Dr. Lopez is the best of the best! He is awesome!!! The surgery he performed was quick and pain free. He has his act together, he knows what he is doing, he does it well and he cares!! I highly, highly, highly recommend Dr. Lopez and his staff to anyone with hyperparathyroidism.
Dr. James Norman is an outstanding parathyroid surgeon. Difficult cases are easy for him! I was so blessed to have him perform my parathyroid surgery.
The Norman Center is 5 Star all the way! You can never really say any surgery is "fun" but they certainly make it as easy and pleasant as possible! I feel like a new person and my scar is barely visible! It was well worth the schlep across the country. I had my surgery May 30th, 2017. Los Angeles certainly has good surgeons but after meeting a few, I really felt that the surgeons at the Norman Center were not only top surgeons but also experts in the disease itself. After 5 minutes of cha
I would like to thank Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz for the excellent and second to none care and expertise I recently experienced at the Norman Parathyroid Centre. It is now 18 months since I had my parathyroid surgery, and I cannot say enough about my experience. Everything you see on their website is 100 per cent true. If I could give 10 stars I would. Thank you for giving me my life back!
Dr. Norman and his whole team were amazing! Everything was so well explained, starting with my first phone call to Tampa right down to even watching the YouTube video of Dr. Norman showing how to get to the Parathyroid floor in Tampa General Hospital. I loved Dr. Norman's personality and his honesty...it was very refreshing. He was also very kind and, when my surgery time neared, he reassured me I was going to do great and my parathyroid issues would be behind me. My surgery went perfectly!
Awesome…the entire staff at Norman Parathyroid Center… from the office support, fabulous doctors/nurses, the surgical team including the hospital staff!!! Tampa General Hospital provided an atmosphere of peace and calm. This energized bunny has been re-energized!!! I am so thankful and blessed to have found the Norman Parathyroid Center. May God bless all of you for your dedication and caring in giving people back their lives in an easy, no non-sense manner!!!
Dr. Lopez along with Dr. Politz and Parrack performed a parathyroidectomy on 5/24/2017. The care I received was outstanding. Dr. Lopez helped me through the decision making process by providing me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision. From the first contact through my recovery, I was treated with respect, kindness and genuine concern. If you need parathyroid surgery go to the best surgeons at the Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa, Florida!
Dr. Norman knows what he is doing. After 3 unsuccessful operations (several hours long each) by two different doctors in the Buffalo NY area, Dr. Norman found my tumor in less than 20 minutes. It was well worth the trip to Tampa. I'm finally getting my life back.
I had parathyroid surgery 2 days ago w/ Dr. Norman & his amazing team of doctors. They removed 4 tumors on my parathyroids! My blood calcium readings have been 10.1-10.4 for the past 4 years ( my primary care dr told me that was normal!) Dr.Norman's team saved my life! The symptoms I have been suffering with such as GERD, rapid heart beat, irritability, & osteoporosis, will go away. We were expecting 1 or 2 tumors but not 4! I highly recommend Dr. Norman & his team. They know what they are doing
Dr. Norman and staff are beyond excellent in what they do. They explain everything leaving out no detail. Dr. Norman went above and beyond having done my surgery twice after an unsuccessful surgery at another hospital. After being unable to locate my tumor the first time he went in, he went to all lengths to guarantee a successful second surgery. If you need parathyroid surgery, do not go anywhere but Tampa!
No one like this man on earth. I am a doctor and I had a parathyroid tumor and I searched through medical websites and found this treasure. Nearly everything in parathyroid field was under his name guidelines, the operation technique and the intra operative nuclear assay. He is all in one doctor and no one like him. Thank you my my dear colleague you saved my life
I found Dr. Norman to be abrupt, rude, cocky, and verbose. He talks a good talk but When done, he is Done! I had my 2nd parathroidectomy which proved to be much more complicated than the picture he paints. I did not receive a follow up call post surgery and when we finally called him the following day with valid concerns, he accused us of lying and screamed about how he had "cured" me. I have been permanently disabled since with vocal cord paralysis/dysfunction and hypoparathyroidism.
I had the parathyroid surgery two days ago. I've returned to my home in New York and feel great. I went back to work today. I didn't know what to expect at the center so I was pleasantly surprised. The facility was great, the staff was great. I wouldn't change a thing. Watch as many videos as you can and review the website. The information on the website and the videos is the truth. There are no surprises. :)
DR. NORMAN CURED ME! How do you adequately thank someone for saving your life? In the past 18 months I have had 2 'unsuccessful' surgeries by two different surgeons searching for a parathyroid tumor. Dr. Norman found it immediately! His team is professional, respectful, kind and exhibit a warmth that makes you feel as if you are the only patient. Dr. Norman tries to hide his 'huge heart' but is an ardent advocate for his patients and does not abandon you once you leave the surgical suite.
I had been living with the "side effects" of having hyperparathyroidism for over 6 years. I researched the "best" in those specific areas.. Not once - not ever - did a single "specialist" EVER say to me.."Hmmm..lets check out your parathyroids. I suffered surgery, hopelessness, ignorance until finally someone labeled exactly what was wrong with me and how they could easily resolve these issues. We are truly responsible for our OWN health. I owe the remaining years of my life to Dr. Norman.
I spent a decade of my life with a parathyroid tumor that Dr Norman removed in under an hour. I wish I had known about him and his Parathyroid center sooner. It would have saved me from undergoing a failed parathyroidectomy and dozens of nuclear med scans. If you need surgery for your parathyroid, you need to go here.
My journey to the Norman Parathyroid Center was long and frustrating, probably because my symptoms were not textbook. My principal regret is that I did not go to Tampa immediately upon diagnosis. I saw Dr. Mitchell, but the awesome thing about this group is they have so much experience that they understand the variations of the disease, and they are highly efficient surgeons. Facilities and support staff are great, too. I started feeling better 1 day post op, no complications.
I don't think there is enough space to tell how great Dr. Norman is. I am eternally grateful I flew to Florida to have the best care for my daughter because she sure was not getting it in our hometown. My dgt, is 15 y/o and was diagnosed with Primary hyperparathyroidism 3 yrs. ago. She saw 6 different doctors through these years all knowing she had this and they "waited and watched" while her body deteriorated. Dr. Norman cured her in 22 minutes. She is finding the new normal! Labs are perfect
In 2006 both my husband and myself had parathyroid surgery and were totally pleased with all aspects. Again my parathyroid hormone level is high and I again signed up as a [patient. I now have been told that I have the results of a new problem and am wondering if it could be associated. My ovaries are much enlarged, I have a large ovarian cyst and a streaked endometrium. My age is 84 so these are unusual symptoms. Is it possible that these symptoms are caused by the hyperparathyroidism?
I had a diseased parathyroid gland removed by Dr. Norman in Jan. 2016. He explained the procedure very well before the surgery in a reassuring manner, which was great since I was sick and feeling nervous. The surgery was 17 minutes long and completely successful. When I woke up, that horrible buzzing was gone! After the surgery, he answered questions and explained what to expect during the recovery. I highly recommend making the trip to Tampa to have this very important surgery done correctly!
I am so highly satisfied with my experience with Dr. Norman and his colleagues I tell everyone I know about my experience. By doing my research and asking questions to local surgeons I was 100% sure in my decision to go to Dr. Norman for my hyperparathyroid surgery.
Dr. Norman removed my parathyroid tumor on 6/3/16. It was life changing. He spoke to my husband and I before the surgery & told us "this is going to be a life changing day for both of you". The experience was fantastic! I immediately knew I was in good hands, I was calm and constantly re-assured it was going to be better by the end of the day. They were so right!!! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Dr. Norman & his group. I am so glad I was referred to them.
Skilled, caring physician. Fantastic staff. Takes the fear out of a surgical procedure. HIGHLY recommend both Dr. Norman and his staff.
I came to Tampa to have a parathyroidectomy. My case was more complicated due to a large nodule on my thyroid which was behind a vocal cord that was not where it was expected to be. Dr. Lopez, Dr. Norman, and Dr. Boone made an excellent team! I had a smooth procedure and even though I had to have a port installed, I still left the same day (no overnight stay). Dr. Lopez called to check on me and answered my questions. I have never had such excellent care from an exceptional medical team.
I came to Tampa to have a parathyroidectomy. My case was more complicated due to a large nodule on my thyroid which was behind a vocal cord that was not where it was expected to be. Dr. Lopez, Dr. Norman, and Dr. Boone made an excellent team! I had a smooth procedure and even though I had to have a port installed, I still left the same day (no overnight stay). Dr. Lopez called to check on me and answered my questions. I have never had such excellent care from an exceptional medical team!
Awesome! I suspected something was up with my high calcium and PTH...GP and Endo were not convinced but I felt so crappy...I contacted the NPC, Dr. Lopez was my surgeon/consult...he suspected and gave me the option of exploratory or wait 6 months. I opted for exploratory in Tampa, boy was I thrilled I did. Dr. Lopez and team are wonderful, great personalities, awesome care, didn't hound you for money, and voila, he found TWO Adenomas! i knew it! Thank you, Dr. Lopez and team! Your nurses rule.
I went to the Norman Parathyroid Clinic in Tampa to have surgery to remove a parathyroid tumor after three years of being diagnosed as hyperparathyroid by my internist, but told to wait for surgery because my blood levels of calcium and PTH were not high enough. I had no physical symptoms like kidney stones or osteoporosis, but did suffer from what my doctor said was bursitis in my left hip. After surgery to remove one bad parathyroid in Tampa I am pain free and have only a small scar.
I am a physician and understand the special expertise necessary to diagnose and treat parathyroid problems. Dr Lopez and his team sorted through my symptoms and labs quickly. They were able to image a mass too small for my home town radiologists to see. My operation was smooth and reasonably comfortable. This team is the best at parathyroid disease and why I came from New Orleans to Tampa to work with them.
Hyperparathyroidism in not all that common and few doctors and surgeons have experience in treating it correctly. I was so grateful to find the Norman Parathyroid Clinic in Tampa, Florida! Dr. Norman has pioneered the minimally invasive surgical procedure and has decades of experience on thousands of patients. Get your surgery done right the first time like I did. Have it done by the Norman Parathyroid Center. It is worth the travel and expense. Their website is great, full of information.
The Norman Parathyroid Center is the worlds premier parathyroid treatment center. Our practice is limited to parathyroid disease only, treating more parathyroid patients than any other institution in the world-- performing nearly 1,700 mini-parathyroid operations annually. Founded by Dr James Norman, the inventor of minimially invasive parathyroid surgery. Spanish

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