He was very rude. Didn't listen to my ongoing issues with my ankle. I understand he is a great surgeon but i prefer my doctors to have a soul. He is very uncaring, and because of that i will seek treatment elsewhere. Not to mention i had to wait over half an hour for him to come in the exam room only for him to almost belittle me.
I have never been so degraded by a doctor in my entire life. He did not look at any of my records/x-rays before my visit and treated me with complete disrespect. I felt as if I'd been raped after leaving his office. He might be a good surgeon, I have no idea, and I never will know because his bedside manner was so completely awful that I would NEVER go back to him for anything, much less surgery.
He was snippy. i felt like I was fighting to get my symptoms across. He concentrated only on one symptom. I waited too long for this appointment not to get answers. I sent my records and he did not look at them. I never got answers about the other symptoms. The office staff and X-ray tech were great.
Dr Papa saved my foot I had one nightmare after another until I was lucky enough to be referred to him.
Wonderful surgeon, great bedside manner (if you like dry humor), very nice person. It is hard to get into see her because she is so good and so well-liked.
Great Doc!! Dr. Papa is very detail oriented & exceptionally knowledgeable. On my first visit, he took time to explain my problems & all my surgical and nonsurgical options. I returned to Dr. Papa when I realized that I required surgery & again he took time to review all options & I decided on surgery- Could not be happier with the results! I know now why many of my friends (doctors included) said he is Great! An MD with fellowship training along with his passion & pride have given me life!
Poor bedside manner. Refuses to listen to or help patients.
Dr. Morris listens and lets me ask any and all questions and will take the time to answer them. He is a wonderful Dr.
he can be the cream of the cream BUT good luck getting an appointment with him and then not being cancel at last minute....and when they call to reschedule, you will have to wait a ridiculous amount of time as well.
Dr papa did not focus on appointment, he did the same thing on my last visits reason was to see what is the progression of my charcot foot and possible referral for shoes to be made, he did not do that, He asked why it is a year since last visit and I had to remind him that he requested a yearly visit Before entering the exam room he was walking up and down the corridor dictating in a little recorder in a loud voice for everybody to hear I find him rude and complete waste of time
I was seeing Dr. Morris for a total hip redo and the first thing he says is you have to lose 30 lbs before he'd do it and he says i know your not mobile so get with a dietitian or nutritionist. He has zero empathy and I don't believe he really cares.
Please think twice before going to see Dr. Morris. He is very rude and dismissive and if you God forbid try to slow him down or ask questions, he gets even ruder and told me to deal with the pain there's nothing else to do for you when in fact there are about 5 other treatments that can be done ranging from Yoga/physical therapy to surgery. I haven't seen any other Doctors from Jewett, but try one of them and do not go to Dr. Morris! This is all after waiting 1 1/2 HOURS past my appointment time
Dr. Robison does not suggest surgery unless it is needed, often a concern about surgeons in general. She is knowledgeable herself with lots of experience but won't hesitate to bring in a colleague in cases where another opinion or specialization is needed. She is pragmatic and understanding of the lifestyle you wish for your future.
i have never had a more horrible experience
Today I met with Dr Tall for the first time. I've been from one doctor to another throughout Central Florida over the past 9 years and he is by far one of the best. He listened, let me talk, took notes about my history I explained, engaged in the conversation, explained his thoughts well, answered my questions well. Very happy with my first appointment with him.
There may be a foot/ankle surgeon equal to Dr. Papa, but there is no one better. From my initial meeting through surgery, Dr. Papa has been the consummate professional. Dr. Papa is, arguably, the best foot/ankle surgeon practicing. Thank you, Dr. Papa.
He didn't take the time to check my knee properly. Left without saying bye and I think he is racist.
It was horrible exprience.. He didnt take the time with me. He told me ice and told me not take any medications for the pain and spent less then 15 minutes with me. I still left in pain and unsatifisty. I will never go back to Jewett Orthopedic. I will not send my friends or family there. Not worth one star!
Dr Desai is a highly skilled and extremely talented surgeon. What makes Dr Desai special is his passionate dedication to making sure the patient has the best possible outcome. He does this by paying attention to details and surrounding himself with competent, capable, and caring coworkers. Everyone I met at Jewett are exceptional professionals that excel at their work and take pride in being the best. They leave no loose ends, always follow-up when needed, and treat you with respect.
Dr. Jablonski is a highly skilled orthopedic doctor that I would highly recommend. He did two complete knee surgeries with three years on me with great success. He did a shoulder construction surgery on my husband and my son with great successes for both. He definitely cares for his patient well being,.
Excellent doctor who cares about his patients. He has an excellent bed side manner and has excellent surgical results.
I have been a patient of Dr. Feichel for several years. He is always attentive, knowledgeable, and provides successful treatment.
I needed a hip replacement & went to Dr. Desai. Fantastic decision! He was extremely competent & personable. I expected good things but it was even better than I thought it would be. Recovery went beautifully & I couldn't be happier.
Phenomenal physician!!! I was very impressed by his bedside manner and absolute professionalism. I practice jiu-jitsu and judo. Having a displaced finger for me was out of the question. Dr. Emerson listened and explained everything in detail. He performed a reduction under anesthesia and my finger looked like it never broke. I'm very grateful for his expertise. He said I should have full range of motion in my finger. I look forward to a full recovery.
Dr. Jablonski performed surgery on our 17 year old son less than two months ago to repair a torn labrum, torn rotator cuff and performed a capsule plication which all stemmed from baseball. We could not have been happier with him, the surgery center and anesthesiologist. I personally work in a different surgery center and have great expectations which were all met. Our son is doing excellent and well beyond where most would be wothbthis surgery. We would definitely recommend Dr. Jablonski!
Dr. Desai has replaced both of my hips. He is an excellent surgeon with his patient's quality of life in the forefront. I would have no other Orthopaedic surgeon operate on me.
Doctor an hour late for my appointment. Unapologetic about over-booking. Diagnosed multiple hip problems. Said surgery wouldn't help. Found another surgeon. Problem solved.
Dr. Mark A. Beckner is very confident, professional and dedicated to his patients. He spends the necessary time to cover your concerns, and not rush thru your appointment, he will answer all your questions and thoroughly explained your condition MRI, etc. and the options for your treatment. Highly Recommended
Dr Gandara was second to none, excellent bedside manners, knowledge and expertise. Amazing touch while doing injection in the heel area which is always very painful. He used ultrasound to be even more precise.
Dr. Macksoud is wonderful as a doctor and a person. I had a terrible accident, and he was able to save my 4 of my 5 toes. He also treated all infections, and repaired my achilles tendon. Without this man, I would have lost multiple toes, or even my right foot. I owe him a lot, thank you doctor!
Clinic was nice, spacious and clean. This is my initial consultation with Dr. Macksoud and felt as if it was rushed. He dimissed my case and said I have Fibromyalgia and no Iontopheresis nor OT would help me. Could have been more supportive knowing I have been suffering with shoulder pain for 3 weeks. I went to another Dr. today at Hunter's Creek and received treatment for shoulder pain. He disagreed with Dr. Macksoud's diagnosis.
Came in with documents from another referring physician, OT reports etc. Dr. Macksoud only met me for the first time disregarded everything and released me from my work restrictions despite pain, weakness and muscle tightness. The OT was recommending more treatments but I will not receive help anymore because Dr. Macksoud discountinued treatment. Please take your time to get to know your patients and understand their situation.
I took my son to see Dr. Fenichel after a sports injury and it was not a good experience. He was not interested in listening to any questions or concerns and he just dismissed any discussion of the treatment process. Not a good bedside manner and I would not recommend.
Without a doubt the best HIP doctor in Orlando! Look no further than Dr. Desai at Jewett Orthopaedic. I booked my appointment online with ease. Thank you Dr. Desai
5 stars from us. Dr. Macksoud was very informative, thorough and kind. We were sent there because of an on-the-job injury. We were extremely satisfied and highly recommend. We will ask him to perform hand surgery again this year for another member of the family.
Dr. Choung did emergency surgery on my ankle (both sides) and within 3 months I was released from his care due to the amazing job he did. I have no pain or even a limp from his outstanding ability to treat injuries. I would recommend Dr. Choung for any type of ankle issues.
I had my foot operated on by Dr Choung July 6. Since that time I have had nothing but pain, toe has a black band around it and end is very red. The toe nail is now coming off as well. I went every month to Dr Choung and all he would say is the color does not bother him. He Did nothing for the pain or our concerns. So our last visit (November) in his exact words, THERE IS NOTHING MORE I CAN DO FOR. He turn and started to walk out the door and he then said, I'M DONE WITH YOU. Those are his words.
Amazing doctor who really cares about me and my quality of life. He patiently listens to my concerns and answers all of my questions. I trust him implicitly! I so appreciate his skill and expertise. It was easy to choose Dr. Desai for my hip replacement surgery. I can't thank him enough. :-)
Done a excellent job on my ankle. Easy to talk to listens to the patient and gives advice you can understand.
Dr miller is my sons ortho,love him,has great bedside manner,awesome surgeon.Life saver.would absolutely recommend him,he is amazing,such a likeable person.
This doctor is rude and very inconsiderate! Please do NOT waste your time seeing him. No bed side manner at all! Will have you waiting 40 minutes plus in a room, only to come talk to u for 3minutes and say "you are fine, it's nothing" Do your self a favor and pick another hand specialist!
I was turned away from two ERs and so called specialist saying dont worry about it..., Dr Emerson saved my finger that had a high pressure paint wound. Everything on the internet said amputation after 12-24hrs. He met me at hospital after his full day of work and even stayed to see me after i woke at 2am. Then checked on me next day in morning. Fully healed and full use of finger. This young man is outstanding in everyway a doctor should be and more. I cant say enough good about him.
Thought he was thorough and sincere in his evaluation.
I have been a patient of Dr. Macksoud since 2005. He is absolutely the best in central Florida. He is kind, gentle, and extremely knowledgeable in his field of medicine. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a physician who works with hands, wrist, and shoulders. I tell those who ask me about him, that "I think the sun rises and sets with Dr. Macksoud!!"
I was treated like a number instead of a patient. Tried to tell him the full story of how my pain started and wouldn't even listen. Didn't diagnose me at all just told me I have an "ache" when it's definitely more than that. Didn't care at all. One of the worst doctors I've ever had.
After left knee replacement surgery i was walking 4 hours later my pain was a 1( i was told by the nurse that his other knee replacement patient that same day was also claiming little or no pain) and 8 days later i was at work unaided. While at the hospital every nurse , aid, or rehab person i talked to all said that he was the best. and based on my experience he is. I only needed ibuprofen for the swelling discomfort. His protocols before and after surgery led to my amazing recovery.
Dr. Konsens has performed two knee surgery’s for me, one on each knee. The first was arthroscopic for general clean-up and the second was due to a traumatic injury. He did a fantastic job with both of them. My scars are limited and my rehab has gone as well as I would have hoped, both I attribute to the work performed while on the table. The best part were the photos I got of the actual procedure…very descriptive! I will continue to use him for any future orthopaedic procedures that may arise.
Very professional and skilled surgeon. Dr. Chase was willing to work with me to get the results I wanted. Before surgery I tried therapy with negative results. Surgery went as planned and post surgery I am amazed at the lack of pain. I also am able to move better than before with more mobility. Very good and trustworthy Doctor. Would see again!
Dr. Desai is an awesome doctor. He did a hip replacement for me. I am 30 years old and I was very worried about it, having just been married and expecting a new addition. He communicated very well with me on my condition. Always asked if I had questions and never acted like the were dumb. He was very knowledgeable even on my rare condition. His bed side manner is outstanding. Always made me feel unique and important.The surgery was flawless. The third party physical therapy even complimented him
Dr Macksoud is wonderful. I would highly recommend him.
I believe Dr. Billings to be an excellent surgeon, but his manner of dealing with patients is somewhat poor. I believe I was given unrealistic expectations on the recovery time for my surgery, and when I mentioned that I thought I may have re-injured the joint a few weeks after the procedure, Billings was dismissive and didn't bother to examine the joint. At my three week follow-up, he also seemed unaware of how long it had been since the surgery, saying that it had only been one week.
Long story short every doctor that looked at my MRI told me my finger needed to be amputated due to an infection In one of the joints in my finger dr. Deren was the only surgeon that differed in the opinion and said he would go in wash out and culture. Dr Deren was right I was infection free by That time being so long on antibiotics and he saved my finger. Dr. Derenn is not only brilliant but an amazing surgeon and a wonderful person. He is the only hand surgeon who will touch me. He's the best
This was my first visit with Dr Fenichel. I found him efficient, friendly, thorough and understandable in his assessment of my current condition and treatment options. Office staff friendly and courteous.
This was arguably the worst experience I have ever had with a doctor--and I was in the Navy/Navy Reserve for twenty years. He was curt, short, impatient, a poor listener, and uninterested in hearing me speak. Said there was nothing wrong with my wrist--that I should stop doing pushups (since it hurts) and that I should probably take more Advil (since that seemed to relieve me of pain temporarily. I just had surgery to repair a torn ligament last month--with another doctor.
Dr. Deren has helped me through a couple of difficult hand situations. He is easy to understand, compassionate and I trust him completely.
Over the years I have had 4 unrelated issues with my hands and a wrist. Dr. Barnard is very kind & very professional. He usually tries to resolve first without surgery. Thoroughly explained the problem, the process and what to expect after surgery. Resolved every concern I had prior to the surgery. Excellent results. Excellent Dr.
I needed the best knee doctor in Central Florida and everyone pointed me to Dr. Desai, luckily. Having the reputation as one of the best at his young age really says something. He's personable, knowledgable and best of all you can tell he really cares about fixing you. He was highly recommended to me and so I'm paying it forward and recommending Dr. Pratik Desai to you.
His low rating on this site (2.5) concerned me, but I trust the Jewett Orthopedic group and Dr. Fenichel was able to see me in within 1 week of my call for appt. By including the fact that he practices in the pediatric arena (per his professional flyer in the exam room), he gave me a way to joke about what a big baby I am regarding needles, lightening my mood in the face of my rather severe needle phobia. He was very time-efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable.

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