I have been going to Stringfellow since early 1984 without this Doctor I feel I would not be here today. He is very interested in his patients. He is a lot like a Doctor years ago, a good family doctor as I had when I was a child. I am very pleased with all the care Dr. Stringfellow has given me throughout the years as my Internist. He can't be beat!!!
I love Dr. Stringfellow. He Has been Doctor very long time. He is the very best in my opinion.
This is the most dismissive, condescending physician I have ever met. In fact she seems to be contrary for the sake of it in an authoritative manner rather than explaining her conclusions. As well she suggest medications without ever considering other causes. The epitome of band aide health care. Further each and every time w/o fail expect to wait 30 minutes (at least) in reception area and another 40 (conservatively) in actual room.
I have been seeing Dr. Gaw for about 7 years. I find her to be very thorough and compassionate. She is never in a hurry and always willing to spend time discussing any questions I might have. She is knowledgeable and on top of current and emerging medical conditions and solutions. She is an excellent Doctor.
Compassionate, caring, physician who will take the time to listen to your concerns. He has a wonderful personality and you always feel like you have his undivided attention during office visits. This is a rare experience these days! Likewise, his staff is always friendly and helpful which compliments his style and caring nature.
I've been seeing Dr. Berard for 15 or more years. I like the way he will take time & listen to you & respond to each of your problems.
Does not listen, very mean and in a non-caring way. Does not like to be told what the patient thinks they have even though it's a chronic reoccuring problem for over 20 years. My first visit was okay but my last visit will be my last visit. I am switching doctors. I rather be in pain than to see Dr. Gaw again.
I have always received excellent treatment from Dr. Gaw. She is very thorough, professional and genuinely concerned about my health.
I've had issues for about a year now that I couldn't explain. It just all seemed off. She took time to to listen and get to know me. She referred me to the appropriate specialists for allergy and asthma and placed me on an appropriate dosage of already prescribed medications. I've had remarkably better loyalty of life, and highly recommend her.
He listens, he doesn't hold hands, he doesn't sugar coat things, he's never rude, and he's always straight forward. He treats you like an adult. He's your doctor, and he's not there to baby you. Your health is his primary concern.

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