Dr. Diego-Wright is personable and attentive to her patients. I have gone to many physicians in the past, and she truly stands out. She is as knowledgeable as she is kind.
Dr. Cronen is by far the BEST spine surgeon! He corrected my scoliosis, fusion T3-L3 on August 2, 2016. I had my one year follow up a couple of weeks ago and I could not thank him enough. I was 59 at the time of the surgery and due to Dr. Cronen's expertise and skill, my life has changed for the better, 180 degrees! In addition he performed my daughter's spine surgery on April 29, 2009 and she is doing wonderful. We drive 3 1/2 hours to see him because he is the best in the state !
I've only seen Dr. Do a few times because of my sleep apnea. I have done many sleep studies and result was told I have sleep apnea. The last sleep study I did the results were that I did not have sleep apnea. Dr. Do was so thorough in looking over my records and the sleep study to make sure that the results were correct. He was so attentive when I was asking him questions. He made me feel like I was his only patient, he was being very attentive and not rushing off to see the next patient.
One of the best doctors I've ever been terrible I just love her
i am 74 yrs. old i have been to many doctors and by far cronen is the worst . the only people he treats is insurance companies.i dropped dr. from his name because he does not deserve it. dont walk , run and find a honest dr. who is interested in helping his patients , NOT CRONEN !!!!
I felt like my visit wasn't very productive. I came to Dr. Diego-Wright because I was having eye problems and her assessment of my problem didn't make sense and her treatment plan was not appropriate or effective, so I consulted a new doctor. I am sorry to say that I would not recommend Dr. Diego-Wright because it seems as though she can do nothing more than write prescriptions for eye drops.
This "Dr" does not care enough about human beings to be able to hold a license. If you are sick go somewhere else. You will not be treated appropriately, you will be kept from Specialists in order to avoid referrals. Any ongoing care will not be provided unless you demand it & are knowledgeable enough about health to watch over yourself. If you are sick...do not seek care from Joseph Cozzolino. You will not be made well from anything he does--because he does nothing.
Dr Demetriou and the staff at Florida Medical Clinic are very simply stated, outstanding. Dr Demetriou really cares about my well being and listens attentively when I speak. This is very difficult to find nowadays with managed healthcare nonetheless Dr Demetriou and the staff at Florida Medical Clinic seem to find a way to treat me as if I am the only patient receiving care when seen. They really care. Thank you very much for providing outstanding health care for me and my family.
Demetriou (does not deserve to be called a Dr) came in with an attitude of "God-like" doctor and he had no clue what he was doing. This physician is the worst I've ever come in contact with. He deserves negative stars. I am a University Professor and teach Health Disparities and Cultural Competency courses for professional students and graduate students. It is unfortunate that Demetriou (0 star physician) is substituting for Dr. Burton (a 5 star) while she is out on maternity. Get rid of him!!!
Terrible doctor! Run! He's rude and arrogant and his bedside manner is cold and uncaring. He spoke to me as if I were stupid and he was completely unconcerned about my pain. Told me I should see a different specialist because my pain had nothing to do with the bulging and herniated discs nor the bone spurs on my spine. I've seen three different specialists and I was referred to him by a fellow Florida Medical Clinic physician. (See my full review on Google reviews) Will never return.
Dr. Delia is caring and straightforward, just what you want in a doctor! ! She is treating my dad wonderfully.
Very thorough when explaining lab results, symptoms and medicine side affects. I like Dr. Curley very much. The overall effectively of the office however, not so much. Several missed renewals with Express Scripts have resulted in not receiving medicine.
I am not sure about the negative reviews but Dr Cronen has been nothing but awesome with my husband & myself. He did my husbands back surgery & so far everthing is wonderful. He even came in on his day off to check on my husband. Sometimes the wait is a little long in the office but we'll worth the wait. Thank you Dr Cronen. Bud & Suzanne Moll
She takes the time with every patient. I have different eye problems and she is taking very good care of my eyes. Makes sure that everything is watched!!
When we were first notified we'd be seeing Mr. Cobb instead of our usual psychiatrist, we were both concerned about the level of care we'd receive from a nurse practitioner. Our concerns were completely alleviated in our first visit. Mr. Cobb is the epitome of a healthcare professional. He ensures that you are comfortable with all aspects of your treatment and is willing to discuss the benefits/drawbacks of any alternatives you may be considering.
Waited over 90 minutes in exam room in only shorts. Horrible bedside manner very arrogant no apology for being late. No help with back condition left office feeling helpless. Parking lot under construction no place to park. Worst office visit I have ever had. Avoid this place.
My PCP was having difficulty finding the right medication for hypertension and immediately Dr. Curkovic knew what the problem was. He took the time necessary. I feel he is very competent.
Dr. Desai has been my internist for about 15 years. He always listens to what I have to say and is interested in my opinions and thoughts about my health care. I've changes insurance companies over the years to stay in his care. That's how much I trust him.
They don't come any better. She is a wonderful combination of skill, bedside manner, and knowledge of her community. Last Doctor I had that good was a colleague Dr. Scholars.
He is a nice man but, after three min. looking at my medical records and getting little info on me said, "I can"t help you". He got up & was going to examen me. I told him to sit back down(nicely) and that we were going to go through all my papers & I needed his help. By the end of the talk, he said I needed to go to USF as my conditions are beyond his scope and too complex. I told him I needed him to fight for me to get an appt. with the specialist. He said he would but, DIDN'T. DOESNT CARE!
Moving is always stressful. Dr. Demetriou has made this part of moving a pleasure. After being diagnosed with cancer last year I was a bit apprehensive. Everyone here has been very nice, professional, prompt and knowledgeable. The referrals he has made have been equally amazing.This is the place to be
In the pocket of insurance companies and workmans comp.
Have been going to her for a number of years now. I have many different health issues going on at one time and she is very good at balancing the treatment of all of them. She is very good at keeping track of interactions of the different medications that I take.
I've always looked for a doctor like Dr. Cheeseman, he doesn't just take care of your health issues with medications, but he will make sure he gets to the root of the problem, and for that he will send you to get all the necessary examinations and starts ruling out until he gets to the root of your medical problem, then he treats it accordingly.
Won't return your phone call, even if it's an emergency! Staff is very rude and extremely unprofessional. Had to actually tell them what to do in regards to my health issue, i.e. I needed lab work done, and he clearly wasn't going to order it, so I actually had to request him have it done. He's so negligent that I can't believe he hasn't had a formal complaint filed against him! I'm beyond disturbed by this office.
Bureaucratic practice with unrelenting and unreasonable policies.
He actually seems to care about his patients
It is impossible to get an appointment with Dr. Curley. Staff not friendly and takes when you call you are placed on hold for a long time. Sometimes messages are not returned unless you call back the office.
Dr. Cronen was absolutely great. I had a severe problem that needed to be repaired. I saw him on Thur. and was sch. for Mon. surgery went great. This was my 4th back operation. I had always used neurosurgeons in the past. My post pain was 90% less and recovery time was way faster. I found Dr Cronan because 3 assoc. has referred him to me. I highly recommend this man. He is plain spoken and does not kid around which suits me just fine. He makes no promises. He's truthful and upfront
Dr. Cronen is extremely unprofessional and I would stay away from his practice. They are leaches for your cash and don't fix anything.
I have been going to Dr. Cozzolino for the better part of 10 years and have always found him to be knowledgeable, and responsive to me and my family.
Dr. Deliz saved my life. I thought I had food poisoning and was self treating myself, but by the third day my symptoms had not improved. I went to the Clinic and after my blood test results came back, I was immediately instructed to go the Emergency Room. After 16 hours of treatment in the Emergency Room I was directly admitted into the Patient Care Unit and Dr. Deliz was assigned by the attending physician to work my case. I was in renal failure. After three days I returned home, alive.
Takes time to figure out the root cause of a problem even if it's not clear what it is at first. Offers non-medicinal solutions to problems that may be treated without the use of drugs.
Dr. Frank is warm , knowledgeable and very clear in his explanations, he is top-notch and I recommend him without any hesitation.
Dr E is fantastic with my family, he always listens to my kids. They feel very comfortable with him.
Excellent, thorough, caring and compassionate. Works at Florida Medical Clinic. I have referred several friends to him and their facility. Everyone has expressed the same positive experience.
I cannot rate Dr. Genualdi highly enough. He ordered all the right tests in order to reach my diagnosis and got me into treatment quickly. He is smart, thoughtful, and caring. I could not have found a better doctor. His staff was also kind and helpful. These people were there for me.
I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Genualdi. He will give you 100% to help you resolve your foot and ankle problems. He is smart, energetic, and caring. He orders all the right tests needed to make a diagnosis, and lets you know exactly what is going on. His staff is very helpful. All in all, he is clearly one of the best!
I presented several chronic issues, primarily type 2 diabetes, elevated Triglycerides, and elevated Cholesterol. Through a carefully managed prescription plan in concert with behavioral changes in my diet and exercise, I obtained ideal levels on several occasions and fell back due to my own fault on not maintaining healthy choices. Dr. Esposito intervenes encouraging me to return to my healthy choices. I look forward to meeting with Dr Esposito and keeping on track.
Very professional, thorough, personal and friendly. Gave excellent information and treatment plan. Listened to all my and my family's concerns and addressed each one.
Dr. Esposito is our primary care physician. It is nearly impossible to get in for a sick patient appointment. When we do get an appointment, we wait for a minimum of 20 minutes in the waiting room; sometimes as long as 45 minutes. Typically, they have no appointments available and send us to urgent care. One day, I was 3 minutes late for an appointment. Dr. Esposito would not allow us to check in and required my sick child to wait an hour and a half before he would see him. Awful!
week-Edit God awful incompetent receptionist. Been going to Dr Barry Frank for over 10 years. They hired some new receptionist who claimed she never received referral from my PCP--even though my primary doctor has proof it was faxed to her. So she refused to allow me to see the DR--then when I show up with a new appointment she rudely tells me she made the new appointment in Wesley Chapel instead of Tampa office without telling me. She is completely incompetent. I guess I'm going to have to fi
One of the finest physicians I've dealt with in Tampa. I am a native of Florida, born in Ocala raised in Tampa. Dr. Foreman is thorough, caring karma professional, and top shelf in treatment.
Not the friendliest doctor but he was highly recommended to me by a medical professional. I feel very confident in his skills and knowledge as a gastroenterologist. His expertise is not social skills, so as long as you can look beyond that and not take his manner personal, he is an excellent doctor whom you can trust to get the job done and done right. Have been seeing this "no nonsense" doctor for years and have no complaints.
Dr. Forman is by far the best doctor I have seen in Florida. He is friendly, kind, takes his times and really cares about your well being. He also is very easy to talk to and explains things in a way that really makes sense.
Dr.Esposito is a great with me and my family and we never had a problem. Have seen him for different things and he has no problem sending you to the specialist that you need. He does not sit on referrals very long and keeps you going the right direction.
Amanda was thorough, professional, and one of the best practioners I have seen. She saw and diagnosed things that prior physicians had missed.
Dr. Forman took his time with me and let the visit be patient-directed, not automated. He made me feel well cared for, and he addressed my needs appropriately and with sincere concern for my well-being. I appreciate his care.
Dr. Eisner, colon preps with polyps found. Sure turn and run was what I did wish, Dr. Eisner does make me smile why I trust him and did return for do it again. He also is kind and funny to make me relax-
I have seen Dr. Forman for several years. He and his staff are always very professional and understanding. I would highly recommend both he and his staff to anyone.
An experienced, caring, physician with a wide range of knowledge who takes the time you need for your visit.
Not only do I see Dr. Fontanet , we took my 92 year old mother to see him too. She loves him and so does our whole family. My heart issue is rather rare and Dr. Fontanet is well educated and I trust him with my life. He has a wonderful bedside manner, you can tell that he actually cares. If you have other issues with your health he will steer you in the right direction. He exhibits patience and understanding with our mother. He is the real deal.
I would recommend Dr. F-N to others; in fact, I suggested to my husband that he meet him, and my husband likes him, too. Intelligent, learned, and in an era where we hear about doctors under stress, I have twice noticed Dr. F-N hum little tunes as he walks to retrieve something. At the end of the appointment, he walks me to the front desk, and then shakes my hand and says goodbye, and smiles.
Thoroughly listened and went through my paperwork. He also teaches the whys something is going on with your heart. I feel very confident in his knowledge and care.
compassionate, empathetic, wonderful warm care. helped me and my family with health and social issues.
As a provider myself I go to him. He is the only one I would trust to guard and protect my heart. He is an amazing cardiologist!!!
Dr. Dennis Feldman, is one of the best! He has a no-nonsense about him and thats what I liked best.
Extremely arrogant. No patient compassion. Possibly a skilled practitioner but zero people skills.
He is friendly, kind, understanding and exudes confidence and trust - and he does know his stuff.
Very nice, explained everything he was going to be doing. Great bedside manners.
Seeing a GI doctor is not high on my list of things I want to do, but I needed to. I felt very uncomfortable from the moment he walked into the room to the end. He came in with I am doctor and you don't know anything attitude. My input into my condition did not matter to him, he quickly dismissed them if he even heard them. He was very curt and did not like being ask questions. I left upset due to his manor and way he speaks to you, he doesn't care what you think or feel. He is machine like.
He is knowledgeable is right on ack what your concerns are. He gives patient eye contact (listens) and is very helpful. Professional office.
I felt very comfortable with Dr. Maldonado and trust him to take care of my health problems.
Dr. Shifa Malik is a excellent physician. She is caring and understanding and gets your health back with God's help. I am grateful and honored to have her and her staff to watch after my health.
I have been seen by Dr. Marinelli since October 2006. Almost eleven years later, unless totally necessary, I would not even consider seeing another Cardiologist. Not only is he thorough, his bedside manner is one for all doctors to emulate.
I just finished having my records elsewhere after the nonsense I've faced with this place Would not recommend You'll have to go to a walk-in if something is wrong because they won't get you in for 2 weeks I waited >1 month for test results to come back- when they finally did Dr Mahmood called my EMERGENCY contact <3 days after leaving the 1st voicemail When I spoke with her there was no only lecturing & she refused to spell a procedure she recommended for me to research No respect for you
Very rude. Condescending. She doesn't answer questions and refuses to listen. Difficult to talk to. Bad bedside manners
I went in to have a prescription renewed and she did not respond to my concerns. She ignored my request and gave me a prescription i did not ask for. Never again. Very cold replies. Not interested in hearing my questions and definitely didn't help.
This doctor is the WORST DOCTOR I have EVER experienced. DO NOT GO TO HER. Horrible bed side manner, and spends no more than 5-10 minutes with you even if you are a NEW patient. She does not even take the time to review your medical history nor does she calm any concerns about your health. This doctor verbatim has told my family member she will lose her feet and eyesight for sure WITHOUT A DOUBT from diabetes on the FIRST VISIT without even reviewing the history. Incompetent doctor!
I love Dr. Mahmood, she is extremely thorough and intelligent. She listens and is also very down to earth, I can talk to her like a friend. I highly reccommend Dr. Mahmood.
Dr Malik is a very caring and professional Doctor. She listens very carefully and explains things very thoroughly. She never rushes through appointments she is very thorough.
Dr. Martino is a knowledgeable, kind and caring doctor.
Terrible Dr. And staff. Issues wrong perscription and dose causing me to end up in a walk-in over the weekend. I have had more than 3 bad experiences with this Dr. And staff. Luckily none of them were not life threatening problems but the perscribed meds they gave me could have made it. Luckily the walk-in gave me different scripts.
This was absolutely the worst doctor I have ever visited. He treated nothing, moralized about my condition and his staff was ignorant and aloof. I asked him to look at another easily treatable problem and he told me that he only does livers. Look up the definition of his name, Maldonado, it fits him perfectly.
I have been going to her for years and she has always been incredibly helpful, transparent, and trustworthy. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone who wants a knowledgable and efficient Doctor. She's honestly the best doctor I have ever been to.
Definitely NoT recommend. I was a patient of hers 5 yrs. , no major health problems, got blood work every 6 mos. after several problems of her staff not being able to get my prescriptions filled correctly I changed docs. New doc did blood work found major problem in hemoglobin, found no back up from Martinez she did one hemoglobin count on my first visit and none after that. Now I have nothing to compare with. Yes, nice personality, but, not through.
Very knowledgable
Lovely considerate Doctor .. A pleasure to deal with
This Doctor takes the time to get to know you. He looks straight at you when he talks with you, not at you. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Khan and his knowledge and his caring about his patient's. I would recommend him to any of my family or friend's.
I have been missed diagnosed in the past and she has always been spot on. We had a friend misdiagnosed with cancer when they finally where able to go to Dr. M. she found other things misdiagnosed.
She is very thorough, caring and
The doctor never answered or call back for my question.
I am completely satisfied with Dr. Mahmood. She always does a thorough exam and explains everything completely. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a great doctor.
Too quick does not have time for explain report.
Dr. Maldonado is awesome! Straight and to the point and takes the time to listen to you. Always friendly. Never had a bad experience.
He sang the entire time I was there. At first I just thought he was friendly, but then it got to be just plain rude. He would ask me a question, then sing through my answer. When I talked louder, he sang louder. I ended up in tears and walked out after 20 minutes of his rude remarks and singing. I will never go back .
Would not recommend. Failed to treat a serious heart condition, told my husband not to come back to the hospital if he had chest pain again. Sought second opinion and pacemaker was inserted, medications started; husband feels much better. No thanks to Dr Khuu. :(
Was having serious problems with stomach/digestive track. I had been referred to numerous other specialists in this field that all seem to have a different option of what the problem was, even after they did numerous test on me. In the end, no relief & still very sick and continuing to drop more & more weight. Was ready to give up when a friend told me to go see Dr Maldonado. Desperate & doubtful I did. Thank heavens I did!! He had me well again within 6mos and med free within a year. Tysm Doc??
Proactive is not in her vocabulary. LAZY. Thanks to her subpar care and inability to commit herself to lowering my Dad's blood pressure, coupled with failing to order an obviously needed 30 day heart monitor- she missed his Afib. Uncontrolled HBP and undetected AFib? Well- that resulted in three Strokes in 35 days. Now, I'm hoping one day that we get back the man we knew 35 days ago. He thankfully survived after days on a vent. Epic fail. I would hang up my white coat, or wake the hell up.
Was the on call Doctor filling in for Gilbert Postler at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel FL. I was extremely impressed with Dr Khuu he explained my situation in detail and did it so one could understand, did not rush and was very professional. I am a snow bird from the Bpston area and very concerned about cardiac care in Florida. He certainly cleared up any doubts I may have had. I now have found two cardiologists here in Florida that I can highly recommend
Too quick during visits and did not listen very well. Allowed for prescriptions to be refilled for 2 years after last appointment before requesting another appointment.
Great listener mag gives good counsel. Very knowledgeable.
Saw Dr. McAllister for hiatal hernia repair. I found him very personable and felt at ease talking to him. He explained the issues I have and took plenty of time explaining the surgery options for me. I got in to see him in a timely manner and his staff were all very courteous and professional. Although I will be scheduling my surgery for a later date as it is not urgently needed, I will definately have him do the surgery. I studied his credentials and references and feel confident in his care.
We could not have found a better Oncologist. He is a Hematologist and Oncologist. My relative beat Metastatic Stage IV Lung Cancer at 79. I have no doubt due to this Doctor's expertise. His staff,everyone on his staff, from Admin. To Nursing are excellent. I thank God for Dr. McDonough.
When struck by a sudden onset critical heart disorder the original cardiologist told my husband to "Take her home. Make her comfortable. Get Her affairs in order." Healthcare providers I asked recommended Dr. Nagamia. He was realistic but much more optimistic. It's been over 4 years since I received my 3-month "expiration date." He made sure my husband and I were educated and had the resources and tools to care for my condition on a daily basis. Committed to his patients, he saved my life.
Dr. Odom really takes the time the listen everytime I see him. He remembers my family and asks about things they are doing that I have told him in the past. He cares. As for my treatment he never assumes, but asks probing question to really get to the root of the problem and then makes recommendations to make me feel like I have a say in my care.
My entire family is proud to have Dr. Paltoo as our partner for wellness. She is sweet yet firm, she knows her field and will not be persuaded by anything on your journey to excellent health. She cares very much for the patient, I always feel that she treats us like her own family, like she takes your health personal and will be alongside you to enjoy an excellent quality of life, she is conservative never recommending "fad" things she is the BEST! She converses with you, not at you!
Very thorough, extremely professional. My first visit lasted around 1 hour with the doctor going over my history and answering all my questions.
I have been with Dr Paltoo for a number of years and have to say has been the best Dr i've ever had. VERY detailed and actually listens. Also takes a genuine interest in your health. Will get on you if you are not following the plan. Not just a pill pusher like most out there today!
Agree with the others: feel free to come to this guy if you want the same treatment you can get from any ENT whilst simultaneously enduring rude, dismissive behavior from the person you're paying the care for you. Sometimes he even throws in a little bit of deranged yelling. The worst part wasn't the psychotic break he unfortunately experienced during our appointment, but rather, the realization that his staff was completely unfazed and therefore likely used to it.
Great bedside manner, very caring and intelligent. I'm terrified of most doctors; but completely at ease with him. He keeps his word, and that's saying a lot these days. I trust him to do what is best do me.
This doctor office is well run and has a great atmosphere. This doctor is extremely knowledgeable and solution oriented. He works hard to get answers for you to regain your energy and health. I highly recommend Dr. MUlingtapang.
She is an excellent Dr. With her empathy, kindness and caring ways, it makes it so much easier to want to go to the doctors.
When I met Dr. McAllister in his office, I was very nervous but he was smiling and friendly. He listened without being abrupt or in a hurry. He was willing to do an excisional biopsy under local anesthetic. Dr. McAllister and his team at North Tampa Ambulatory Surgery Center id a great job. They were competent and highly professional yet also compassionate and reassuring. I have only a small incision. I'm grate- ful to Dr. McAllister for his surgical skills and his kindness.
VERY GOOD DOCTOR !! I Have been using DR.Paltoo for years (i think 10 or so ) very professional,kind and caring person. And i have a lot of issues. Thanks for putting up with me. Anthony
Liz was the best person to take care of my skin problems. I heard she's no longer in the land of Lakes office. I will really miss her because no one has ever taken care of my sun damage the way she has.
One of the best doctors I have ever met. He took time to talk to me in great detail about my symptoms and the cause for my issues. He was extremely knowledgeable and really seemed to care about my well being. I would recommend him without a doubt to anyone seeking a specialist.
Dr.Menezes is the one of the kindest,sweetest doctors I ever met.He takes time to listen to your problems.He explains everything, thoroughly checks everything and answers unlimited questions.He took care of my mom in Florida hospital and I would definitely go to him if I ever need him again.He treats you like his family not like other doctors who treat you like a number.I am so glad that he took care of my mom and helped her immensely, he is a doctor with knowledge but with a kind humble heart.
Very friendly, Very reliable and knowledgeable
Dr. Paltoo is very kind, caring and very thorough. Her office staff is also very nice.
WARNING: DO NOT LET YOUR FANILY MEMBER GO TO THIS MAN. He did my mothers Cardiac Cath, which he did not give her a single pain medication. She is writhing in pain and telling him "it hurts so bad", which he replies "you can at least smile." She can recall this because she was AWAKE and coheirent the entire time he accessed her femoral artery. When I asked him for pain medication during our post-procedure talk he proceeds to derogatorily say "whatever you want" and throws his arms in the air.
Both my wife and I were patients of Dr. McKay over the past years. He's a very good and knowledgeable doctor and I like his frank approach. He does not put up with people who will not participate in their own care. I can see that some might find this off-putting, but I'd rather have good medicine than a good buddy. If you're serious about addressing your health issues, I recommend him highly.
Worst ENT Dr. Ever. Be careful they aren't scamming you. They will try to do every procedure and test on you without your consent. Rude staff and disconnected physician. I would highly recommend seeing someone else.
Wouldn't do food allergy testing. Went to another doctor who did and found out I have severe allergies to a lot of foods. Now I know why my neck was always so tight and I had so many digestive issues. The doctor should not be turning down patients with tests. Outside allergies are great to know about, but food allergies can be just as dangerous not to mention cause many other health issues. She also always seems to be in a rush at least the times I went. Talks very fast.
On his first visit with me in the hospital, Dr. Menezes examined me and assured me "100 %" that he could cure my breathing problems. He did. I am now getting a full night's sleep for the first time in over thirty years. Wonderfully calm and assuring, his medical knowledge and professionalism exemplify the meaning of Healer. Thank you again Dr. Menezes.
Best Doc. I have ever been to by far. Attentive, interested and very personable. Actually spends time with her patients!
Dr McAllister was very friendly and courteous and explained my options for my Hernia surgery.The surgery center is top notch and the other doctors and nurses were just fantastic! I'm very glad I chose this facility for my health care needs.
Dr. Paltoo has given me exceptional care over the last 5+ years. Her wide range of medical knowledge has worked perfect for my variety of ailments. Dr. Paltoo seems to be up to date on the latest in medical technology and has provided me with the exact care that I needed. Tim M.
Young and follows some rigid guidelines and does not have enough experience for complicated cases.
She is our family doctor and she has provided excellent care to both me and my husband. She's knowledgeable and proactive if you have a health problem. She's thorough and kind.
The Dr. has really good bedside manner, however she refused to do food allergy testing on me even though I kept asking for it to be done. She did environmental only which I already knew I was allergic to a lot. I have auto immune diseases and want to stay away from foods that will cause inflammation and make my issues worse. She said food testing isn't always accurate. Even if true, it's still good to have in my situation. Had to go to another Doctor to have it done. Won't recommend her.
Very Poor Dr. Worst Dr my husband and I ever saw. Poor listener. Talked to me in a very rude way more then once. Ease of scheduling is easy, because he has no patients.
I am a Panthers of his good dr
This was my first time seeing this ENT. Have had bouts of severe allergic rhinitis, but this went downhill to an actual respiratory infection. He was thorough, factual, and he and his staff asked specific questions. I am satisfied that he was professional and friendly. Especially since this was a last minute appointment, A special thank you to Angel in the office to squeeze me in to a time slot that worked for me.
He takes time to tell you about your procedure and the reason that you need the procedure. He leaves nothing to chance making sure that his diagnoses is correct.
Professional, thorough, compassionate. He took the time to explain my findings and made sure I understood the course of action.
Dr. Mulingtapang is awesome. He provides quality care. He has done two procedures on me and done an excellent job. He has a wonderful sense of humor and caring attitude. I would recommend him to anyone. Anne and Megan his Physician assistants are fantastic as well. As for his staff they are perfect. They treat you as if they have known you all your life.
I've seen Dr. Meyerson twice for the same thyroid issue five years apart. The first treatment was simple, an ice pack and problem solved. The second, a little more complex required a couple of visits, but problem solved. He was very interested in solving my problem, listened carefully and advised me on each step of treatment. I like a Dr. that knows it all. It relieves me of my pain of having to self diagnose and treat.
Dr. McAllister is at the top of my list when I think of a DR who is genuinley caring. He understands that patients are people first. Unnecessary test? Extra cost? Extra B.S.? Not with this man. If every Doctor you see was as real and down to earth as this man, health Care would have a far better reputation these days. God Bless you Sir. DW
She is very thorough, nice people skills and I felt like she really care about me as a patient plus is very convinient to have all the clinic services at the same place. The waiting time is annoying.They follow up diligently with my testing and meds.
I have seen him several times, he is always curt, does not listen to patients needs or issues with medicines. Takes a know it all approach. Had several nose bleeds and made an appointment to see him. Drove 20 miles and was 5 minutes late due to traffic. Was told that I wouldn't be able to see him and that I would have to reschedule. His staff said that it was Dr. Meyerson's decision. Save your time and see a doctor that will treat you with respect.
Dr. Theobald is an excellent doctor! He helped me when three other doctors didn't. He is extremely knowledgeable, very kind, listens to his patient, and explains things in a manner that the patient can understand. I trust him completely and he truly cares! Thank you, Dr. Theobald.
I'm not coming back again. His assistant doesn't listen, change one of my medications and was pushing me to take meds that are very expensive. I was telling her about the side effects I'm having with one of the meds and she was telling me it was something else that cause it. I did my research and there are many phychiatrists and assistants more knowledgeable and not interested in making money. I would not recommend him, not even to my worst enemy.
Dr. Theobald took the time to talk with me in a soothing voice, reassuring me everything would be okay. After 3 cancerous tumors in the last 2 years, I was scared. Dr. Theobald outlined a plan and after following it, I've had no further problems. His staff is exceptional as well.
I would never recommend anyone to go here. I had three different doctors in four months, none of whom listened to my situation. One claimed I was a drug addict. They took me off the only medication that worked for me, and then prescribed me a medication that canceled out my cancer medication. They did not listen to me at all or even show any signs they cared. They make you feel like you're a huge inconvenience if you're trying to explain something that takes longer.
I was refused service after I had to cancel an appointment.... What kind of a doctor does this? After one visit?
very knowledgeable doctor, awesome bedside manner, great staff in the office and for surgery.
My initial appointment was used by Dr Trivedi as a teaching experience and I was dehumanized, devalued and the seriousness of my condition was de-emphasized. He planned changes to my (long term) medication plan without discussing with me. He winked at me when his student was struggling for an answer as though I was on the inside of a joke about my treatment. A follow up appt was cancelled by auto dial. I was told that their high volume prevented them from making individual calls to patients.
Dr. Theobald. Has a great bedside manner.very nice .He explains your everyhing he will be doing .Great Doctor would recamend him
He does not follow through with his treatment of patients (calling in prescriptions) and is extremely lax in considering the best interests of hlis patients. He has a tendancy to hand you off to a ARNP without following up himself at any point and sends comments through the ARNP without seeing or checking any information with the patient even if they are in the adjacent room.
No longer dreading this visit to the doc. He was super great, gentle and explained everythign the best anyone ever has. if you gotta do it this is the guy to see!
Dr. Theobald has treated both me and my son. He is very prompt and takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. Both of our procedures were successful and I would highly recommend him.
The office staff is absolutely the worst to deal with. They are unprofessional, rude and inconsiderate to patients. Anytime I have had an urgent need come up it is insignificant to them and they have given me a hard time. Trevedi is good but his staff ruined it. I gave them many chances and gave up after over 2 years following here.
use of phenol injections in internal hemorrhoids without banding them off caused me to have to have wound care for nearly one year to heal ulcers that popped up in my legs following this treatment. He would not talk with me when I called his office regarding the problem!!!!!
After seeing different specialists for over 10 years with my son, I believe we've finally got it right with Dr. Trivedi. Dr. Trivedi asked probing questions to get to the ROOT of the problem and clearly explained what was happening. He made sure we understood how each symptom co-mingled with the other and how we would attack each individually. Finally, it all makes sense and my son, now entering life as an adult has a renewed faith in his future.
He is the worst. condescending and rude. Do not go!
Dr. Tedesco and his staff are ALL wonderful! I have had primarily DO's since I was in college (which was also an Osteopathic medical school,) and I got free adjustments as needed. Dr. T promptly treats any issues, without over medicating unnecessarily. Very professional and actually takes time to listen!
I have Lupus(SLE)&Antiphospholipid syndrome.Two very serious diseases (condtions)I have been Dr A Torres patient for about 15 years or longer.She was my Grandmother's doctor until she passed away in 2006 and is my sister's doctor.I have tried other Rhematologist only because of the distance and driving time.But she is the absolute best doctor there is.She really cares about her patient's and tries to help In any way she can!!I don't just consider her a doctor!I consider her a friend!
I had a lot going on around the time of the appointment and I had planned to reschedule for another time. I forgot to call, but I called the next day and explained that I had planned to reschedule the appointment but forgot to call in, and I apologized and asked to reschedule. Apparently if you no call, you can never get an appointment with them again. After thinking about this, it sounds pretty crazy. For all they know I could have memory issues, and I don't even get a second chance. Wild...
As a long time medical professional, I can assure you that Dr. Sullivan is a truly amazing and compassionate physician. My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer and Dr. Sullivan has been there with us every step of the way. He is always willing to take the time to explain everything to his patients and help put our minds at ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a urologist. His staff has always been wonderful and go above and beyond.
Over the course of an hour, I lost more than 50% of my vision in my left eye. After a quick consultation with Dr. Spanich, it seemed I may of experienced a migraine aura. Dr. Spanich referred me to my primary care physician but he took time to explain migraine auras and their possible causes. Thank you Dr. Spanich!
Turned away because I didn't listen to my voicemail asking me to come 15 minutes early. They shouldn't rely on voicemail when I made the appt in person. I drove an hour to get there and left in tears Maybe it's the staffs fault?? I would never go there again.
The dr and staff are good, but they do keep you waiting. Appointment 1:15, got called back at 1:50. Tested, then more waiting to see the dr. Been here an hour and a half so far.
Dr Spanich performed cataract surgery on my left eye and I have a terrible time with the eye watering and focusing! I went to another local ophthalmologist to do the right eye and have no issues whatsoever! Dr Spanich gave me no options of different lens and did not offer laser surgery. When I complained about the result he only said that maybe I could have it tweaked on down the road. I would not recommend him and will not go back to see him in the future.
Great down to earth Doctor. Very caring and great listener. He's been my Dr. for 10 years now and I highly recommend him!
Dr. Sullivan consulted with my son, and although my son is legally an adult, I was not in the room. However, I did speak with Dr. Sullivan afterwards and was pleased with his professional mannerism and I knew my son was in good hands out of my eye sight. THANK YOU DR. SULLIVAN
Love this Dr and staff ! After a bad car accident left me with multiple herniated neck and back disks, I tried everything imaginable before my numerologist sent me here . Also have scoliosis and he has not stopped until he had gotten me on meds that have reduced my pain down to like a level 2-3 from a 9!!!! And I still feel totally functional to care for kids ! Give him a chance !
After many years of being misdiagnosed and honestly, feeling crazy, Dr. Standley took her time and reviewed my mri's, listened to my symptoms and and performed her own exam. Thanks to her, I finally had an answer for what was ailing me. She stood by me through different medications and their issues and even gave me a heads up of what to expect after weaning my baby. She has been a life saver and I could never thank her enough.
I absolutely adore DR SINGH. He is very kind and has a wonderful bedside manner. He has done both colonoscopy. and endoscopy for me. I am very pleased!! I highly recommend him. He is very thorough and explains things.
Dr Soto is the best doctor I've ever had - personable, professional, very knowledgeable, always willing to talk like you're her only patient and more than willing to explain what she thinks and what a test (etc) means. She's AMAZING!
I can't Thank him enough for being the Dr that he is!! Feels so good to know they're Dr's who truly care about their patients!
I was diagnosed with MS mid 2016. Dr. Standley was very thorough with her explanations and listened to all of my concerns. It's hard to find a doctor who actually listens to their patient's needs. I informed Dr. Standley that I did not want to be on a strong maintenance medication for my progressive MS. She prescribed a low dose med that works well with me. I have noticed improvement. I highly recommend Dr. Standley as a Neurologist. She is one of the best.
I have MS. From the very start she had a plan to combat an aggressive form of the disease. She went to great efforts to execute the plan and get me a medication that has really good results in getting my MS under control. I was not an easy patient through this but her and her staff were real understanding. If you need an amazing doctor then go to her, because anything positive and normal I am able to do with the rest of my life, I owe to her.
Been under Dr. Spanich's care for years & I can't say enjoy wonderful words about him. He is very caring & thoughtful when treating your eyes. Everyone of his staff are exactly the same way. If you want a excellent Doctor & be treated wonderful by everyone at the office his Zephyrhills office is the office to go to... Laurel Charland Bushnell, Fl.
Dr. Standley was very thorough and explained everything in great detail. She took her time and did not rush to get to her next patient. I felt very comfortable that she realky cared about my health. Nina, her Medical Assistant was very communicative and professional.
Totally absorbed in patient's problem or issue. Shows caring and sincerity as well as sense of humor. What a refreshing experience! Really wants to help. An awesome caring doctor.
Nice guy, but didn't care to find out what was wrong with me. Sent me for CT scan then an MRI, but those only show so much. His solution of my issue was to just eat more and come back in a few months. I asked about H. Pylori and was told a lot of people live with it with no problem. I went to another GI doc who had no problems doing an endoscopy and colonoscopy on me right away after he was puzzled why Dr. Singh didn't do one. Found out I have bad gastritis which did need treatment.
Didn't care to find out why I was having abdominal pain. Scans came back fine, but pain was still there. Didn't care to do more to find the cause and have a solution.
Dr. Spanich has been treating me for over 10 years. He has consistently treated me professionally and has a pleasant manner. When needed he referred me to another specialist he recommended, and that was also an outstanding experience.
Dr. Sullivan helped me with the bladder disease I've been battling for years he is truly compassionate very caring doctor takes a lot of time with you and has a great bedside manner I feel lucky and blessed to have him as my urologist
Dr. Soto is my doctor. She's always professional. She's easy to talk to. She's never in a rush, she takes time out with you to hear your concerns. Coming with experience working at an hospital with many doctors(in my hometown) I know that Dr. Soto is rare. Don't worry if she knows what she's talking about. Her concerns regarding my health have been proven(backed up)by my lab work and other physicians reports. She is a jewel. And the staff makes it even better.
We were new to the area and had not found a Gastroiteroligt for me yet. Well I was not ready to have had to be rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain and bleeding. After CT scans and blood work in the ER, Dr Prieto entered and was so kind had great bedside manners. He kept me in the hospital for a few days and continues to solve my problems. He is such a nice man, I have to say my guardian angel was watching over me when they placed him to care for me. Highly recommend Dr. Prieto.
Ve4t caring, smart wonderful Doctor.
Front desk Melissa and Nikki are so rude and unprofessional. Office requires all patients to do a drug urine test, must be done before you see doctor, which is ok. What this office FAIL to let patients know that they send this test to another vendor called APEX, (out of network) which CHARGES $3,000 for this urine. Office forget to tell patients where the test go and does not feel they have to tell you. I called office to go over this and Melissa states I have to contact them myself to fix.
I was told to bring all my records and my insurance information to the Florida medical clinic which I did. I also confirmed that dr preito was taking new patients The next day they called me to schedule an appointment, which they did and gave me a date but then realized that I gave them all the information the day before the receptionist spoke with the doctor and he decided not to take new patients at that moment only patients that did not have a pre existing condition. This is selective.
Dr. Raterman, what can I say? You are the best, 2 months post hip replacement surgery I have just returned from a trip to Kona HI! I have hiked, kayacked and enjoyed life like there was no tomorrow!
Saw this doctor once and ending up walking out on her in the middle of our new patient interview. This was when she was about to leave a group situation to start her own practice early 2016 and she obliviously had no intention of provided her group patient with care. Doctor was rude and ironically incredulous that I sought her guidance. Surreal experience which capped off a well over 1-hour wait. Superficial knowledge, obviously unqualified.
Tom again, 4 months post op. Playing pickle ball 5 days per week. The hip is as good as new at age 68. I'm 100% satisfied with my new hip. Thank You Dr. Raterman
I have found Dr. Reza to be both compassionate and straight forward. Her analysis is thorough and her staff is professional and compassionate as well. I don't believe the consistency between she and her staff is an accident... I believe it is a well run practice. She came highly recommended by my primary doctor who I trust and I have come to trust Dr. Reza as well. I consider myself an informed and demanding patient so that is no small thing.
Dr. Qureshi is thorough and very capable. She spends considerable time which sometimes can result in running late but once you are with her she will take time and effort to understand your issues and provide solutions. She is more candid than other doctors which I personally like as she is honest about your situation. She is also the only female endocrinologist physician in Tampa with ECNU certification which was important to me as I had a thyroid issue. Thanks
I'm 3 months post op. hip replacement. For the most part pain free, every now and then I take a couple of tylenol for muscle or knee pain. Not everyday is the same, some days muscles hurt or are stiff but goes away. I'm back playing pickle ball 3 times per week, taking a few quick steps and no jumping. The more I use the hip the better it feels. Nice to be able to put my own shoes and socks on and most of the time walk without pain. Only needed narcotics one day after surgery!!!
She is extremely loud and rude. Her staff talks bad about her to patients behind her back, They are afraid of her. Instead of trying to help me she just kept repeating what I already knew. Basically sent me away to ponder how I got in this condition. She was the third Endo I had been to in a year. Each on worse than the one before. My wife was very upset and yelled back at her to quit yelling at her husband (me). I thought it was going to get ugly. Stay away! Run away quickly!
There are a number of pain management clinics. 7 years ago when I was in need of just such a specialist, I did my homework and narrowed to 3 physicians. The chance I took with my now friend and doctor was due to a friend of mine (let's call him "Brad") who used to play NFL football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer. He swore by him for the treatment of Mecklenburg injuries sustained after many years of pro football. He did advise me to be patient for 6 months to allow the doctor to pinpoint the pain
Don't waste your time. Horrible doctor with an attitude.
Had hip replacement in 2013 and had pain for years following it. Dr Raterman ignored my plea for help. Got a second opinion and found out I had a real problem, the bone never grew into the device. I had bad medical advice for 2 1/2 years. Beware if you have a complication. You will be ignored and then asked to leave his practice. I put my faith and trust in Dr Raterman's ability, and he failed me miserably. I do not recommend him at all!
Dr. Prieto is a caring and knowledgeable physician. I highly recommend him. Dr Prieto always takes the time to explain things to me. His bedside manner is second to none!
Dr Raterman replaced both of my hips over the summer months of this year 2016. I couldn't be more thankful for the positive outcome of these procedures. I have my life back again and have actually gone back to work after retiring early due to my hip problems. Dr Raterman was the third surgeon I saw before making the decision to have surgery. I couldn't be happier with my decision.
The medical assistants treated me poorly. They ignored me, talked about me like I wasn't there. They wouldn't let me sit up when I couldn't breathe. I like Dr. Poitras but he needs staff who are compassionate, not cold and uncaring.
Dr. Prieto is GREAT! I have been seeing Dr. Prieto for sometime and he keeps this almost 86 year young man a well and he can. Wes Metzger
Dr. Prieto is an amazing doctor. He takes the time to make you feel comfortable, takes the time to talk to you and is kind and caring. I cannot say enough about him. Definitely I would recommend him.
If all doctor's cared and gave the attention that Dr Ramirez does the health care system would be better off. I've had multiple procedures done, ilioinguinal nerve damage after botched hernia surgery when 2 nerve blocks didn't work he burnt the nerve. No pain since 2013. Currently working on severe sciatica pain at the moment. I wouldn't trust any other doctor. From the front desk, IV techs, to his anaesthesiologist. I couldn't ask for better care.
Words can not describe how nice, caring , very knowlegable ,Awesome Doctor
Dr. Raterman is THE best surgeon for joint replacement. His technique, knowledge and expertise makes him one of the top hip and knee replacement physicians in the USA. He helped pioneer hip resurfacing surgery that helps younger patients. I would very highly recommend him for any joint replacement. I can't say enough good things about him. He listens to patients, asks questions and truly cares. A rare thing in medicine today.
I saw Dr. Prieto for my first ever 'medical procedure' & I was dreading this preventive colonoscopy for my 51st Bday. The Dr. was confident, professional, friendly, & an all around 'great guy' with whom I immediately felt comfortable. I was still apprehensive on morning of procedure, but in walks the Dr. with warm smile and handshake. Immediately I was at ease. His nurse, Tara, put the cherry on top with more warm smiles and great informative discussion. Procedure went well & I'm a happy guy
Caring, perfect for pain Mgmt . Listens, always on target with proceedures. Puts patients above $$. Not a pill pusher, gives options. Been seeing Dr Ramirez 14 years. Multiple back & neck issues. Cannot imagine going somewhere new!
Dr. Ramirez is a kind, compassionate, devoted Doctor. He is passionate & very concerned with every patients illness & their desire to feel human again. He doesn't stop until YOU, the patient, are 100 % PAIN-FREE ! I've been his patient since 2009 & so HAPPY that somene referred me to Dr. Ramirez. Butterfly Hugs, Linda P. Gilliam
Dr. Reichmuth took his time with our daughter and us, as parents. He gave us a treatment plan that was easy to follow and his office followed up to make sure everything was going good. His bedside manner is very nice. He explained things clearly and was eager to answer any and all questions we had. My daughter was comfortable under his care and talked highly of him after leaving his office. He is very thorough and cares about his patient and their health. We highly recommend Dr Reichmuth!
I am a doc and a patient of Dr. Raterman. I know he is the BEST at what he does A year ago I had to hold onto my car for a couple minutes on exiting it due to excruciating R hip ostroarthritis pain I let go a bit too long. I was often offered wheelchairs at stores by staff. 2- Dr. Raterman performed hip resurfacing on me 2 days before Christmas ( almost 6 mos ago to the day). I now run a mile a day, have no limp , and most importantly chase my fldaughter around the park. Raterman is a legend.
Have had numerous visits. Is well prepared, thorough, personable and takes tirushed answer Questions. It is priceless to find a doctor where you can communicate and not feel rushed. As for recommendations my wife,son and daughter in law go to Dr prieto
I would never recommend this Doctor. Ever since she joined group practice, she is concerned with seeing as many patience as possible for fees. Doctor / Patient relationship as suffered as a result. Her staff is rude. We are switching Doctors ASAP.
I had a similar experience. I had a 14 year or more relationship and she could not even call me back personally to explain why I needed an office visit. Her assistant Tracey called me and was pugnacious and the visit was not justified to receive my prescription. Parasher is impersonal and overworked and says she is too busy with too many patients. She was much better as a private practice.
I am afraid to go Back to this doctor. 2-3 months after my hip surgery I needed to discuss future plans for my knees. I got the Medical assistant, who apparently was not listening & scheduled me for KNEE THERAPY, making my hip replacement now hurt- it was fine before. Finally seeing HIM for the now PAINFUL hip, he screamed, who ordered knee therapy?! then ordered me to the table, threw up my skirt and opened my legs, with a man -not a nurse-on the computer at the end of the table. -0- stars
I was going to wait until spring, when we would be home to have surgery,but Dr. Raterman was such a confident and reassuring Dr that I knew he was right to do my surgery. After I made the decision to get it done by him,everyone that I talked to told me that he is wonderful. I am so glad that God led us to him.
Had my first appointment with Dr. Raterman on Feb 22. We had xrays and discussed my hip problem. I need a replacement. Made an appointment for cortisone shot.on March 22. Had my shot on March 22. Piece of cake. No pain. Dr. Raterman is very straight forward, no bull. I asked three questions, will the shot help; can I have an operation and when? His answers were, absolutely; yes and I don't know. After my shot we made an appointment for an operation on April 27. I couldn't ask for anything more.
Rarely on time for appointments, even for first appointment in the morning. Spends minimal amount of time with patient.
Very knowledgeable and personable, First diagnosed with hip problem two years ago, tried succesive steps before replacement. As a competetive athlete my primary concern was performance, Dr. Raterman took the time to explain options and progression that met my needs. I eventually gave up running and bought another 1.5 years before having to give up cycling, at which point surgery was scheduled. Surgery on 3/14/2016 went as smooth as possible, was surprised to see so little bruising. Very happy.
Terrible experience, staff is rude, uncaring, and has below than average follow up skills or communication. My opinion and recommendation- find another Endocrinologist. Very bad experience.
I had a 12 year or more relationship and she could not even call me back personally to explain why I needed an office visit. Her assistant Tracey called me and was rude and the visit was not justified to receive my prescription.
I've been seeing Dr. Ramirez & his staff since 2009 for pain associated with multiple sclerosis & because I have two herniated disks in my lumbar spine. He is the only reason I am still able to walk! If you're looking for a pill pusher,this is NOT the doctor for you. He performs various surgical procedures as a part of your ongoing treatment that lessen a lot of the pain you are experiencing day-to-day,thereby reducing the strength of the pain medications you take or the need for them altogether
He's the so knowledgeable and current on the latest treatments. He's honest, sometimes to a fault, but I can appreciate this. I appreciate straight to the point doctors. He is very thorough with his patients history, his attention to detail is truly a gift. He's also funny. I've been following him and his loyal team around since 2011. He helped me with my back injury them and I fully recovered. Now I injured my self last year again and I tracked him down. I recommend him and his team.
I had never had any issues in the past until I was taken to the ER due to a severe abdominal pain. I was given a list of specialists and I literally searched for reviews on them. Dr. Prieto stood out and I got to see first hand the amazing professional he is. Dr. Prieto is very knowledgable and caring. He took time to listen to me, he explained in details his diagnosis and made me feel at ease. I've felt so much better and I would recommend him without a doubt.
She and office staff are extremely rude . Dr Qureshi has no compassion nor bedside manner . Keeps patient waiting for HOURS WITH AN APPOINTMENT. Worse doctor my husband has ever been to . Stay away
I had appointments with a couple of Orthopedic doctors in my search for my knee issues and am so thankful I chose Dr. Guttentag. He is very thorough, detailed and professional. He is very busy and I suggest making a list of questions you may have, as he will take the time to answer them. He has an excellent team in the office and surgery. Dr. G performed a partial knee replacement on left knee in May and the right knee in July.
Do NOT go to this man. The first time I went to him it took TWO HOURS for me to see him. I understand they might be busy, but no one even apologized or explained what was going on. He got snippy when I asked a question about something he suggested. He is a "hand expert" but could not tell me what was wrong, so instead he told me to take pills. When I went back because the pills didn't work he was condescending, talked to me like a child (I am 31), and made fun of me to my face. Fire him.
I do not understand any reviews below 5 stars. I can't imagine this is the same Dr Khan I know. He diagnosed a neurological cause for my son's heart stopping, something the cardiologists could not determine. He ran complex neurological testing which confirmed the diagnosis. He discussed the condition at great length, explained exactly what needed to be done to improve his condition and try to prevent this from happening. In the following 4 years my son's heart has not stopped again..6 stars!!
Had total knee replacement in April 2017. Dr. Guttentag is a great surgeon and his staff is very responsive and organized. Each step was covered with written information and all questions answered by staff. It is three months out and I feel really good. Very happy I had this done with Dr. Guttentag as my surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Guttentag for TKR.
Dr Guttentag performed a total knee replacement on May 26, 2017. He gave me a complete pass to resume all activities on July 5. Excellent orthopedic dr. with excellent bedside manners. I would highly recommend him.
Dr. Khan has been treating me for more than 10 years and has done a great job. His office staff is excellent too. If you're having issues with your mental health do not hesitate to see Dr. Khan. He is very kind and caring and most importantly very good at his job. For the reviewer who left one star because it took so long to get an appointment, how is that his fault? There simply are not enough psychiatrists in the area and he doesn't overbook patients causing long waits in the office.
I have been seeing Dr. Gunn for about a year and a half now. She is wonderful! She is so professional, thorough, knowledgeable and really cares. She always spends plenty of time explaining things, answering questions and she is extremely approachable. Highly recommend her!
I can't say enough great things about Dr G. He did a partial knee replacement for me. I am now pain free. I wasn't afraid at all, everything was a matter of fact, therapy was tough, but good. I was back to work in about 3 weeks. He's your man if you need this procedure done!
If you are looking for a Family Doctor, you found him. Very professional and knowledgeable , Dr Kayani takes his time with every patient
6 Stars for the staff and 6 stars for Dr. Guttentag .... He told me to lay out for two days and then do what I do. Very professional knee is back to normal with no issues. Thank You So Much for your knowledge and expertise ..... He's the Greatestest Ever! John
Dr. Kamath used to be a wonderful doctor, one who takes the time to listen to concerns and answer your questions. Over the past few yrs, with Fla Medical, she has fallen into trap of overbooking, rushing appts, and making patients wait an exorbitant amount of time, not only to get appts, but in the waiting room. I have given up not being able to get through on the phone to her office, not getting responses through the patient portal, & dealing with her rude staff. Don't waste your time here.
Dr. Guttentag is an amazing surgeon. I had a complete knee replacement on Jan.23,2017 . I was so glad to get this done,I was in so much pain with my knee. I love country line dancing . My husband and I was slow dancing within 2 weeks after surgery . He did a fabulous job on my knee !! My knee feels better than it has in 15 years !! I would recommend Dr. Guttentag to anyone who needs knee replacement !! Thank you !!
I have had Dr. Kapoor for 6 years and he is the most compassionate and concerned Dr. I have. He listens to your worries, he explaines in detail what is wrong. And what medication you need, what it will do for you now and the long term effects of it. But he also tries hard to see if there is something you can do before prescribing medication. I trust him with my health and feel comfortable in the care he directs for me, that it's for my best benefit and welfare. Best Doctor to have on your side.
Dr Guttentag and his staff were the absolute best!!!! Everyone at FMC was great. Dr Guttentag performed my knee surgery and i only missed 3 days from work with very little pain meds. This is due to the "special" ice cooler that he and his staff recommended. The best $150 i ever spent!!! I have told anyone who will listen to chose him and FMC for any and all procedures. I can't thank him or the staff enough!!! Aleks S.
Dr. Hughes makes me feel comfortable asking any question. He always takes time to answer all of my questions or concerns.
I continue to be very impressed with the care that I have received from Dr. Guttentag aand his associates. I had a total knee replacement. It is the hardest thing that I have ever been through.. I was impressed with the education that I received about what I was going to be going through. I was also impressed with the post-op process. I was released from the hospital on Saturday and my first in home physical therapy was on Sunday. I would recommend him, unequivocally.
I had a total knee replacement in March, 2016. It is one of the best things I ever did and I am very happy to have Dr. Guttentag as my doctor. He is obviously very knowledgeable in his field and very proficient in his craft. I would definitely trust him to take care of any orthopedic need that I would have. I highly recommend him.
I Highly recommend Dr. Guttentag. His level of professionalism and confidence of diagnosis/surgery and follow-up was superb and He was very honest with outcome expectations.
Excellent and thorough, good communication and follow up.
On 3/8/2017 my wife & I came into Dr. Kamath's office. Her attitude was very rude. She spoke in a manner to belittle and insult us. She mention to me not to go to the ER, because of the type of insurance I have, her office would be penalized. I left the office and called my insurance company & Florida Medical. Both companies stated this is not true nor and an investigation will take place.
On March 8th my husband and I saw Dr Kamath for follow -up visit after my husband was in the ER because of Severe migraines. We are a visually impaired couple . Dr. Kamath spent the office visit yelling at my husband for visiting the ER because of our insurance. Her treatment of my husband was horrific and humiliating We have reported her to Humana and Florida medical group. If I could give less than one star I would. Stay away from this awful woman if you can.
I have had 2 knee replacements with Dr. Guttentag, he is an excellent Doctor who is truly gifted surgeon, he has an amazing team that went out of their way to allay my worries and answer all my questions, He has a very robust regiment for physical therapy to ensure that my recovery was not only ahead of schedule but also to ensure that my quality of life would be as and now even better than it was prior to surgery, I highly recommend him to all my friends as well as patients who need his help.
A few weeks ago I could barely walk because of a total knee replacement I had done in Michigan in 2015 failed completely. I was referred to Dr. Guttentag. After reviewing X-rays and discussing my options surgery was scheduled. Dr. Guttentag said to me at my first appointment "We are going to take good care of you". And he did! Now almost four weeks after surgery I am walking normal again! Thank you Dr. Guttentag and your entire caring staff. You are all the best!
Had knee replacement came out great. Physical therapy there was great Ken is the best.
I would not recommend Dr. Grant to anyone. He is brash and very inconsiderate of his patients. I do not trust in his ability as a medical professional. I was referred to him because I had an enlarged thymus and a mass. He requested blood work for which I tested positive for the Acetylcholine blocking and binding receptors. Upon receipt of the results from the lab, I called his office to inquire as to the meaning. His rude response "If I knew I would tell you!" The response should have been MG!
Had a total knee replacement in November, back on my bicycle by December and looking forward to my left knee replacement in July. Dr. Guttentag is pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, efficient and proficient. Pain management was handled extremely well, I never had real pain, just soreness. The entire process was well managed, from office visits to rehab. Highly recommend.
DR. Guttentag is a consummate professional and caring person who is patient oriented. He listens to concerns and provides information for the total process and procedures a patient will experience. My positive outcome and speedy recovery are a result of his skills and the team effort his colleagues afforded me. John Gunia
She is treating my elderly Brother in Law as his Primary Care Physician. She caught his Lung Cancer on his second visit and is referring him to the appropriate specialists. I am very grateful to her and hoping for a good result.
I am so happy I found Dr. Guttentag. He is an expert in his profession. I had complete knee replacement. I am good as new!! I was really concern and scared. I did not know only certain doctors would or could take cases like mine. I was glad he took my case; as it required special skill and expertise in this surgery area. But as I know now...there was no need for any worry at all. Dr. Guttentag is a is a world-class surgeon, professional and easy to talk to about your condition!! He is Great!!
I waited an hour and 15 minutes and then a medical student came in to see me instead of her. He knew I was angry so he went and got the doctor. She came in and rudely explained that she is a very busy person and that she teaches and has medical students and many times she is at the school. She stated that her average wait time to see her is 2 hours or more. I will be finding another doctor.
Extremely experienced surgeon. Head surgeon for Tampa Bay Lightening Sports team. He performed a total knee replacement on my husband and he is in no pain post surgery! I had rotator cuff surgery in December 2016 and my recovery has been miraculous. You are in the best hands with this man! Definitely recommend.
Dr Guttentag is a very good surgeon. He tells you like it is and if you listen to him things turn out. I recommend him to a lot of people. He has done my rotator cuff and a total knee replacement. Both turned out great.
Dr. Guttentag has helped me twice! I had rotator cuff surgery in 2015 and a total knee replacement in 2016. Both surgeries were completely successful and I had complete recoveries. He is an excellent doctor.
The day after surgery I walked (with a walker for safety) to therapy. Of the other patients in the therapy class, including some that had surgery days earlier, I was able to do more than any of them. I am now 3 months past my surgery and can live my life normally. I have recommended Dr. Guttentag to several of my neighbors and friends. He does great work.
Dr. Guttentag's surgeries make you whole again ~ great surgeon!
12 years ago, Dr. Guttentag performed a Right Total Knee Replacement on me. I recovered rapidly in 4 -5 weeks. We now live 2 hours away from the doc. I went to other surgeons for left knee pain, closer to me but, I was not confident with any of them for surgery. I returned to Dr. Guttentag for left knee surgery. Friends would ask me "why are you going that far away for surgery"? Oct. 31st he performed left total knee replacement, minimally invasive & about a 4 " scar & short recovery time.
The best surgeon I've met! I recently had knee surgery and couldn't be more pleased with the attention, care, and surgical outcome I received. If the Tampa Bay Lightning trust him as their team surgeon then I certainly would again!
i came To Dr. Guttentag with a severely torn rotator cuff and other shoulder injuries. He is knowledgeable, personable, thorough and does not make his patients feel rushed. My experience with him and his staff was excellent and I would, without hesitation, recommend him to anyone requiring an outstanding Orthopedic physician.
Very knowledgeable and informative. He has as a very nice manner with the way he spoke with me and made me feel very comfortable.
Wonderful doctor and exceptional surgeon. Total Knee Replacement following other knee 8 years ago - this one much "easier." Uses most modern procedures, excellent and caring office staff, and best physical therapy I have ever experienced. Rescheduled surgery two weeks just prior to operation to insure existing medication levels were exactly what he deemed safe. Extremely knowledgeable and patient oriented. Next up is rotator cuff repair. Kept spouse fully informed. KNOWS orthopedics.
I had a complete right knee replacement a few years ago. I have no pain & NO ONE has ever seen a scar that is very light and straight. Dr Guttentag hires the Best .. If I was going to have a left total I would request the same professional to stitch me up.. I have had left knee problems, we tried the shot & the 3 gel shots.. When I went back to See Dr Guttentag he explained I needed a Partial. Did not force me said I would Know when I was ready. 2/14/17 Is My surgery.. I am ready Thank You !
Dr. Guttentag listen to my concerns and addressed them. I'm very excited about how well my knee is responding to my new parts. It's been over 10 yrs of pain and instability. Those concerns are gone! Thanks Doc!
I am 67 years old and had a total knee replacement on Nov. 30, 2016. Dr. Guttentag was extremely friendly and professional right from my first visit and was easy to talk to when discussing the pros and cons of surgery and what I could expect. He and his staff guided me through the surgery, post op, physical therapy and the pain that a full recovery requires. Recovery was painful, but with their support I now have full range of motion and can do everything (yoga/biking/weights, etc.). YAY!!
I have visited Dr Gutentag or an injury I acquired while working my job. It's important to know how and why my injury occurred and will affect me in the future and the doctor explained it all. I especially feel confident in his work for a few reasons. 1. He records everything he has done to treat me on his recorder. 2. Actually shows he cares like you are his first and only patient 3. He's the lead orthopedic surgeon for the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team. Personally I'm a flyers fan lol
I have been operated on by Dr Guttentag at the very least 8 times for various injury's to my body, including 2 complete knee replacements, and i do recommend him very highly to everyone i talk to about surgery's. I have had at least 3 or possibly 4 people that have been to him and are completely satisfied. I have always found him to be honest and trustworthy and I always feel completely safe with him. I have been going to him for almost 20 years and would trust him with everything he tells me.
Very thorugh and up to date on the latest advancements in knee replacement. Staff very friendly and professional. Answers all concerns and questions thoroughly. Very personable and congenial as well as professional.
I am so pleased with the quality of service, care, warmth of staff, efficiency of authorizations for specialty for my insurance plan. Dr. Herrero is very skilled and competent and supportive of patient self-care. Her appointments with patients are very punctual. I highly recommend her.
Dr. Khan and his wonderful staff has made my life worth living. With his great wisdom and the right medication I have a quality of life that is worth living I feel like I am a member of the human race.
he is the only person who could diagnose my mom's cancer - he is amazing, smart, kind and very efficient! He literally saved her life as she got treatment in time to be able to live her life
Dr Gray is an excellent surgeon. He always explains the procedure and what to expect.
I have been seeing dr. Khan for about 4 years he saved my life I was feeling down hopeless nowhere to go life was lifeless he didn't don't me up with medication he addressed my diseases and took care of them there talk meditation and sometimes a little medication he's there for you as a true friend and a great doctor
Dr. Grant is very professional and kind. He was a second opinion sense my other neurologist couldn't give me any answers. He listened to me explain the pain I have starting on my neck running down all the way down my fingers. He gave me a full report about what we discussed during the appointment. He ordered appropriate blood work. He called me immediately after he received them and told me I could possibly have Lyme Disease. Which I did! Can't thank him enough! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE!
The absolute worst doctor ever. He has no bedside manner whatsoever. He said that therapy was not necessary, yet there were suicidal tendencies discussed during the session. A waste of time, waste of money and extremely disappointing. Left feeling lower than I did when I walked in. If there was a 0 rating, he earns it for sure. Awful experience.
My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Herrero for about ten years. She is an excellent doctor. The one thing I like her about her the most is her honesty and integrity. I'm sure I would have diabetes right now if it weren't for Dr. Herrero making sure I understood and prevented it. She's a doctor I trust, respect and appreciate! I've never had a doctor I trusted more and we're grateful for her!
Doris Jackson.. August 2016. Dr Ina has been my doctor since 1995. He explains everything very well, takes his time to review test results . He shows compassion and allow me to ask as many questions as I need. I had cancer three times . He keeps my spirit up and I thank him. I would refer him to others. I referred him to my daughter and she is a new patient now.
Horrible patient advocate. If you want a patient advocate and someone who cares about their patient's futures, RUN the other way. I would leave a negative star rating if possible.
Great bedside manners. He explained everything and answered any questions and just took the time you needed as if you were the only patient in the building.
Terrible! I'd never seen him before yet he made negative judgements about both my intellect and what I told him about medical problems. I won't go back!!
yes It took a while to get an initial appointment; however, I have been seeing Dr Kahn for almost 2 yrs and appreciate the fact that he doesn't just refill medicine, he takes the time talk about how things are going. His office staff is friendly and encouraging. I would recommend him to anyone. Yes, it can time to get an appointment because he has so many patients and he doesn't overbook so that you are waiting an excessive amount of time.
Always listens to my concerns about meds and reactions. Treats me very well and respects me. Always involves me in decisions concerning my tests and treatments. He has even pulled out the Physicians Desk Reference to discuss how I felt about a certain drug that we were thinking of trying.
unless you do not value your health and life, don't go to this Dr,. if you can call her that! She misdiagnosed several patients and almost caused me to go blind. She misdiagnosed another patient who had cancer and was told not to worry it was nothing. She should have been fired years ago!!
Dr. Joseph Hubaykah is a rock star!! He takes his time to talk to you and explain things you may not understand. Your health is his top priority and he works hard to make sure you're getting the best care. Dr. Hubaykah saved my life recently literally and there is no way to put in words the job he did that night--above and beyond the call of duty! I highly recommend him if you're looking for top notch care and a doctor with heart. His sense of humor is not bad either!
Dr. Hubaykah always has time to listen to you and works with you to get you to the best health possible.
My primary care Dr. Excellent medical and people skills. Very patient and thorough.
Dr. Gunn is exceptionally knowledgeable. She is very thorough and explains her findings. Very approachable.
Dr Kayani, today I feel the communication between your office and myself has taken my faith in you to a zero rating. I came to your office for help, I called you back to verify the test you ordered as the radiology department was trying to make me have 2 tests when you ordered 1. I asked to speak with you, your rep Jessica said you do not speak with patients over the phone, this must be beneath you. You took my money but cannot be bothered for a 1 minute phone call to verify a test
It took three months for an appointment and it was a big Waste of my time. I would rate a ZERO
I love this man as a doctor! He should be well respected and highly recommended to anyone in need of a Neurologist. And that's why I leave this comment. I will not be anonymous...my name is Edith Holzer and I was a patient of Dr. Grant's. He was able to diagnose me with a rare form of Myasthenia Gravis. And I trust him with my life. His sense of humor is dry....and his bed side manor is matter-of-fact...but don't let that fool you. This Dr. called me on Sunday mornings to see how I was doing.
Dr. Kamath listens to her patients. She is a very professional and caring doctor.
POOR MORAL CHARACTER. Went in for initial visit on rec from friend. Spoke about a concern that I have a specialist take care of. She said she could take care of it while I was there. Implied as a courtesy and part of my visit. Later billed separately for the extra care. When I called multiple times to speak with Doctor directly, office staff told me she was too busy at work and had a personal life outside of that and if I wanted to speak with her, I was told I had to schedule a paid appt
I went to Dr Grant for 3 years with symptoms of Parkinson's. He was so dismissive and condescending towards me. When my handwriting went from really nice to tiny and chicken scratch he said it was good enough to read. He attributed all my symptoms to PTSD, which was RIDICULOUS and unfounded. I had every symptom of PD. He wasted such valuable time for me. Now I am being seen at USF, diagnosed properly, on meds and feeling so much better. I would not recommend this Dr. to my ex husband!
Dr Burton listens well, is kind, and knowledgeable.
Dr Akhter is a great physician. Very thorough and competent. She has excellent rapport with her patients.
Dr. Careccia is wonderful! I was seen exactly on time for my appointment. She gave me excellent advice and options, and her staff was extremely attentive and accommodating. I didn't think my insurance would cover my medication, but her tech looked up a local pharmacy and verified my insurance would cover it AND printed a coupon. I had an excellent experience and I look forward to continuing my care with her.
I can't express how much I appreciate Dr. Caradonna and his office staff. I went through MAJOR issues with Crohn's recently, including surgery and a few emergencies - and they were always 100% attentive and caring. The Doc has called me on his day off and weekends when I have had issues, just to make sure I was getting the right care when I needed it. Truly caring staff, and my current good health is directly because of the care they gave.
Dr. Burton is our family physician and when we moved to Florida from Boston 7 years ago, we found her as part of the large Florida Medical Clinic group. I could not ask for a more kind or caring person to care for my multitude of issues I have had in the past 3 years. She is always positive and thoughtful in her recommendations for my needs. I would have NO hesitation to recommend her to anyone looking for a doctor and in fact I have many times.
My wife and I have both seen Dr. Allison Burton for many years and she is excellent. If we have a illness and can't come into the office, we can call and she will call in a prescription asap. If we come in for an appointment we receive quick and courteous service with little waiting time. Dr. Burton takes the time to listen to all your problems.
Dr Caradonna has been my doctor for many years now I trust him compleatley I would not go to another doctor he is caring and he lisions to you and even when you go home he calls you and checks up on you to make sure you are ok
Dr. Akhter is always eager to focus and listen. Her friendly , yet professional approach makes coming to discuss concerns or illnesses a positive experience. Thank you~
Dr. Alam is what I would call a good Dr. She does tests to find out a patients condition and then helps me. She schedules appointments to make sure I am doing good. I have never had a problem getting in to see her when I am sick. She makes time to see me. My visits are right to the point and she never hesitates to tell me the best treatment and also very adamant about how I can help myself to become and stay healthy. She is observant and will give you the best care you need could want.
Dr Abboud is the BEST podiatrist around. I cannot belive how friendly he was. I took my mother to see him. She does not like many doctors but loves him. His bedside manner is top notch. Thank you. We wait a bit but he was worth it.
Doctor is good and is also helpful with explaining to me what is going on.
She is very friendly, interacts well with patients, and is knowledgable and very thorough.
Dr. Careccia is wonderful! I always appreciate her thoroughness - and how she makes it easy for me to understand the "science" of what she's recommending for treatment of both me and my kids. Highly recommended!
Highly recommend -- I went to a few other local dermatologists in the area and was disappointed with the quality of care. Dr Careccia did a much thorough exam than others, and I feel very confident in her diagnosis. I plan to have the rest of my family see her.
I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS DOCTOR. Diagnosis incorrect because Diagnosis not correlated with clinical facts . Apparently doctor perfers to make assumption. For me this resulted in antibiotics being unnecessarily prescribed. Refused to do a biopsy to correctly diagnose condition . Waste of money,Waste of time . RUDE
Very caring,.... Terrific listener .... Great touch Had Dr. Careccia preform a removal of some skin cancer located on my back... The Doc and her staff were extremely professional in the way they handled the whole procedure. Well done ladies
He takes his time with you. He genuinely cares. The waiting room room wait is less than half-an-hour normally. I would recommend him to all my friends and family.
Go to FMC in Land o lakes.The Zephyrhills staff and this Dr. Are horrible!
She is just wonderful. Going to the Doctor has never been as pleasant or comfortable.
My experience with Dr. Careccia and her staff has always been great! I believe that with my issue, she was the most thorough with the process of evaluating my condition to ensure the best possible result and with subsequent monitoring has kept me in a normal lifestyle. I highly recommend her!
They are only interested in money, not the patient. I am on limited disability income and have Medicare for insurance. I was scheduled for a procedure and they would not proceed until they collected the amount not covered by Medicare. I asked if they could bill me the invoice and/or arrange a payment plan, and they refused. This is the first time and the only Physician that has treated me this way.
Caring and brilliant, gifted Doctor !
Dr. Alexander was knowledge and professional. He really cared.
Knowledgeable in most up to date techniques, thorough and good follow up
Caring, compassionate and thorough. Would GLADLY recommend family and friends!!!
My mom had a knee replacement and Dr. Alexander did a great job! He knows what he's doing and she can run again! Her X-rays and visits with all doctors a year later show how perfectly it was done and fits. He's an easy doctor to talk/relate to. He doesn't rush you. Thank you!! Highly recommend Dr Alexander!!
We could not have asked for a more compassionate doctor. Dr. Alexander did my mother's hip and knee replacement, and she has done wonderful!! Definitely recommend!
I would highly recommend Dr. Calderone. I was diagnosed with melanoma on my face in 2009, and she personally called me to tell me my treatment options. I decided to let Dr. Calderone do my surgery and could not be more pleased with the results. I feel that she is a very caring, trustworthy, and I would not hesitate to go back to her. Unfortunately, I have moved from the area, but would even consider the drive to be treated by her again.
I am hesitant to say how wonderful she is as I want to keep her all to ourselves! Caring, intuitive and just honestly kind. She always takes the time to talk openly with you and you never will feel rushed or like a bother. Her staff will get you in same day if truly needed and wait times are minimal.
If there was a star that I could not highlight I would. There is a 30$ copay and all she does is tell you what you already know---actually she did not tell me anything.. she had a nurse assistant tell me everything. In the middle of my question she straight out walked up and left....like seriously so rude. This is a person's face we are talking about..for you to disregard it like nothing is very rude and very unrelatable for a doctor. There are many other dermatologists in Tampa. Save your copay
After reading many reviews on Dr Applebaum I liked the fact that he had personality. I must say he is great and definitely makes you feel comfortable. He takes the time with you and explains everything.
Dr. Abboud is very Professional. I was referred to him by Dr. Burton and I couldn't be happier by the results. He is VERY thorough with explaining what was causing the problems I was having with his explanation/MRI's. He was spot on with his recommendation for the procedure and I am getting better every single day that goes by and its great to be able to stand and walk with little to no pain(still healing) . He also has a great staff working with him especially Kim. Thank you for everything.
Dr. Burton is very professional and reminds me of my childhood doctor that takes the time to listen and truly care about your well being. She actually remembers your name and makes you feel like a person and not just a patient. I would definitely and have recommended her to friends and family. She also has a great office staff....especially Berta with her awesome personality.
I have been with Dr. Burton for over a year now and she has been great. She takes the time to discuss my history with me as well as let me know of any concerns she has. She has been very kind.
Took me 3 months to establish my first visit with her from another doctor within firm. I asked if this is what is to be expected after first appointment. They assured me that it wouldn't. When I first visited with Doctor I asked her same question, she gave me same answer. Then i thought I was having appendicitis and need to get seen. I phoned office early that morning and they said they would call me back. I phoned back before them taking lunch and they told me to go to walk in clinic.
He was rude to me when he found out I am disabled and treated me like a burden on society. Didn't explain my injury or the plan of care. Poor bedside manner.
I visited Dr. Careccia for my acne. She told me I would see a change in 4 weeks . Well it's been over 6 weeks and my acne has worsened . I went to a new dematologist that told me that what Dr. Careccia gave me would not of made a big impact on my acne , and only would worsen over time. What I really need was an antibiotic pill , which I was not given . So now I am 6 weeks in the wrong direction. Also , when I would see her , she acted like she had no time for my questions and wasn't sympathetic
Dr. Chalisani surley has the patients long term health care in mind. She is easily accessible, and a pleasure to interact with. She is very up-to-date with the new medicines coming onto the market.
Without a doubt, Fantastic
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Ingrown Toenail Treatment
Insertion Of Epicardial Lead For Pacemaker Or Cardioverter And-Or Defibrillator
Intranasal Or Sinus Procedure
Intrauterine Device (Iud) Placement
Intrauterine Device (Iud) Removal
Kidney Stones Treatment
Kyphoplasty, Percutaneous
Lamina Procedures (Incl. Laminectomy, Laminoplasty, Laminotomy)
Laryngoscopy - Laryngotomy - Laryngectomy - Pharyngolaryngectomy - Pharyngectomy
Laryngoscopy And Laryngotomy
Mediastinal Surgery
Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement
Mitral Valve Surgery
Mohs Surgery
Nail Avulsion And Excision
Nasal Septum Surgery (Septoplasty)
Natural Childbirth
Nebulizer Treatment
Neonatal Care
Nerve Blocks
Nexplanon® Etonogestrel Implant
Normal Vaginal Delivery
Orchiopexy For Undescended Testicle
Other Psychiatric Medication Therapy (Inpatient Only)
Pain Management
Pancreatic Surgery
Pap Tests And Pelvic Exams
Paracentesis Of Anterior Eye
Patch Testing
Penile Implants
Percutaneous Vertebroplasty
Perforated Eardrum Repair (Tympanoplasty)
Peripheral Angioplasty
Peripheral Artery Bypass
Peripheral Vascular Intervention
Peripheral Vascular Studies
Pet Scan
Prenatal Care And Counseling
Prostate Removal
Prostatectomy With Robotic Assistance
Psychiatric Medication Therapy
Psychopharmacologic Treatment
Psychotherapy For Crisis
Psychotherapy Services
Pulmonary Procedures
Pulmonary Valve Surgery
Reconstructive Ankle Surgery
Removal Of Foreign Body From External Eye
Removal Or Destruction Of Rectal Or Intestinal Tumor (Incl. Colonoscopy, Proctosigmoidoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy And Control Of Hemorrhage)
Renal Transplant And Nephrectomy
Repair Of Eye Laceration
Restylane® Injections
Shaving Of Skin Lesion
Sinus Surgery
Skin Surgery
Sphenoidotomy (Sinus Surgery)
Spinal Compression Fracture Repair
Spinal Cord Stimulation
Spinal Fusion
Spinal Reconstructive Surgery For Deformities
Stress Echocardiogram
Stress Management
Stress Test
Surgery, Robotic Assisted
Tendon Repair
Thyroid Lobectomy
Thyroidectomy Or Thyroid Lobectomy
Tracheal Surgery
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (Tavr)
Transesophageal Echocardiography (Tee)
Trigger Point Therapy
Turp (Transurethral Resection Of Prostate) Or Laser Destruction Of Prostate
Ultrasound, Cardiac
Urethral Dilation
Urinary Stone Removal (Litholapaxy)
Varicocelectomy Or Hydrocelectomy
Vascular Procedure
Vascular Stenting
Vascular Transcatheter Embolization
Vein Treatment
Venous Sclerotherapy
Vestibule And Floor Of Mouth, Excision Or Destruction
Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (Vats) Or Thoracotomy
Well Child Examination
Well Woman Health Examination
Wound Care And Management
Wound Repair
Wrist Fusion
Wrist Replacement
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General Surgery
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Family Medicine
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Family Medicine
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Family Medicine
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