I am a nurse case manager and I have had a few patients that have treated with Dr. Jacobson and they have had very positive results. Dr. Jacobson is always extremely courteous and explains conditions and his recommended treatment plans in great detail. I would recommend Dr. Jacobson to my family, friends, and my patients.
The most unprofessional physician I have ever encountered. My mother had a scheduled appointment at 10:45am and was called 5 mins out from her arrival to the clinic at 10:25am and was told and I quote "I'm sorry but Dr Fernicola has left for the day." No explanation as to why. Just that he had left. I'm a nurse practitioner in the medical profession and I have to tell you this is top notch unprofessionalism. Instills little confidence that he could properly care for you or by God operate on you.
Dr. Flandry is the reason I walk. He reconstructed my ankle and has done the maintenance on it. I went to another dr. for maintenance and ended up back with Dr. Flandry. He is worth the wait at the office--sometimes it's short, other times it is long, very long--but in the long run very worth the wait.
We were extremely pleased with Dr. Bernard, his staff, the clinic and our outcome for husbands procedure. This morning he is in no pain, the injections hit the spot and for that we are thankful. We give him and all involved a #10. Thank you and God Bless.
One of the best Doctor's I've ever had!!!!! Wonderful bedside manner and he really cares about his patients!!!!
Very knowledgeable, explains in detail. I had full trust in my surgery. Very professional.
Dr. Baker has performed 2 surgeries for me - shoulder and knee. He is very friendly and knowledgeable and well respected. He's been spot on in his diagnosis and my results have been great. Would highly recommend him!
From start to finish, Dr. Harris, his fellow physicians, Dr. Long etc all, and his office staff treated us like we were friends, equals, and valued patients. My husband's surgery was botched by the 1st surgeon he saw and Dr. Harris fast- tracked him into the OR and fixed it completely. Harris was attentive to every detail of care from start to finish, his skill in the OR is 2nd to none, and his beside manner is one of the best we've ever seen. Absolutely recommended 100x over!!!!!!
We have had the unfortunate but wonder experience of being treated by Dr Jacobson at Hughston, twice in the last 15 months for fractured bones. I only say unfortunate because who wants to bring their kid to a doctor for a broken bone? His staff, the PT Department and the receptionists are all wonderful. As for treatment I am very satisfied, one injury was severe and yet through proper care, advice, treatments and follow ons it went perfect. The other facture was more routine. Thank You!!!
I had my ACL replaced in my right knee at the young age of 53 after a training accident with my Fire Department. Couldn't have gone any better. Dr. Jacobson was outstanding and a genuinely nice guy. Kudos to his staff as well. Never waited very long like some others suggest. Highly recommend to everyone.
Dr Donati is very knowledgeable, professional, and a great surgeon. I recommend him to anyone who has orthopedic problems
very pleased with surgery.Pain is zero..
Outstanding! Dr. Flandry and his entire staff are the most engaging, professionals I have ever dealt with. Their total dedication to my health and recovery have been nothing less than excellent over the past 5'years that I have had to utilize their services. My recovery from a serious accident of my knee and recent Achilles Tendon injury has been excellent and I owe it all to Dr. Flandry accurate diagnosis and treatment.
No one else like him. Thanks doc!
Extremely unprofessional and does not care about his patients
It was so refreshing to find a Christian doctor. I could tell from his actions and just being around him that he was a Christian. I love his bedside manner, he is so caring and kind. I think he is first a good man with a big heart and that is why he is a good doctor! He is a stellar surgeon. You can tell he loves what he does. I will continue to choose him as my ortho doctor even if he ever moved away!! That is how pleased I am. I am so thankful for Dr. Kevin Collins.
Dr. Gudger is the craziest, most southern doctor I know, but i wouldn't have it any other way. He's the best Orthopedic Specialist in town. He and his nurse Joanna keep me laughing so I don't think about my knee pain as much.
Dr. Dorchak is the BEST! He is professional, kind and absolutely is an excellent surgeon. He is up to date with new , less invasive procedures and genuinely cares for his patient's well-being. His staff is friendly and courteous. Accolades to Dr Dorchak and his staff.
I have suffered for over7 years with back pain and been on high pain meds for that long. Been told all kinds of negative reasons why I couldn't have back surgery. Hear's a Dr. with a great bed side manner, who sits with u n goes over all your test with u n explains to u in a manner u can understand what he's going to do. Had the surgery and never even had much pain, 4 weeks later he explains what he did n shows u the xray before n after. He is a Amazing Doctor which we truly Love. Thx Doc
Dr. Geringer, his staff & the staff at the Surgical Center are FANTASIC!! From my first appt., Dr. Geringer made me feel at ease. He is attentive & kind. His staff is very friendly. We tried other treatments before electing for surgery. Dr. Geringer explained my procedure in detail. My recovery is going great because of his knowledge in orthopedics & precision in the operating room. Dr. Geringer & the Surgical Center called post-op to check on my recovery. I highly Recommend Dr. Geringer!!
Dr. Geringer is the best!! I put off having hip replacement for over a year. When I finally decided to get it done, the process went way beyond even the very positive expectations that I had. Every step along the way was thoroughly explained. I had access 24/7 to Dr. Geringer and his staff via their office email system. He never failed to ask on each visit if I had any questions. At only seven weeks post-op, I'm walking unaided due to his surgical skill and rehab plan. Dr. Geringer's awesome!
Dr. Bernard is the best in Columbus/Phenix City area. 2 back surgeries/including a fusion. and a cervicial fusion. I would not trust any other doctor to work on my spine. Not only is he highly skilled, he also is kind and compassionate. He truly cares about his patients. Most of my work history was in the medical field. So over my 30 plus years I.ve gotten to know most of the doctors in the area. Dr. Bernard is second to none.
I waited two hours before being seen by the nurse, after which she told me to move back to the waiting room to wait for the doctor. Once in the waiting room I asked the receptionist how long it would be, she replied with "I don't know". After some back and forth she went and asked the doctor, came back out, and told me, "four more patients ahead of you". I then asked her how long it would be, and she said "no idea".
Dr. Jacobson cares about you as a person and never fails to put me at ease whenever I've been examined or had surgery.
Dr. Dorchak has always taken time to not only explain issues and concerns with me but to also review diagnostic testing breaking things down to my understanding. Dr. Dorchak also fully explains conditions and options while also allowing you as a patient to weigh those options and what best suits your needs. With the dedication and commitment which Dr. Dorchak and his staff exerts I'm comfortable referring loved ones and colleagues alike whom may need of a top of class orthopedic surgeon.
I will never ever go back to this so called Dr.--- Knee operation 2-3 years ago an STILL having a lot of problems with it.....
I had total knee replacement. I had the other knee done several years ago with a different surgeon. This one has gone so much smoother. I have been totally pleased with Dr. Collins as my surgeon during the surgery and the follow-up. I highly recommend Dr. Collins.
If you want a doctor who knows how to do a great knee replacement, Dr. Geringer is your man! If you want a doctor who has a good bedside manner, takes a lot of time with you and is sympathetic, go elsewhere! My husband couldn't be happier with his new knee, but we felt he should have been more concerned with the total experience of his surgery.
Dr Donati and his staff were very thoughtful and professional in the treatment of my daughter who had a bilateral foot procedure. She has recovered well from the procedure and had no complications.
Dr. Donati and all staff are awesome. Thank you so much for the high quality care!!!
Dr. Donati is a true blessing & hands down the best surgeon I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I am a fan for life! Dr. Donati always takes his time to explain things to me in a very thorough yet understandable way. And he always gives me multiple treatment options to consider vs pushing me in any 1 direction. He, Ben, & the entire staff are a JOY-Honestly! From the moment I walk in, I immediately feel at ease & at home, which is so rare to find in any office these days. Hats off to them!
Dr. Dorchak seems to really want to help get me back to being normal me and I feel confident in him doing what is needed for me to get back out there. :)
Very professional,complete explanation of injury. 100% Satisfaction with knee and shoulder repair/replacement.
I am a 59 year old female that just had a total hip replacement by Dr. Donati at Hughston Hospital in Columbus, GA. I live in Atlanta but choose Dr. Donati because he did my Mom's hip replacement 8 years ago. All I can say is he gave me my life back!! I returned to work in 2 weeks and have had no problems or intense pain. I was sore from the incision for a week but its been smooth sailing all the way. If you are considering this surgery, please get a consultation with Dr. Donati !
His advice to my son re acute prostate pain was to live with it. This usually isn't what a patient is expecting to hear during an office visit. Very bad listener. Maybe some compassion could replace some of the arrogance.
Dr Rehak is a very friendly. knowledgeable, caring professionable Dr. I would use him again or refer him to anyone.
Dr. Watson correctly fixed my foot and removed a botch bunion job (never was removed) by another surgeon. Money, pain and time wasted. Just go to Dr Benjamin Watson and get it done properly the first time. Oh, and he's a good listener. Rosie,
I had my knee replacement surgery in February this year. I have been very pleased with my surgery as well as all services by his office. I have not had any complications with my surgery and I am very happy I choose to have it done. I would recommend Dr Ruark to anyone. Gayle Tatum
He asked if I had more questions I didn't even ask him any.. HUM!
Great review time with Dr. Ruark about my 12-week review of my Knee replacement surgery. His exam of my Knee & post-opp. instructions were very beneficial. A very satisfactory experience.
Awesome doctor....have a new left hip that is working great!!
He was a very polite doctor that had great bed side manner. He was able to give me good information about the surgery before i went in and then gave good instructions on how i should take care of it after. he was willing to go out of his way and call me personally after to check on me and see how i was doing and if the medication he gave me for the pain was working well. All in all he was a fantastic doctor.
Great bedside manner. Down to earth Dr. Great surgeon and great staff. Great hip replacement Dr.
Dr. Waldrop has done multiple hip replacements for me and a knee surgery and I wouldn't trust another doctor more. He is direct and to the point but very easy to talk to. His PA Neal is also wonderful along with the rest of his staff.
Dr. Rehak did surgery on my right wrist and I'm fixing to have surgery done by him on my elbow he and his staff are amazing.
Dr. Pahl is definitely one of the best doctors I have gone to. I'm finally trying to get back to normal and he has dealt with my craziness with my back stimulator. He has done all 3 of my surgeries and has let me know everything going on and he tells you how it is and it helped me realize everything. His staff is remarkable and always calls back and listens and you never feel like a burden. I thank all of them for helping me with everything and hopefully in a week or two I will be back to normal
Clear and concise interface. Gave me options and discussed advantages/disadvantages. No wasted time waiting in an office or in a treatment room.
Not only is he a excellent surgeon, he walks us to the O..R. and speaks to us personally if we need him. I believe he truly cares about his patients..He is also very professional in everything he does..does jumprovide into surgery. Very pleased.
Was my first surgery ever dr. Rehak and his staff made me very relaxed and call about the fact I was in good hands. After the surgery dr. Rehak called me personally for up to 4 days to check and make sure I was okay and everything was going good. Can't think him or his staff enough. The best experience.
Dr. Rehak after having 2 Surgery's from Fort Benning Ga. on my Right wrist that was crushed by a Pit bull was able to do what the government surgeons were not able to do, he rebuilt part of my wrist and now I have full use of it, it has taken 12 years of hard work but his expertise I believe is what allowed me to have a full recovery.
Fantastic surgeon and a tremendous asset to the Hughston Clinic , We are very lucky to have him in the southeastern area ! He has performed 2surgeries on me to date : for right thumb and wrist as well as a severely busted up collarbone that had been shattered in a ATV accident. He is very good to work with one scheduling as well as explaining in great detail how the surgery is going both before and after the procedure. I highly recommend this brilliant surgeon for your upcoming surgical needs
His knowledge and surgery skills were excellent.
This guy is fantiastic. His genious and talents must have been recognized at an early age. He actually saved my life. I needed a double hip replacement and was about a month from being put in a wheelchair. I also suffer from clinical depression. To be trapped in my apartment and with no help, support or quality of life was a death sentence for me. Other doctors told me that my weight prevented me from getting the surgery. Dr. McGrory's response was 'No Problem" and there were none.
I got an appointment pretty quick, he scheduled the test needed to confirm his diagnosis and gave me the results the same day. We did the carpal tunnel surgery and I haven't had any problems since.
Dr. Ruark addressed my concerns about the timing of replacing my left knee. (My right knee was replaced nine months ago.) I have full confidence in his recommendations. The surgical procedure and my ongoing recovery has progressed most successfully without complications.
I am a former major league catcher with the St. louis Cardinals, Montreal Expos and Kansas City Royals....thru out my career I had knee problems repaired by some of the best in the business. Dr. Randall Ruark replaced my knee recent and I can not explain the First class treatment that He and his staff did for me and my dad. The recovery time and surgery itself is outstanding.. Thanks to him and his staff that replaced mine and my fathers knee we are back to playing golf and enjoying life!!!!!
Wonderful doctor!!!
in 2011 i had my tricep reattached. dr. macdonald came in to visit with my wife and i and explain what was going to happen and that it all take about 30-45 min. 1.5hrs later he came out of surgery in a rush to apologize to my wife and explain that after drilling 3 holes for the reattachment and almost completing,he didnt like what he saw and un-did the whole thing,drilled a 4th hole and completely re-did everything. 100% stand up Dr that takes pride in everything he does!!
Dr Waldrop is considerate, experienced, and (in a good way) direct. He is dedicated to his patients. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
Dr. Rehak is very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend Dr. Rehak and his staff to anyone. I had surgery and I could not ask for better care.
Very professional & pleasant; wait times brief; staff professional & courteous.
Dr. Ruark took over the practice of Dr. Savory when Savory retired. Dr. Savory had replaced my hip. When I ran into some concerns with the hip (it turned out to be tendonitis but was frightening as all of the pain was coming from the new hip), Dr. Ruark and his staff would not see me for 2 months and had no concern for following up with a past patient. Again, it was frightening. I was not important in a practice that is now focused on quantity rather than quality.
This doctor is a real jerk.Dr.Rehak has awful personality.I would not recommend him to any of my family members.
I would recommend him to anyone I so far doing good or excellent from having total knee replacement it's only been 3weeks I'm getting stronger so all star to you Dr. James E. McGrory
I would recommend Dr. Pahl to everyone. After months of back pain I only needed one office visit with him to treat me and I happy to say I on the road to being pain free...
Dr Pahl is the most knowledgeable and caring physician I've ever encountered.
knowledgedable, experienced and thorough. Highly recommend DR. MCGRORY for knee or hip repair/replacement
Dr. Rehak and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. I always felt comfortable from the time I walked in the door until my last appointment. Everything was explained thoroughly and everything happened just as it was explained. NO SURPRISES!! I would recommend Dr. Rehak to anyone needing his services. I will use him again if needed.
Dr. Waldrop performed a Total Knee Replacement just 4 weeks ago. I had been in tremendous pain for about 2 years. When I woke up from the surgery, I had no pain, and to this day there has been not 1 single pain! Much prayer had gone up for me and I give God the glory for my miraculous recovery, but I know the Lord guided his hands as he did the surgery, My PT has been painless also! In my opinion and from my experience, Dr. Waldrop is the best orthopedic surgeon in the entire world!!!
From the first visit, he was honest and informative about my eventual knee replacement. He took the time to answer any questions I had and never rushed me.
I had broken my arm 9 months before visiting him, it was not properly cared for. Dr. Rehak was not critical of the care, but amazed it had not been fixed properly. My son and daughter were with me on first visit. He included them in the explanation of what he would do, gave me a choice of having the surgery or continuing with my arm as was. Said we could go home, think about it and let him know. The explanation was so clear we did not need to think about it - we said go with it.
Dr. Rehak properly diagnosed and treated my trigger thumb. After a couple of injections to alleviate the pain, it was determined that I need to have surgery to correct the situation. The surgery was brief and recovery has gone well.
I went to emergency with a broken wrist. I called Dr. Rehak's office the next morning at 8:30. They told me I could come in to see him at 10:00 that same morning. I found him to be Professional, knowledgeable, and considerate. He showed me the x-ray, explained what he saw, answered my questions and set up surgery. During follow up visits, he took the time to examine my wrist, evaluate progress, discuss his findings and answer my questions.

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