Dr. Tankersley will spend time and listen to the the problem you have. Then he will suggest the procedure and explain to you. I like his approach.
He explained my condition in detail and was very professional but compassionate. I trust him, which will be what gets me through the reality that he will be operating on my body and it will change forever.
I would not recommend this Doctor. does not care. no interest at all in helping me. I have been to see him several times. will go anywhere but to him. would not recommend him or his office.
Dr. Sutherland has always taken the time to explain my pain. It is not always what I want to hear, but I like to hear the truth instead of being handled with kid gloves. He has treated my knee, my wrist, and my elbow. I have always, and will always refer my friends and family to him.
Sandra Eichholz-Amazing Doctor. He performed a hip replacement on me and was so conscientious about my healing and concerns. I would highly recommend his medical assistants Jessica and Morgan and his PA- Nick.
It all began with a broken foot, followed by a trip/fall which created more damage. Prior to visiting Dr. Sutherland I had seen two other doctors and an acupuncturist. I had spent five months in a soft boot with no improvement in the pain I was experiencing. Dr. Sutherland looked at my MRI and determined the broken bones were healed and the pain was the result of numerous neuromas and he treated them. Hurray! No more soft boot and I could walk without pain once again.
Was a new patient and he spent only a few minutes before telling me to go for the knee for surgery. Whoa !!!. He was in quite a hurry. Receptionists where not friendly either. Moves too fast for me.
Top notch, excellent experience,excellent follow-up, wonderful procedures coming up on my one anniversary of the total hip replacement. Not one scare not one awkward moment or scary situation in a year! I am a 39 year old World Champion Bull Rider and happy that Dr. Woo was who did my procedure.
He was very polite and understanding and helpful. took the time to listen and explain things.
Performed knee surgery and hip replacement on me. He is a wonderful surgeon. I have no pain in hip. He got my leg back to correct height to exact. He is very friendly. And I thank God that I found him. I suggest anyone that needs hip replacement, go to Dr Woo.
My experience was not with Dr. Sutker but with his office in Okatie SC. I had an appointment to see one of his PA's for a shot to ease the pain in my hand. There was no one in the waiting room when we arrived, but they kept me waiting about 45 minutes, while they took in some later arrivals. When they finally took me in, it took another 35 minutes for the PA Williams to show up. She did not bother to apologize for the delay. She was brusque and unfriendly.
Dr. Jaakkola was able to see me as a patient within 1 day of getting my MRI. He also took the time in explaining all of the options regarding care of my torn Achilles tendon. Prior to and after surgery, Dr. Jaakkola made sure that my wife and I were comfortable with the treatment plan and was always willing to listen to any concerns. I am very pleased with the surgery results and the care I continue to get with my follow-ups during this recovery.
I am 3 weeks post op. Dr. Christy performed a complete anterior hip replacement. The literature said to expect bruising from my hip to my toes. But I had none. Dr. Christy has such gentle hands I give him the credit for my quick recovery. Today my girlfriend broke her leg and I am taking over her business and nursing her and.. Dr. Christy is going to fix her leg!!! If he hadn't fixed me I couldn't help her and I would be worried about her recovery. But I know she will be fine because of him.
My wife & I have known Dr. Mark Kamaleson for approx. 20 years when he was with Chatham Orthopedics. After he moved to Optim Orthopedics we moved with him. He is an extremely knowledgeable, caring, sensitive & very professional. Once he makes a diagnosis of a problem if PT is an option, it is recommended instead of surgery. We have both gone to PT many times which is somewhat painful but it always ends up rectifying the problem & we still do them to this day.
He was very honest, I truly understand the worth of my wait!! He is an awesome dr and I would go see him anywhere!! To add his staff is phenomenal!!
Dr. Kolovich is one of the best orthopedic surgeons I have ever come in contact with. I experienced a pretty traumatic injury. I had spontaneous bilateral patellar tendon ruptures. I was a very active individual. Playing sports, running and had been into CrossFit for about a year-and-a-half by the time of the injury happened. Dr. Kolovich repaired them. No more contact sport's but I'm back to crossfit. I've matched every weight that I had prior to the injury and I couldn't have done without him.
New to the area and unsure where to find quality ortho care at- called Optim, got in with Dr Christy right away and have had great results! Very patient and thorough physician
My second knee by Dr Christy was even better than the first. Excellent bedside manner and follow up !
I was his patient for 2 years with a continuous Achilles injury. I saw him my first and last visit, all other visits I saw his PA. I had a partial tear in my Achilles but he said it wasn't because the MRI didn't show a tear. I finally switched docs and confirmed that it was a partial tear. It was injured for so long it finally tore completely and I ended up having surgery by a much better physician.
I would recommend Dr. Kolovich in a heartbeat to anyone. He is very personable and makes his patients feel at ease right from the beginning. He did an excellent job repairing my broken wrist last August and a great job removing the plates and screws last month. He was very honest and forthcoming about everything, told me what I could basically expect every step of the way, especially when he showed me the X-Rays during the progress of healing. I knew I went to the right doctor from the start.
Dr. Kamalison performed rotator cuff surgery Feb 1st. I had 2 large tears which he took care of and inserted 4 pins to secure. Pain was always very minimal and now after 3 months I'm progressing well PT. Dr. K was and is along with his knowledgeable staff of PA's, available for any questions or concerns I might have. I recommend him highly for any orthopedic surgery.
I saw him today in Hinesville, Ga. for pain in my thumb joint. A very pleasurable experience and he knows his stuff! Two injections which we hope will help. Highly recommend for any problem with hand.
I visited Lawhorne per Dr Gay's request. I am seventy yrs old. I have never in all my seventy years seen a doctor so curt, rude and professional. He made know what he is doing in the operating room, but his social skills would not even rate on the review scale. I did not ask for his services, I was referred. If you are in pain and need a "professional" to listen, show concern or any care at all, Better keep traveling! Dont think he had even opened my chart!
I been calling for a week already and I left many many many messages to Theresa Dr Kolovich nurse and she never answer. I'm trying to schedule my surgery but she's so unprofessional that when the phone rang she hang up.
I would not recommend Dr Jaakkola to anyone. I went to him in lot of pain and discomfort with plantar fasciitis and lederhosen. I was unable to walk my normal 2 miles everyday. He told me surgery would not work the fibroids would come back. Recommended therapy and buying insoles that they made ($130.00). No way... I got second opinion at MCG or AUH...last August 1916 I had successful surgery. And living without pain and all the walking I want. Thank you Lord.
I truly believe that Dr Christie is up there in the better surgeon/physician scale. I been through so much with another surgeon that I was afraid of trusting any orthopedic surgeon in Savannah Georgia. After today's appointment with Dr. Christie it took about 10 minutes to earn my respect and trust. He's caring and sincere.its all about the patient. My friends who also use him agreed with me. He's not quick to cut unless it's in your best interest. He definitely gets a 5 star well deserved
Dr. McCormick has a great bedside matter. He takes time to LISTEN as you explain your symptoms and problems I was having after an auto accident. My MRI showed (3) herniated disc, bulging disc and bone spur. I had physical therapy and pain management requiring pain injections, which did not last long. My follow up visit I asked questions and gave me my answer, surgery. I had surgery this past April of 2016 and have not regretted a day that has gone by. I thank Dr. McCormick for a great job
I had a deformity in my wrist and Dr. Kolovich took the time to explain what the problem was. He also answered every question that my husband and I had. He did surgery, and now I have full motion of my wrist.
Wonderful doctor. Very caring.
I had numbness in my hand for over a year. After seeing Dr. K I went for a nerve test, and found out that I needed a nerve released. I am about 1 months from having surgery and feel GREAT!!! Thank you so much Dr. K!!
Dr kolovich is indeed an outstanding surgeon. His prompt decisive actions truly saved my left arm as well as my life. A very meticulous caring and dedicated physician with patient care and outcome his number one priority.
I was referred to Dr. Kolovich for an ankle injury. He spoke to me like a child and cut me off when I tried to speak. He did not listen to me, which is evident in his report. He never once examined me in any way. He told me I had a "common ankle sprain" and that he was not giving me narcotics, which I never asked for. It's a year later and I have to have surgery now for a fracture and torn ligaments. I hope nobody else has to endure not only the physical, but emotional and mental pain as well.
Dr Palmer did replacements on both shoulders and knees for my husband over the past couple of years. We can't express enough our satisfaction with his care from start to finish on all 4 procedures. He is caring, compassionate, professional, experienced - just an excellent doctor!
I had knee replacement and my life is so much better. He is very knowledgeable, proffesional,along with his staff. It was a much easier experience than I thought before surgery.
I had a great experience with Dr. Christy, I climbed 25 steps the day after surgery. After two weeks in therapy the pain subsided and the rest of my rehab was relatively pain free. I'm four weeks out now and a major portion of my life has changed for the better. I would recommend Dr. Christy to anyone. James H.Williams
Professional and skilled. Good talker.
Dr. Kolovich is an exceptional surgeon who took care of my hand injury. He was professional and fast and able to explain the procedure to me in clear terms that I was able to understand. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Kolovich and would recommend him to anyone with trouble with their hands.
He did a great job handling my rotator cuff partial tear. He was very professional and explained all of my options in terms that I could easily understand. My shoulder is feeling much better.
did both knees best in pain management needed no pain meds after surg. excellent bedside manner and topnotch on the best procedure for your surg.
Did both my knees ....one year apart. Great results Good bedside manner but efficient. A "bear" on pre and post op anti-infection procedures.
After searching and speaking with several other specialists I am glad to have found Dr. Lawhorne. He met with me and assured me he could relieve my back pain. After surgery I was up and walking with limited pain just like he told me. Thanks to you and your great staff. I haven't felt this good in years.
He is a very good Dr and is very caring. We have used him a bunch with my 2 kids
Dr. Kolovich is a talented and dedicated doctor. Dr. Kolovich reattached my index and middle fingers from a table saw accident during his fellowship at MGH back in Oct 2014. He was able to save both fingers which took 12 hours of surgery that he started at 9:00pm. He still performed his daily rounds after completing this difficult surgery thru the night. I have many thanks for Dr. Kolovich and MGH for taking me on as a patient when hospitals in VT, NY and NH would not accept me as a patient.
awesome Dr., amazingly knowledgeable, caring, and quite humble. He made us feel reassured. The surgery went just as he said . Even though he looks quit young don't believe we could have had a better Dr. to do my husband's hip replacement. Thank you Dr, Christy and your great staff.
Finally someone I don't feel the need to second guess. He is such a nice man and a good doctor.
I was lucky to find a great surgeon for me......Dr. Jonathan Christy! Dr. Christy is very knowledgeable and personable and he has a great staff. Before my knee replacement surgery, I never thought that I would be walking unassisted 3 days after surgery..........but I was! My other knee will need to be replaced and Dr. Christy will definitely be the doctor who will be doing the surgery. Dr. Jonathan Christy deserves more than a 5 Star rating!
Dr Pandya is amazing . Very interested to go to the core of the problem and is like visiting a friend every time I see him . Not happy with the staff whatsoever tho and more then once I thought of finding another provider but it's so hard to start from scratch again and dr Pandya has done his best to help me . Staff won't answer the phone calls or call back when I leave a message , then when they answer are not the most polite and I am always behind in receiving my prescription .
Dr. Nicholson did an ankle fusion on my right ankle from a dirt bike accident 9 years ago back in 2007. He did a great job and I'm still working (Aircraft Mechanic) and doing great. I owe him big time. Thanks Doc, I won't forget what you've done for me.
He is very knowledgeable and relates well with students and explains things so that there were no surprises. He saw me before he left, even though it was getting really late for him after a long day.
I found him to be an excellent surgeon who is very skilled and up to date on the most current techniques. Even my physical therapists raved that they would choose him among all the doctors whose work they were familiar with. He is also a very insightful person with good communication skills. I was walking without a cane by the 3rd day and now at six weeks can do just about anything!
Dr. Christy & the staff at Optim are amazing! Dr. Christy took the time to listen and address all my questions before scheduling my hip replacement. He consulted with Dr. Sutherland because I had recently had a knee replacement! He made certain I was ready for the hip replacement - I was in terrible pain! At all my appointments, I felt so comfortable and "important" to Dr. Christy - I didn't feel like just a number. A little over a month now & I am amazed at how I am walking and painfree!
He is sharp! He knew what to do to correct and reconstruct an area in my wrist & hand that gave me use of the hand again. No pain now! Was specific about time frames and recovery. Great manner, outgoing and personable. I have recommended him to several people in the community, and out of state. So glad Optim's , opening of a office for him in Hinesville. His staff is amazing and very kind and knowledgable. He even takes patients at least one night a week for after 5 p.m. currentl
He's a doctor right but a good not. I had a appt with him and he wanted my medical record first so he could read my chart and see if he could help me. Two week later I made appt with him. When I got to see him ask me a lot questions about my problem. I ask him did he read my chart he answer no to many paper to read, then I said why you made me bring my health record in 2 weeks early. He could not answer. Then why should you give someone your record early to read. waste, time and money
Dr Nicholson is wonderful Doctor! I came to him with two broken ankles and one needed surgery.Two years have passed and my ankles feel great and the scar is very faint. Dr. Nicholson also was very helpful with our insurance issues. I would recommend him highly !
He is caring, gives great information, explains the care plan carefully.
I was sent because of my back pain. He takes great care of me. He explains the procedures and treatments that are needed. He takes the time needed, he is not in and out like some specialist you see. Wonderful Dr. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a pain management professional.
I came into Dr. McCormick in horrible pain, I could hardly walk, he did surgery on me almost one year ago - I can now do everything. I walk three to five miles every day. He is truly my hero.
Very direct and complete. Listens carefully with questions.
Dr. Pandya spent 45 minutes with me discussing my Injuires and orders MRIS of 3 areas. I felt like I was first ally being heard. Front Desk is super nice. Onky issue I had is that once I saw Dr. pandya on the 2st visit I haven't seen him since. I've been Schuler now for EMG, was not informed about it or that it may be painful. Then schedule for injection with no knowledge of the procedure, risks, side affects. I've called and left messages with his Medical Ast.and Nurse and No one will call me!
Bedside Manner is disrespectfull. He misdiagnosed 4 Back injures, one year has passed due to his lack of listening I have nerve damage. He was rude and spent about 3 minutes with me after making me wait 2 hours for MRI Results. Front desk said he triple books because he only has 3 hours in that location. Arrives late always. I'll never go back to him! He's careless.
Patiently listens to problem/symptoms
Dr. Christy,on my first visit impressed me ! I'm not a Dr. person. I found that I needed a hip replaced which had not been diagnosed because of a back problem. He made sure I was able to undergo this sugary and that meant I had to loose some weight. He approached this touchy topic with strait forward kindness and science. Apparently some people do not handle this topic well according to the Dr. I am so thankful that I had Dr. Christy as my surgeon I trust him and recommend him as yours also
Dr. Aaron spent a lot of time with me explaining my injury. I felt very confident that he will do a great job during surgery.
The office of Optim doesn't really care about you. They will refer you to someone else in their network who accepts your healthcare and then after a few weeks they call you and say they are no longer accepting new patients. Don't waste your time on Optim healthcare as a whole. Their doctors don't care about you. Once you hit your deductible and out of pocket they will ALL reject you for service.
Can't really say I would recommend or not. I had a MRI done 2 wks ago and I've left 2 msgs at Savannah office and 1 msg at vidalia office still No one has returned my call to give me results of my MRI.
Highly recommend--brilliant doctor, wonderful bedside manner, Good teacher--he explained to me exactly what was happening and why I needed the injection--he included a hands-on visual aid of a spine and lower back and explained exactly what he would be doing with the injected steroid.
I very happy I had dr hope as my dr he is great !!
Concerned about you getting better and will do whatever it takes to get you better especially the kids.
Dr. Hope performed minimally-invasive hip replacement for me on both hips in separate surgeries. Having had 20+ surgeries for other conditions,I was pretty aware of both good and bad surgical practices. I could not have been more pleased with both surgeries. Not only was every member of Dr. Hope's team consistently professional, they were genuinely interested in my progress and comfort. Of course, it was Dr. Hope's competence that was life-changing for me. I have nothing but accolades for him.
Was supposed to be referred to another doctor for physical therapy. Two months and 4 calls later....Still waiting for a call back for referral. Problem was diagnosed but no solutions or follow up treatment offered.
Dr. Kamaleson has operated on my hand once and then two fingers, one just this month. He is one of the best hand surgeons in Savannah and I believe he spends the right amount of time with me. His staff is great.
I found Dr. Hegarty,after trying several doctors that gave up on me and said there was no more they could do to help. I can't thank Scott and him enough for taking the time to listen and BELIEVE in me. They found things wrong that others couldn't. They took exceptional care of me and didn't allow me to become dependent on medications.They found other solutions,which gave me my life back.I went from being dependent on others, to owning my own business,and doing things I was told I couldn't do.
This was my second back surgery and I must say I'm really proud I went with this doctor. With my first surgery that was done by another well known doctor I was in the hospital for over a week. With this one I came home the next day.also not in no where near the pain as first one.by no means am I saying that I'm not in Bain just that it's not as sever as first.I highly recommend Dr Lawhorn and wish to thank him so much.thanks for your time and my God bless each and everyone.have a blessed day
His bedside manner was awful. After waiting for over an hour past my appointment time I went back and for the all of five minutes he saw me he pushed so hard down on my wrist where I just told him was extremely painful I screamed and told him not to touch me. NEVER GOING BACK TO HIM!
Wonderful doctor and surgical experience. He is very educated and professional. By far one of the best doctors I know.
He was very attentive to my mom. Mom loves Dr. Christy. Her knee replacement is healing well, and she is enjoying a much improved quality of life.
It was awesome. Dr. Christy is an excellent orthopedic doctor. I'm glad he was referred to me and he did a great job on my right hip replacement.
Dr. Christy was amazing!!! He ensured that all measures were exhausted before surgery was an option. I was very relaxed and comfortable speaking with him about concerns. He took his time to explain and listened with a tentative ear. Surgery went well!!! I was back to my new normal within three weeks!
I had lumbar decompression done 1/2014. No more sciatic pain. He did a great job.
Dr. Kolovich attended me in an emergency situation at Savannah Memorial Hospital when I was air-lifted there due to an automobile accident. While my injuries resulted in an amputation of my left hand. Dr Kolovich discussed the situation with me calmly and reassuringly as I had been conscious during the removal from the auto and the helicopter ride and was already fully aware of the severity of my injury. During the preparation for the surgery Dr. Kolovich kept a consoling banter of conversation.
I'm having a great recovery and experience with Dr Christy and his staff. I'm 5 weeks out of a total knee replacement and ahead of my physical therapy goals. Both home therapists said they'd seen nothing but good results from all of Dr Christy's patients. He answered all my questions, visited me before surgery and the next morning. My other knee will need replacing in the future and I would definitely go with Dr. Christy again.
He is simply a great doctor. Highly recommend him. Be is a kind and compassionate person.
Dr. Kolovich listened attentively to my each of my concerns, and waited patiently while I explained my condition. He then asked me a few pertinent questions, went through a thorough examination and made a quick accurate diagnosis. Finally, he took all the time I needed to go over my options and I am now well on my way to a speedy recovery. I hope that I don't need another visit to the doctor, however if I do, I know I'm in great hands!
I saw Dr. Kolovich for pain in arthritic knee. He was very good at explaining my options for pain relief. He also gave me a set of exercises for long term strengthening of my knee. He gave me a shot in the knee and this helped the pain within the next hour. During the next 6 weeks I have done the physical therapy that he suggested and the knee has stabilized considerably.
Dr. Kolovich was great at explaining what was going on with my wrist. I got an injection and I feel great!
i thought he was extremely confident and accurate, outstanding doctor
I think he just finished school. Nice but did not make me feel very confident. Going elsewhere.
Said my knee surgery would be a breeze and I'd be walking normal again in a short time. Had major problems after surgery, especially after terrible, painful therapy sessions with bored college kids who could have cared less, and NEVER saw Dr. Aaron, only his P.A. Six months later, the pain is no better than it was before the surgery. VERY disappointed.

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