Highly recommend this Doctor! I've been in constant pain since getting my vasectomy by another surgeon over a month ago, and was told they have no idea how to fix it and only kept giving antibiotics. After doing some research my wife found Dr.Hakky and setup an appointment. He thoroughly went above and beyond explaining what the real issue is, and came up with a game plan to get me out of pain. He's extremely knowledgeable in his field, and made me feel a lot more comfortable.
Great mens health Dr. He puts you at ease so you can openly discuss your ED without embasament. He listens explains in terms you can understand. Did all test in his office. He want his patients to stay in touch thru email. He has published several medical articles. He has been involved in seveal research projects. He is knowledgeable of any advances in procedures he colleagues have made. His videos are very detaled on procedures he uses. His staff is great. Proffesional and courteous.
Dr. Jitesh Patel is highly skilled in all aspects of Urology & Robotic surgery for women. The plus is he is compassionate, kind & caring. I had da Vinci Robotic Sacrocolpopexy for pelvic organ prolapse and I could not be happier with the results and recovery for this surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Jitesh Patel to anyone that wants 1st CLASS Urology care.
I am not sure who posted the previous ratings (which are all 5-star BTW) but this guy is very arrogant and doesn't care about the patients. He spends very less time with the patients, doesn't really explain things properly and asks to schedule appointments repeatedly. Wrote something on the prescription but it turned out not an actual prescription and had to call the office again to get the prescription.
Dr Hakky is the most professional and most personable doctor with which I have ever dealt. He takes time to understand mine and my families concerns. He spent time explaining the procedure and discussing our options. Dr Hakky is the example all doctors should follow.
Brilliant doctor, cutting edge, warm, caring. Took time to not only answer my questions but to truly draw out my physical and psychological needs. I cannot but into words how amazing this man is. He also has a spectacular team that creates a wholistic 5 star experience. Dr Hakky far exceeded my demanding expectations.
OMG... word cannot express how much I Love Dr. Hakky.. He is by far one of the most informed Urologist that I have seem. He is calm and actually listens to his patients. One of the things I like best about him is that he speaks with you like a normal person. None of this medical stuff that we have no idea what he is talking about. He is a kind and gentle man. Who I truly believe LOVES what he does and the care that he provides for his patients. He gave me my sex life back.. Guys he is the best.
I highly recommend Dr Patel . He saw my husband with a painful Hydrocele and did next day surgery. Not only a amazing doctor but a great guy. He explained everything to us in terms we could understand. His surgical staff was friendly and helpful to both of us.
Dr. Patel is such an amazing physician who eagerly and quickly helped me in my time of need. He listened to me and explained in detail what needed to be done in a manner that I could understand. I truly trust this doctor with my life. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a Urologist.
I was about ready to shoot myself; disgusted with my condition. Then I met Dr. Patel. Dr Patel is personable, attentive and near magic. I BRAG about him. Doctor Patel initially brought my overactive bladder and enlarged prostate symptoms under control almost immediately with meds. The long-term fix was a new procedure called Resum. I highly recommend Rezum. All urination hesitancy/control is history, now; following Rezum. Bladder control is no longer an issue and my PSA levels are lower
F Zepp: wish I could erase EVERY negative remark for the people had to have some mental issues. I have never !! had a doctor make me feel so calm, confident re my health issues. Concerns addressed with kindness and details explained. His bedside manner can only be described as loving...relief that he REALLY does care...it's not about the money. Yet, of course, with years of hard study and training he deserves whatever insurance allows. He and his staff are amazing, receptive and caring.
Unfortunately my experience was very bad under Dr. Patel's care. A simple procedure went very wrong. I filed a report him with medical board of Ga. Suffice it to say, I would not recommend seeing Dr. Patel.
Dr Hakky and his team have helped me in a professional and caring manner. Dr Hakky promptly ordered testing needed to diagnose the cause of my erection problem and offer treatment options. I chose the prosthesis solution. The surgery went great and recovery pain was minimal due to Dr Hakky's skill as a surgeon. His entire team have treated me a respectful caring manner and I'm very pleased with the outcome.
My patient and surgical experience exceed all of my expectations. Dr. Patel's clinical expertise was evident and complemented by the personable service from him and his terrific team. He solved a lingering problem and has my appreciation.
Dr. Patel & his office are what I have needed in a urologist for years!!!! He and his entire staff are all so friendly & accommodating, they go above & beyond every time I call or come in. He is very kind & approachable, exactly what I look for in a physician. He helped me immensely right away unlike 3 previous urologist I have seen in the past few years. I drive an hour to see him and it is worth every minute. I have sent my friends & family to see him as well because they are so wonderful!
Dr Patel is an excellent physician. He treated me like family. He recommended a procedure that changed my life. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family. His office staff is wonderful, they are friendly from the moment you walk into the door.
I do not know how to start my long story. I can tell briefly that you should not have gone to this office. If not, you will be wasted your money for treatment because I felt they tried to get money before treating your main problem. I decided to transfer to another doctor at North Atlanta Urology Associates; my record, only mention to bladder all way but lastly to get prostate surgery.!! I comment you not go to this group doctor, they will try to get money before they actually treat you!!!!!!!!
This guy is a money grubber (billed my insurance for OVER $20,000.00 for a 10 minute procedure) and unethical doctor who did an unnecessary procedure on me and MANY others, and when I told my endocrinologist about this, she told me that her sister had the same bad experience with him as I did!!!
It is my honor to be a patient of Dr. Hakky; I am so glad that he is my doctor and feel that there is no doctor better than him. He is extremely skilled and unbelievably intelligent. In addition to his extremely high intellect, he has an amazingly caring nature. I felt that he genuinely cared about my problems. Dr. Hakky's sense of humor made me feel more at ease and made me feel better about myself. I could not ask for a better doctor. You are a genius Dr. Hakky, please stay the way you are.
After months of self-treatment using a catheter for my only means to void, I turned to my Urologist, Dr. Jitesh Patel for help. In previous visits I had found him and his staff caring and thorough in meeting my needs. Having suffered septic shock from severe urinary infection, I knew that it was time for prostate surgery. My options were explained. I chose the TURP procedure. Dr. Patel did my surgery with excellent results. A month post-surgery, I can void normally without any problems.
Dr Patel is the most caring and friendly doctor I have ever met. He treated me for an enlarged and bleeding prostrate. His care and bedside manners were unmatched. He even met with me and provided emergency treatment on a day he wasn't scheduled to see patients. Absolutely nothing but praise!!!
Dr. Hakky is the best Doctor I have ever been treated by. First he made me feel comfortable sharing my issues. His bedside manner is to be second to none. My first visit, he made me feel at ease and confident about his expertise. His explanation of my treatment was phenomenal. A month later I had an 8am appointment to received a vasectomy. It was pain free, was right on schedule as we anticipated. If you feared getting a vasectomy for 15 years like I did, Fear no more Dr. Hakky is your man!
Dr. Patel is a wonderful doctor, in fact the best. He is very caring and takes the time to listen to your concerns and answers all your questions. He also makes sure you understand what he is talking about. I can't say enough of good things about him. He saved my life and I will be forever grateful. If you need a urologist, he is the doctor for the job.
Dr. Patel and his entire team are knowledgeable, compassionate and very friendly. A great guy, very professional. I would highly recommend him for any Urological issue.
I first visited Advanced Urology after a recommendation. I had been diagnosed, by another doctor, with bladder cancer without the proper tests done. Needless to say, after someone hears this news it gets you thinking. Dr Patel came so highly recommended that I rescheduled my surgery with him. Throughout the process, I felt like I was in the best hands and Dr Patel made me feel comfortable. Glad to say that no cancer was found, but I still had in my mind that first diagnoses from the previous doc
Dr Jitesh Patel has a horrible bedside manner and is very rude. He is very arrogant. He runs unnecessary tests to get more money. Would not recommend him or his practice.
I have MS and Dr. Patel has helped me with the UTIs and fluid in my kidneys. He and his staff are pleasant and helpful. Thanks for everything and making visits to a specialist not so dreadful.
Dr. Patel and his entire team are knowledgeable and compassionate professionals. I have MS, and it involves difficulty with bladder function. I have gone to several urologists during the last few years, trying to find a reason for my frequent UTIs and kidney infections. Dr. Patel quickly proposed tests that I had never heard of from any other urologist. He is up on the most recent developments in diagnosis and treatment. thank you for improving the quality of my daily life! You are the best!
This Doctor is awesome. Explains everything in a way I can understand. Is extremely thorough. Super pleasant.
Dr Hakky is the best doctor of any I have ever seen. His bedside manner is to be admired. His explanation of things is phenomenal. He has made me feel like he is doing for me all he can to get me well and help me understand my medical situation. I wish he could teach other doctors "how they should treat patients"! He is the BEST!
Outstanding physician, outstanding practice.
If you are reading this today is your lucky day mine was when I googled 3 years ago & found Dr. Patel. Limited space to share my experience @ Advance Urology & specifically Dr. Patel but This was the most efficient, caring medical experience from Staff to Dr Patel himself that I have ever experienced in my 72 years. I have nothing but the highest regard for his knowledge, skill & ability to communicate with a patient not to mention his skill using robotic technology. My surgery 08-31-16
Dr. Patel is an excellent urologist. He and his staff are caring, informative and professional.
He listens and he cares. I feld extremely comfortable to share with him my problems. I had "special circumstances" due to me visiting from Europe that required flexibility on his part and he made me feel at ease. Thank you!
Possibly the best Doctor I have ever been to. He and everyone in the office goes out of the way to provide fantastic customer service. Dr. Patel provide goes into great detail of problem and options. He is very thorough and friendly. would recommend to my own family.
This is a AMAZING DR.!!! Hands down!!!
Dr. Patel is the best Dr I have seen in over 50 yrs. I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer a year ago and he has literally saved my life! He explains everything so well and has the ability to keep me calm when I just wanted to freak out. He also did my surgery and that I believe saved me! He generally truly cares about me in every way. He has been just fantastic in every way!!!! He's the best!!!! Great Dr. great surgeon, great person!!!
Dr J. Patel and his Staff are truly the Best! They make it very comfortable talking about usually uncomfortable topics. The Facility is ?State of the Art?; and Staff is very upbeat and professional which helps tremendously when you aren?t feeling well. I?ve been a patient of Dr Patel?s for about 3 years now. Very blessed to have found this group of amaizing people! FYI- I recently recommended him to a friends father, and they said ?he was fabulous!? M. Mcdermott
Truly blessed to have found someone of this cailber. He is always professional and knows exactly what is going on. I can not say enough great things about this fine young man. He has truly revolutionized my life. He is a miracle worker!
This is the best medical practice I have ever been to in 87 years. I have only every liked two doctors this much, as most doctors are not fond of older patients. Dr Patel and his team are the best of the best. I love coming here. They are so helpful. My bladder is completely fixed and I have my quality of life back. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GREATEST doc. I have seen many doctors thru the years and he is the best. Sharp, confident, intelligent. I tell all my friends about him. Love coming here. They have done an incredible job. Everyone from the check in staff to the nurses are amazing. Thank you thank you thank you!
Genuine concern for the patients well being. Felt like I was talking to a close friend and was very comfortable and at ease talking about subjects that are usually uncomfortable to discuss.
Let me tell you, these are the classiest, best folks anywhere. I have seen many doctors offices in 53 years and this is a class A facility. They are top notch. Dr Patel and his team are awesome and I love coming to their office because they have a great thing going and the vibe is positive. I feel comfortable and confident in Dr Patel and his team. He is knowledgeable and an excellent surgeon. I send all my family to see him and my friends too. He is the best urologist and a great person.
Dr. Hakky Is the Best. From my first visit, he made me feel at ease and confident about my care. He explained all my options and all medications. He advised me on the best diagnosis and treatment. He even called me after hours to check on my progress. I recommend Dr. Hakky to anyone that needs his services.
Working with the entire staff at Advanced Urology and Dr. Patel is a refreshing experience in the medical industry. State of the art facilities and practices, friendly and caring staff put you at ease when you are hurting. From the front desk, to Nurses, anesthesiologists and surgical staff, my care couldn't have been better. This attitude and level of care comes from the top. My quality of life will definitely be better since I worked with Dr. Patel, Dr. Hakky and their staff.
After another urologist told me my bladder was dead and that I would cath for the rest of my life. I called Advanced Urology. I got an apptmt. in one day, was examined, and tests scheduled for the same week. I received exceptional care, with an unusual problem that was misdiagnosed by another Dr. and Dr. Hakky operated on me and resolved a problem that was not mainstream. I was then scheduled for an implant through Dr. Patel. Phenomenal service was received from everyone at the practice.
Dr. cared about me as a patient. He explains to me about my cancer options. I elected to have surgery. He removed my prostate. He and his staff did a great job. Thanks Dr. Patel
Dr. Patel listens to his patients and takes his time with them as well. He has been very patient and understanding with my elderly mother. He is monitoring her condition for change rather than surgery (at her age). My mother also recommends him and was impressed with his bedside manner and ability to communicate to her. We both recommend him.
This guy is an ABSOLUTE Ego maniac, who charges an arm and a leg over any other doctor and when I took my bills to my other doctor and she said her sister was shocked by the prices he charges!!! He did an unnecessary surgical procedure on me and I was never the same after that!!! He never explained what he was going to do prior to surgery!! I assumed (incorrectly) that is would be something simple...it wasn't!!!
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Hakky and his staff. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. During a visit for my husband I shared some concerns about myself with his nurse Amy who spoke with Dr. Hakky at that time and he made time to see me then. We live over an hour away from his office so that was great even though it would have been worth the drive to go back and see him. We will continue to see him. They are the best! Very professional yet personable.
Very detailed with treatment and explanations.
Great experience. Dr Hakky explained everything very well and did a tremendous job with the surgery.
Dr. Anthony Davis is one of the best doctors I ever had. He really listens to my concerns and offers the wisdom that best suites my particular issue. He is very personable and approachable. He is genuine and he is a man of God. I would recommend him to any of my friends and associates. Dr. Davis is the best!!!

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