If it were not for a insurance referral to this provider I would be extremely unlikely to recommend this doctor to a mere stranger let alone a friend or family member. I waited for 3 hours and 48 minutes past my appointment time on my initial visit and then I was told to return in two weeks and they would give me a call when my medication for my procedure was in... I have been calling and trying to schedule my appointment with no return calls or concern for my condition. This is a dirty practice
Dr. Pathan is very attentive, professional, knowledgeable, and considerate in caring for his patients. Absolutely a 10+
No complaints in regards to the care I received from Dr. Pathan , but the office staff is HORRIBLE at following up with patients. I have attempted to follow up for MONTHS in regards to my MRI images and all I keep receiving are non productive status updates/excuses/no call back. There has been no proactive effort from the medical team to retrieve my results from my previous provider and follow up with me in a timely matter, even though I have exhausted all efforts on my end. I could go on and on
Amazing Neurologist! Finally found someone who was able to correctly give me my botox injections! His nurse was very quick at getting them approved too! Laura informed me every step of the process. My only complaint was how hot the temperature was inside the office
Dr Pathan is Very thorough and kind. He expressed interest in me and my concerns. I enjoyed seeing him and Kellie Ann. She was very nice and made me feel like I was their only patient even though the waiting room was full.
DR.khan isan amazing careing doctor,however whoever answered the phone at office today was completly opposite and rude
Did not listen, didn't react to questions about my medical tests and did not really review the results.
Can't say enough about Dr. Pathan and his assistant Kellyann. They both are very caring and thorough. Dr Pathan made me feel like I was his only patient and kellyann answered every question I had. The front staff was friendly and welcoming. The wait was not as bad as I expected but it would've been worth it to see them. Thank you for making me feel special.
A little upset that after 4 calls and talking to multiple people I now get to pay a copayment at a 24 hr doctors office cause my medicine was never sent in. I guess getting medicine sent in is not covered under copayment cost?Yeah Columbus GA!
Wait time is insane. 3 hours. Then you spend 10 mins with the guy. I just needed him to sign paperwork and he claims I have to schedule another appointment. He just wants money.
Long waiting time. Waited for 2 hrs, still not call had to leave.
Dr. Pathan is thorough, attentive and he looks at your whole well-being as a person and not a number. He takes the time to explain his thoughts, diagnosis, tests and procedures and treatment plan. When you're with him you feel like you are his only patient. His office staff is friendly and efficient. The waits in the waiting room can be a little long, but it is worth every second to see Dr. Pathan
Caring, intuitive, easy to talk with, investigative. My favorite doctor.
Dr, Khan is a wonderful and caring doctor. When other neurologist in the area examined my daughter they acted as though she was a mental case. Dr. Khan took the time to listened and help to get her some relief.
Excellent doctor and willing to try other options in order to assist his patient in having a better life and seizure free life. Everyone is great and very helpful.
Misdiagnosed condition and prescribed medicines that were making the condition worse. Spends very little time with patients and has a very poor bedside manner.
Appointment was made quick however the time of wait before we went to back was 3 hours, then when we went into room first saw young lady that asked several questions. Said that either her or the doctor would be back in to talk. When doctor came in and introduced his self, asked same questions then never said anything else until my son was advised to take off his shoes. The doctor was chewing gum the entire time he was there. Never once told us what the issue was or what we needed to do.

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