Great physician. Terrible staff. I went for a scheduled appointment yesterday, sat there for 15 minutes, with absolutely no acknowledgment from the staff. They didn't even ask me for money. An assistant came out and took another patient in; again not acknowledging that I was there. Not even a "hello, we'll be right back".it's too bad because I've been going to this doctor for a while but haven't been to the office in about a year. I really like this doctor but some housecleaning is in order
Wonderful staff and a doctor that listens. I went in not knowing what the problem was. Dr. Goshen listened and was able to find the issue... I have made him my regular doctor!
Rude staff and beware of: A weird paper that needs to be filled where you grant them permission to charge u 35.00 if u fail to let 'em know 24hs b4 case you can't show up @ the scheduled apptmt. If u refuse to sign that paper they will decline to see u. It gets even worse: I had paid my visit as soon as I entered their premises. Then was given all those forms. When they saw that I nay 2 sign the $35 penalty, they offered me to return the amount less 35. imagine how I stood 4 my self!
Went to see him after weeks of suffering from lower abdominal pain that felt as though I was hit in the groin. After numerous Dr's visits, urine and blood work. He found nothing wrong and simply prescribed motrin. Saw another doctor for a second opinion. She (Yes,SHE) immediately recognized the symptoms before even doing any blood work and told me i had prostatitis. Thank god for second opinion. The problem was correct. He should've caught the problem. He claims to be a proctologist. Go figure
Doesn't return calls you hAve to make an appt for any qurs turn $$. When my Testo levels got low hE tells me its in range..... everyones body doesnt work the same. I stated I've been tired and fatigued. His response was if your levels were 186 I'd redo the pellets. Testosterone roller claser sucks. He also stated when I get tired I drink a monster. Seriously? The front staff is very rude until they see $ in front of them.

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