Dr. Stewart was very knowledgeable and helpful. His staff was extremely hard to deal with and confrontational. Wish there was a way to let him know what is going on in his office:( We cancelled our surgery and looked elsewhere for another doctor to avoid dealing with unpleasant staff. Very frustrating to say the least.
We like the doctor but we boycott the office due to Office Manager who obviously hates her job. Every time we go there, we had to wait over 1 hour. She said she ordered the patient after our us to go first even though we arrived on time for our appointment. I suppose if you arrive "late" that another patient that follows can go in. This is how she was teaching her new 'trainee'. But, we were "on time" on the dot!!! She REFUSED to give me her last name when asked and ARGUED incessantly.
This doctor has no bed side manner and he's not professional at all. He acted like when I bleed for two day's and it was a lot of blood that it was no big deal. I had this stupid surgery in July 2016 and still my nose hurts and having more problems than before. He doesn't deserve any patients at all. I was told by an other doctor not to go back to him.
Amazingly knowledgeable and thorough! I have already referred family members and friends to him and they are equally satisfied
Dr. Stewart is an excellent doctor, his staff is not. I called and talk with a lady named Christine. . She was nasty, arrogant, and sarcastic. I begged her several times to let me speak, but she insisted on giving his opinion without considering mine. She was insensible. Without asking how I feel, and what my case was about, Christine said the doctor will not change his diagnose, and suggested I may go for a second opinion. Basically she never allows me to talk and finish my statement.
Dr. Stewart performed a Cochlear Implant in December 2015. The decision to have this Implant was the best decision that I could have possibly made. I am now able to hear sounds and understand conversation that was not possible before the surgery. Dr. Stewart is not only excellent in his field but, a true educator as well.
Dr. Stewart takes the time to educate you on habits that help you decide to look at your eating and sleeping habits that may have a direct affect on digestive system which may or may not be related to your swallowing and masticate your food, e.g., and time of day/night. He demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and apt interest in one's medical reason for being treated and diagnosed.
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