The nurses are rude and cold and they do not call you back. Very poor professional care in my opinion.
Dr. Pliskow is a wonderful, caring doctor that takes the time with his patients. He not only has taken care of me, but also my daughters.
I have delivered both my children with Dr. Kornstein & I loved my prenatal experience. He made sure to answer all questions & he's very knowledgeable. he has great bedside manner. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
He makes you feel very comfortable and free to ask what you want without feeling ashamed or shy and gets on you like he's your father.
He is very nice until it comes to the delivery. He cares more about his schedule then the patient and baby. He insulted my intelligence when I mentioned my concerns about being induced, wanted to break my water when I was only 2 cm dilated, delivered my placenta as if he was a butcher and there's more but I cant add the whole experience due to character count... I would never step foot in his office again! Do yourself a favor and go find another OB.
I absolutely love dr. Valdescruz! He's extremely thorough, doesn't rush, goes over everything in excellent detail and is very comforting. He's knowledgeable and extremely trustworthy. He was my doctor throughout my pregnancy and delivered my baby girl. The wait times in the office can be daunting but he's worth the wait. Absolutely adore him!
There are not enough adjectives to describe how wonderful this man is! He saved my life. I saw him for 18 years before moving, and there isn't a day goes by that I don't miss him terribly. Can't find another OBGYN here who can even slightly measure up to him. I would recommend that any woman experiencing problems who is either menopausal or postmenopausal run, not walk, to this doctor!
There are literally not enough words to explain how amazing our experience with Dr. pliskow and his team was. From the very beginning he put our mind at ease and answered any question we had, even the ones we felt silly asking. Every appointment was informative and dr. pliskow always put our minds at ease with his awesome personality. He helped us with insurance problems and induction questions and when I needed a c section he was right there. He made this whole experience amazing thank you!
He is a very well put together Dr. Who I respect n he is very understanding n he listens to ur problems... great Dr to have
The staff was rude, I waited over an hour just in the waiting room, with no one else there. I then waited almost an hour in the exam room, with no one coming in to explain the wait. I went to find someone and just said I had to wait. The room was also messy. I will NEVER go back nor recommend Dr. Ackerman to anyone!!!!! UGH>>>
I love doctor Dai she is a very knowledgeable doctor and is a very caring doctor with her patients .
Great doctor! Always makes his patients feel at ease and comfortable. Plus he gives you a laugh with every visit! Thank you Dr. Korenstein
Great practice. Wait time is quick. Nurses and dr is professional and nice.
Would absolutely not recommend. He's vulgar arrogant and degrading. I've never felt so u comfortable in such an intimate and vulnerable situation situation
This is my first pregnancy and I couldn't be more grateful for DR.Pliskow! Anytime I have a question I reach out to him and he answers. He is very professional, calm and he gives you such a feeling peace when you are in his presence. My husband and I are so grateful for him and his staff. I was recommended to go to him by several moms and I'm so glad I took their recommendation!
he and his staff are amazing I had a bad experience at the previous gynecologist and he has been just wonderful! Highly recommended
Since I was 19 I started going to Dr. Valdezcruz ("Dr. V") office. His staff at times seems serious. But I honestly see it as them doing their job. Women walk in expecting to be the 1st patient seen. Or as if their emergency is the only one. Dr. V is very professional. His staff is always on point!! He delivered both of my boys and at the hospital the nurses KNEW to have all their t's crossed and i's dotted. He's very on top of things and Mrs. Laura his assistant is always amazing. 5 Star
he is the best doctor, so kind and caring, staff is fantastic
I have been a patient of Dr. V for about 20 years now. He treated me through both pregnancies and I absolutely love his office. He is very professional and always made me feel comfortable. His staff is amazing. Never had an issue in this office. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a clean, compassionate and professional environment.
Dr. Ackerman cares about the health and personal experience of each of his patients. This is my second pregnancy in which he has been my OB and I would have it any other way. He does his best to create a relationship with each client even going as far as giving out a cell phone number for you to text him whenever you have questions or any concerns throughout your pregnancy he is just one click away.
He is an amazing doctor. Very kind a thorough.
Truly the worst experience I have ever had at an OBGYN or any doctor's office for that matter. Dr. Ackerman took no time to address my concerns (I'm not kidding, he sat down with me for less than 1 minute) before kicking me out of his office. Seriously, I highly recommend that no one ever chooses to come to his office unless they want to waste their time and leave feeling disrespected. DO NOT CHOOSE HIM AS YOUR DOCTOR!
My experience with Dr. Kornstein was excellent. He give good service to he's patients he explains everything to he's patients. Always answer questions and have marvelous answer for he's patients questions and concerns.
Wonderful bedside manner. Puts you at ease.
I absolutely love this office. Staff are very friendly. Wait times aren't bad either. Dr. Korstein and his assistant Shayla have great chemistry you forget you're even being examined. Dr. Korstein always makes you feel comfortable and keeps you laughing. AWESOME PAIR!!!!!
Dr Kornstein has a very positive demeanor about himself. Excellent bedside manners. He listens never over talk and gives a response to every question. You never leave his office not knowing ur next move.
I have been going to Advanced Women's Health Care for over 10 years! I have moved to different parts of FL but still make sure I see Dr. Dai.
The best gynecologist, I recommend them, very good person, in short, he is the best
I have been seeing Dr Ackerman for over 3 yrs. He's very thorough and honest. It doesn't take long to realize that he's there for you, not the other way around. He's so engaging that he puts you at ease. He has a fantastic staff. His father also works at the same office, so it's more like a family taking care of you.
I have been going to him as a doctor for a few years and recently he delivered my first child. He put my husband and I at ease when i was upset finding out that i needed a C-section. He came out and met the family in the hospital and even allowed my husband to join him and pray during the circumcision of our son! He is a caring doctor. Makes you feel comfortable with his personality and bedside manor. His nurse Lisa and the office staff in west palm beach are also very nice and welcoming.
Arrogant, unprofessional, careless doctor. He rushes though the exams, does not pay attention to details, does not care about your concerns or suggestions and as a result women miscarriage. Had very bad experience and do not recommend him to anyone. Stay away!!!
Love Dr Pliskow! A great knowledgeable kind understanding Doctor. He definitely knows his stuff! I would and have recommended him highly!!!????
I went to Dr. Ackerman for several years and always loved him and his personality, but during the past few years he has spent more time with his clinical trials and less with patients waiting to see him in office. The wait was close to one hour when there was no one in the waiting room. Very disappointed that his trials set precedence over his gynocology patients. Can't run two offices at once!!
Amazing Dr! Highly recommend him!,he delivered my second son who is now 6 months old and I would definitely go to him again if there's a future pregnancy! He's a wonderful dr. Very caring,listens to your needs,doesn't try to rush you out of the room,just all around great person! Very pleased I chose him for my second pregnancy/delivery!
I feel I was ripped off by this Dr I told the nurse . I didn't want to see her because the front desk gave me bad information . I wanted a hormone test to see if my iud needed to be removed . They said that they couldn't do it . But know they changed their mind she check me . And then said she could have blood work done . Come back in another 2 weeks so another copay but she said you have insurance don't you . I won't be going back they just want to get that copay and send you for more test.
He's been my doctor for several years now delivered with 18 month old and now the new baby on the way. Dr. Pliskow is GREAT.! I highly recommend him.
Great doctor, great personalized care. Patience and understanding. All the traits any professional should have, especially when it's your doctor! Affiliated with a great birthing hospital as well.
Clean office. ac
I work in the healthcare profression and I've never seen someone give such little attention and show disrespect. Dr. Dai has no humanisitic skills and awful bedside manner. You will wait over an hour to see her and she'll be in and out of the room before you can process what happens or ask any questions. If you're looking for a doctor that will answer your questions, show any kind of empathy/humanism, trust..Find another doctor.
Dr. Joshua Ackerman is a in and out Dr. He shows no concern in the well being of my unborn. He sarcastically answers questions an concerns and never give me a confident answer. This is my first pregnancy and so far the worse Dr. Expierence I've had between OB's
This dr was the worst dr ive ever seen. She doesn't listen but constantly talks over you while of course she doesn't listen. She talks as if shes speed talking in a first visit to her she ordered blood work on the second visit she was telling me to get a total hysterectomy for 4 fibroids which were less then an inch round..i just turned 37 with two kids 15/10 and never been married and this women says she doesn't want to give me hormones but will do a total hysterectomy..RUN AWAY FAST
Doctor Dai and her staff are very patient and caring, being sure to address all of my concerns. Recently had to undergo a hysterectomy and Dr.Dai was very straight forward in her plan of treatment for me leaving no question unanswered which reassured me I was in good hands. Surgery went smoothly and I am very grateful to each and everyone in her office. Her staff as well made sure all that was needed was taken care of making it as stress free as possible.
I adore Dr Valdescruz, he is great at communication, I love that he sits you down in his office and chats before your visit. He has been wonderful with everything from my issues to my fertility. If you take first appointment, there is rarely a wait. I love that he delivers his babies, which some may consider an inconvenience if you are waiting to see him in the waiting room but if you are the one delivering, it is much appreciated.
she is very nice lady. whatever question u have she will answer it and will listen to u very carefully..
While visiting West Palm in October 2015, I scheduled a short notice appointment due to side effects from antibiotics I was taking at the time. After 2 months and multiple rounds of cream treatments I still have symptoms. Recently I went a North Florida gynecologist and was informed that although Dr. Valdescruz diagnosed me with bacterial vaginosis, he prescribed me a medication that treats yeast infections. So now after prolonged discomfort I also have a golfball sized cyst on my ovary.
There will never be enough words to express the gratitude I have for Dr. Ackerman. He has been one of the most attentive and caring physicians. Always knowledgeable, honest, and compassionate. I credit him single handedly with my ability to conceive, carry my child, and stay sane during the process. It's rare to find a doctor that is so involved and present. I wish I had more words... simply put he is among the best.
In todays complex medical environment, Dr. Sharma and associates at Palm Beach Primary Care takes pride in caring for their patients for life -- in the office or clinic, during hospitalization and intensive care, and in nursing homes. When other medical specialists, such as surgeons or obstetricians, are involved, they coordinate their patients care and manage difficult medical problems associated with that care. Spanish

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Fluid Contrast Ultrasound
Gynecologic Cancer Screening
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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (Vbac)
Vaginal Delivery And Vbac
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Destruction Or Excision Of Vaginal Lesions
Endometrial Ablation
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