Dr. Kimberly Smith is a highly rated Rheumatologist, no one could imagine her greatness. ?The blood results didn't prove my disease that is common. I was the poster girl for Sjogren's. After confirming my missing blood proof, she continued to talk about treatment; short & long term meds. I asked if we were just treating without a diagnosis. "No, you have a diagnosis, Sjogren's". Dr. Smith is my “Let there be light”. I feel truly confident that health lives just a few more heart beats away.
I was a new patient in the spring of 2017. The office is very shabby - rips on the exam table with the stuffing coming out. The Medical Assistant took my weight and medical history in the hall with everyone walking by. The doctor prescribed a medicine that I had a reaction to - could not get out of bed, and fainted. I called the office and spoke to the Medical Assistant. She said I could call 911 if there was a problem. I asked to speak to the Doctor and she said I could make an appt.
Dr. Smith is a great doctor. She is kind, caring, and very knowledgeable. She makes me feel at ease and answers and addresses any and all questions I ask.
Dr. Smith is extremely knowledgable with an exceptional caring attitude.
Dr Smith is a great Doctor. I got very excellent Care seeing her. She is very kind and cares about her patients. She is number 1 and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you.
Dr. Smith always takes time to listen to me and asks pertinent questions. She is a very caring person. She is very up to date on my treatment and often surprises me on how aware she is of what is going on with me and with treatment I receive from other doctors. She is very encouraging and very focused on making me better. I trust her completely and recommend her without reservation. Her staff is fantastic.
Fantastic Doctor. Amazing bedside manner. Always listened carefully and let me ask all questions I had. She truly sought to make my arthritis pain better.
Dr. Smith is passionate about each of her patients. My wait time is never longer than 5 minutes. The most important thing is her taking time to listen.

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