stuffed up. Duh! He wrote me a prescription for a z-pack and Allegra, which I already had, and charged me $225 for a visit which my insurance didn't cover. I will definitely search for someone more willing to help me get to the root of my problem rather than a quick write off. A general practitioner could've done the same thing.
Frankly, I was a little nervous about seeing Dr. Morpeth since I read some of the bad reviews, but I decided to go with an open mind. He was great. He was reserved and quiet, but kind. He asked the right questions and took time to answer mine. I thought he and the staff did a wonderful job.
Dr. Phelts was friendly, personable and professional. He took time to listen to my health concerns. He seemed to show concern to me regarding my health. I would recommend him to friends and family.
Quite literally the most inept, uncaring, unprofessional, incompetent medical physician I have ever known. I had a persistent PRODUCTIVE cough, and breathing difficulties for several weeks. After a 120 second examination, quite literally, this spoof of a doctor told me he couldn't see anything..........................and that, they say, was that! A few weeks later I suffered a heart attack and was told that ALL my symptoms were HIGHLY indicative of a congestive heart condition. A quack!!!!!
Excellent. I was very lucky and got in quicker by someone else's cancellation. He is booked up pretty far out, but ask to get on a cancelation list. He took his time examining my daughter, asked about her history, the family, etc. I never once felt like we were inconvinceing HIM. I feel like my daughter will finally be getting the relief that she needs. A blessing indeed!
To be short and blunt, see another doctor if you are looking for help for your child, specifically in the tonsil area. He comes across very arrogant and uncaring. He looked at my daughter all of 5 seconds, did not ask, nor care to hear about her history. Save yourself time and frustration and see someone else. I would NEVER recommend him.
He was not friendly at all. He has a rude way of talking to patients..He is not understanding of an individual with hearing loss. I left the office extremely up set. .
Terrible attitude. Treats people like crap. Refuses to treat a baby who has reoccurring ear infections, thus making said baby suffer.
He is a rude person with no concept of customer care. My mother went to see him from a referral of her primary doctor. Dr. Phelts conversation was what's going on with mother explained what was going on, he looked in her throat and told her there was nothing he could for her. she asked could he recommend someone and he told her to go back to Dr. Patel he is the one that sent you here and walked out. The person actually expects payment for that treatment. He is so UNFIT!!!!
Poor experience. unable to diagnosis my condition. I had to request that he get scan to try and find out why I was having symptoms. Became angry. Stated no one in his practice could help me with an attitude of anger. I've never been treated that way by a physician.

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