2 weeks after lip filler, one side is larger than other. Went on my 2 week follow up to discuss as I have never had this procedure before. My option was spend 650$ more for another vile, or massage the area. He was very rude and basically said it wasn't visible and nothing needed to be done. Needless to say I will be looking for another Dr to do my procedures in the future! So disappointed. I do have to note the staff is amazing and maybe lips just aren't dr stong's specialty..
Always a pleasant experience. Would highly recommend Dr. Stong.
As a burn survivor with facial disfiguration Dr. Stong did a scar revision along my jaw line with steroid injections, Laser Genesis and microneedling procedures. I know that I will never look like the old me but he has helped tremendously. Carli is so thorough and efficient and Amanda is always professional and friendly. I drive an hour to get to my appointments but that is okay, I enjoy coming because of the great customer service and treatment I am receiving.
Thank you Doc!
I have had botox done a few times but Dr. Stong has always done the best job. Staff was great and it was easy to get an appointment that fit my schedule. I would definitely recommend his office to everyone.
I initially visited Kalos for short-term treatment of wrinkles and enjoyed excellent results with very little discomfort. I developed such confidence in Dr. Benjamin Stong and his wonderful staff, that I asked questions about a more permanent solution to my concerns. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Stong and his staff. The results of my procedures exceeded my expectations. I look and feel a minimum of ten years younger with a natural, not overdone, appearance.
I had been unhappy with the appearance of my nose. It seemed long and the tip was larger than I liked. I did a bunch of research about rhinoplasty. Ultimately, I found Dr Stong because he has special training and certification in facial plastic surgery. I just wanted a subtle change. After meeting Dr Stong I was excited for the procedure. He took a lot of time with me to address concerns and go over the details of the procedure. I just finished my one year appointment and my nose looks great.
I had always been very natural and healthy...but my neck bothered me. I couldn't believe I was thinking about plastic surgery. I found dr Stong because of his before and after pictures. He explained that I needed a mini deep plane facelift. The procedure was a breeze. He fully prepared me. 4 months after and I look 20 years younger and most importantly natural. I still look like myself, just younger and better. Thanks to Dr Stong and his wonderful staff!
Had a mole removed off my lip. 3 months later and I can't even see a scar!
I had become increasingly frustrated with the lines forming around my mouth. I found Dr Stong for his mirocannula bruise free injections. We ultimately chose voluma. The result was instantaneous and I even went out to dinner that evening with no noticeable bruising. Highly recommend him for your fillers. I'm coming in next week to do sculptra in my cheeks.
As a guy I was almost embarrassed to start Botox. After meeting with Dr Stong, I was very comfortable moving forward. My girlfriend said it definitely made me look younger, yet very natural. I will never go to anyone else. Awesome experience.
I had been considering a rhinoplasty for years. Dr Stong and the staff were great! The office is great. I got to even change the shape of my nose on the computer during the visit to help give the doc an idea of what I wanted. He was very detailed and prepared me for the process. I'm now 6 months out and the results are outstanding. I know the process is still ongoing, but I'm already very very happy. I cried for joy when the cast came off! A shout out to Dr Stong and Kalos! They are the best!
My lips looks amazing! No bruises, no pain, just slight swelling but gone before I knew it! Thank you Dr. Stong! Your office is beautiful and your staff is amazing! I really felt at home.
Dr Stong's staff was excellent. He is a compassionate and kind doctor with a very busy office. Despite that he has always taken the time to sit down and explain everything related to the procedure. I have had several procedures done in the office and have loved the outcomes. I would recommend him to anyone!
My wife did not like the result of a small (reversible) procedure (not his fault - she just didn't like it) and went back in to have the procedure reversed. Next thing I know, I get frantic messages from her describing his anger with her about her decision and downright abusive treatment in his office. When she came crying and visibly upset she told me what had transpired in his office and how he made sure the reversal procedure was as painful as he could make it even denying her local numbing.
The staff at the front desk were nice, but my overall experience was not good. The Juvederm left much bruising and swelling on one side. It did not get better over the next several weeks. This made me self conscious and reclusive.
What first drew me to Dr. Stong's office was his bruise-free injectables- I have now had my lips done 3 times by him, and they are perfect every time! I also maintain my Botox with him :) Carli is also amazing as an aesthetician- she is also a nurse so she is extremely knowledgeable! Amanda, the office manager, is always so sweet and helpful- wonderful staff all around! I'm so happy I found KALOS :)
I ultimately had a rhinoplasty. Doctor Stong, Kayla, and staff were excellent. The experience was seamless. When I got my cast off, it was one of the more exciting days of my life. I am grateful to have found such an experienced doctor and staff. He prepared me thoroughly for the healing process so I was very calm after surgery during postoperative period and able to handle the healing process. Do your homework and find someone who is qualified to do your surgery, like I did!
A friend told me about Dr. Stong and I saw him for an injury to my nose. He really seemed to care about my recovery and I didn't feel like he was trying to get me in and out as quickly as possible as I often feel with other doctors. The results were spectacular. I'm very glad I went to a specialist and I'm very glad my friend told me about Dr. Stong. Highly recommend.
I went into see Dr. Stong because he came highly recommended and I was not disappointed one bit. He exceeded all my expectations. His staff was very professional, knowledgable and friendly. Dr. Stong made it a point to spend as much time with me as I needed and answered all my questions thoroughly.....and most importantly his work was flawless. I will certainly use him for any facial needs I may have in the future.
Although he could not help my Mother , he found us help. He took his time and went above and beyond. He was kind and patient. I appreciate it the fact that he knew she needed care out of his area and still was so helpful.
Dr Stong performed a miracle in my opinion. My nose needed extensive repair due to six rounds of Mohs surgery. After the surgery and healing time my nose looked as good or better than before. This was about eight years ago and I am still in awe of Dr Stong.
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