I have been using Dr. David Harris for over 10 years. I am completely pleased with his services. However, the office staff tend to be rude and unhelpful. Many times, I have felt like I was inconveniencing them. I feel there is a lack of privacy when taking vitals, discussing payment, etc. Wait times to be seen (approx 45 for a scheduled appt.) or to have blood work drawn (over 2 hours) are lengthy.
Two times I have been into this office to have test (5 Yr period) done and never heard back from them. And once a Bill was sent to me from the local Hospital for a service that was never rendered to me because this office never shared the results with me. So I have been stuck with a $400.00 bill on a test that I never seen the results on because this doctors office is so poorly ran.
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Royston Medical Associates
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