Dr. Alexander repaired my rotator cuff after a fall and did an excellent job! I have full use and mobility of my shoulder, with minimal pain or discomfort
I have absolute confidence in Dr. Alexander. I fell, broke my wrist, and my doctor said, "There is only one surgeon I want you to see." A few hours later, I met Dr. Alexander. I'm a musician, and shared my concerns. I joked, "After surgery, will I be able to play the Minute Waltz in 45 seconds?" He replied, "Only if you could before you fell." We laughed, he is so nice. Several other physicians (including other orthopedists) have since shared with me their utmost confidence in Dr. Alexander.
My daughter broke her thumb. He was very good with her and with getting her back to pitching softball again.
Dr Alexander did an excellent examination reviewing my shoulder X-rays and listening to my description of pain. I was not rushed through the visit process.
I am very pleased with the treatment I received from Dr. Alexander and his office staff when I broke my wrist last October. Everything was clearly explained to me. The surgery went well and follow-up was excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Alexander.
Dr. Alexander's skill and willingness to come out in the middle of the night to perform emergency surgery following a table saw accident in December 2016 saved my left hand. He is a consummate professional whose demeanor is guaranteed to put even the most anxious patient at ease.
The doctor is not the problem. It is the lack of care, concern and follow through of the support staff. Orders for imaging and blood work never get called in. They forget to tell you of other needed labs until you arrive for an appointment, I'm not sure if this is so they can bill for another visit. They never call to confirm anything because they never complete anything. Unless you are willing to do all the legwork and make calls 3-4 times a day find another practice.
Excellent surgeon with an outstanding bedside manner!
Poor bedside manner and not as skilled or helpful as one would hope. Patients are at their most fragile place during this time and Dr. Dalton doesn't inspire confidence. Problem continued to get worse until needing a re-do.
Dr. Alexander has been my doctor since July of 2016 and has performed surgery on both shoulders, right hand ( carpel tunnel ), and cyst on left index finger. He is an excellent doctor in every way. Great instructions with great exams, caring and always having a smile on his face. Plus very concerned about my condition. I will refer him to anybody who needs a great competent Dr. in his field. He has always treated me with the utmost respect as a patient and always listened to my problems.
Dr Alexander is outstanding! The the surgery went very well and the scar is hardly noticeable. He is also very caring and gives you a lot of his time. I highly recommend him without reservation.
Got my hand finger dislocated and then went to well star emergency and then follow up appointments with one hand surgery specialist who recommended for another surgery. And, I feel he messed up with my finger and even after 4-5 months of follow up it didn't get better. Then someone referred me to Dr Payne who did one surgery and in 2 months my finger is in much better situation. He is very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend him. Thanks Dr Payne..
Dr. Dalton did not provide me any solutions for my problem at all. He has no idea what is causing my issue and did not try to offer any help. I spent very little time with the doctor and he really did not show me that he cared at all about my situation. I would not recommend him nor will I ever go back.
Dr. Alexander came referred by a family member. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about why my hands were always falling asleep. He confirmed the diagnosis as carpal tunnel. Dr. Alexander took time to explain the procedure before and during my surgeries which were performed with local numbing. He also told me what to expect during the healing process. I felt confident that I had made the right decision on selecting him as my doctor.
Dr. Seiler was 30mins-1.5 hours late for every one of my 3 appointments. Very frustrating and disrespectful.
Dr. Alexander operated on my right index finger. I found him to be a knowledgeable, caring, and highly effective surgeon. I highly recommend him without reservation.
Dr. Alexander worked on my chronic elbow tendonosis. We slowly worked on solutions including PT, stem cell injection and ultimately surgery. Four months past surgery and I'm back to the gym and doing most activities.
Dr. Alexander performed arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder. Prior to the surgery I was in constant pain, four months later I was nearly pain free. All aspects of the treatment, from the initial exam through the completion of physical therapy, were professional, well coordinated, caring and efficient. Dr. Alexander always was concerned with my well-being, and communicated all phases of the treatment very effectively. He is passionate about his work, and very skilled and effective.
Dr. Alexander is a wonderful surgeon, and really takes time to listen and explain things to his patient. I highly recommend him, and will use him again for any hand and elbow issues.
Much more care should be taken to consider overall function, not rushing the process is paramount.
All Dr. Seiler cares about is charging you and doing Surgeries. He wanted to do a bicep tendon attachment at the Elbow and said i needed surgery immediately. I got a 2nd opinion from Dr. Jason Schneider and he was Honest and said "look, it's only 50% torn, i think with physical therapy it will heal on it's own" I went to PT and sure enough it healed up perfect without Surgery. Do yourself a favor and dont trust Dr. Seiler, go see somebody else..
Dr. Alexander will be my permanent doctor for any future hand & elbow issues. Couldn't of asked for a better physician as a whole.
I have had three surgeries with Dr. Seiler. One was for carpal tunnel and the other two were for trigger finger release. These procedures were all successful and I now have normal functions with my hand and fingers. I trust myself in his care and am so thankful for excellent doctors such as Dr. John Seiler.
Very positive. Concerned about my problem and clear as to the course of action he recommended we follow to address it.
Friendly and thorough
He has performed Dupuytren's Contracture surgery twice - once on each hand and involving both the palm and multiple fingers. His surgical skill is excellent and there have been no re-occurrences or complications. And the physical therapy staff is excellent in returning the hand to normal function.
John did several operations on my left arm and especially my left wrist while at Mass General. I am a musician and John put me back in the game and able to play. I went on to Berklee college and graduated ,and have now completed a long awaited record after 45 years of playing professionally. I owe that opportunity to John, he is an amazing doctor and will forever have my gratitude!
Dr. Alexander took great care of me and resolved my wrist issue after 2 other doctors couldn't. Thank you Dr. Alexander!
Dr. Alexander was very thorough and made certain I understood everything regarding my procedure. His facility and staff are all top notch. If you need hand, arm, shoulder treatment, they are great folks!
I am having my 3rd operation. 1st surgery mangled R wrist. Seiler repaired nerve damage, set broken distal bone w/titanium plate, fixed carpel tunnel & removed bone fragments. Feb/2012 2nd surgery plate removed, nerve damage repaired caused by plate. Apr/2013 3rd surgery is for L pinkie. Dislocated/broken bone/bone fragments/nerve damage. Mar 3, 2016. Dr. Seiler is marvelous. I see some comments about staff. Confusing to me, they have all been professional and congenial.
Outstanding surgeon!!! Dr. Alexander has treated two of my family members. Both sustained significant injuries to their hands. My son-in-law lost 4 fingers in an accident. Dr. Alexander was able to reattach all of them. My son-in-law has full use of that hand today. Our story is nothing short of a miracle. We are so thankful for Dr. Alexander and Dr. Seiler!!
Dr. Alexander is EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!
Dr. Alexander was recommended to me by the therapy department at Piedmont Hospital. He operated on me in September, 2015 to repair a torn bicep muscle and rotator cuff. The procedure went smoothly and now in mid-February, 2016 I have been released from further physical rehab therapy after five months of satisfactory and even enjoyable twice-a-week visits to the Accel Physical Therapy center in the Mirror Lake shopping center, Villa Rica, Georgia as fully recovered.
Unlike most busy doctors, Dr Alexander was extremely caring and attentive to any issues I had after surgery. I am very pleased with the outcome of surgery for complete rotator cuff and bicep tears. The group also has their own PT department which is nice because all they work on is arms. I would not go anywhere else having been treated by this most excellent doctor !!!
Had shoulder surgery frozen shoulder 5 months ago in more pain before surgery.
I began seeing Dr Alexander for a rotator cuff injury, after my previous doctor stopped taking my insurance just as surgery was being scheduled. Dr Alexander picked up the case, and quickly and efficiently took care of the shoulder. He is pleasant, clear, and down to earth. The only improvement that I could suggest, would be physical or virtual anatomy models to explain the problem and what was done during surgery.
Our practice has a physician on call 24 hours every day for emergency consultation. Please call the main office number (404) 352-3522. Spanish

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