Very caring and knowledgeable as well as cautious. I am a snowbird from Maine. It is very hard to find dermatology specialist in ME however she found a dermatologist she went to school with. Without her talking to this doctor I would have been without treatment for 6 months.
Dr. Mammino is highly knowledgeable, experienced, and an advocate for his patients. He takes time to explain the diagnosis to his patients and review all possible treatment modalities. I highly recommend.
My first visit there and was comfortable from the minute I arrived. Staff very helpful and curtious. Dr Klem was very friendly and warm. Im a patient for life. Fantastic experience.
My mother kept trying to schedule asked me to call to help as people kept saying they did not have the refferal or insurance information. PCP gave us all of the confirmed faxes. Lady was rude and to lazy to even look. In this case it's not my mothers age or her hearing it's the complete ineptitude of the office staff. Found a diffrence practice that I trust to see and treat my mother without the run around or games!
Dr GUrtman did not perform a Derm exam of my skin surfaces. He failed to diagnose my problem and refused to see me for a second visit when I continued to have even more problems. I would not recommend him to anyone seeking help foe medical Derm problems.
I waited for a bit, the the wait was worth it. Best exam I have ever had, definitely going back!
Very honest and personable Doctor. She cares about her patients. There is usually a longer wait time for her because of her thoroughness- but I would rather have a really good doctor than a drive thru service when it comes to my health.
i will say she is the best i ever found ,her and her assistant very professional and makes the client very comfortable and they solve the problem i highly recommend them
Went for "head to toe", due to lengthy history of skin cancer, doc came in, barely looked & said bye, not a complete exam by any standard, reluctant to go back but only dermatologist that takes our ins, so we are stuck
I recently went to see Dr Klem for an exam as well as cosmetic concerns I had and was very impressed. Dr Klem expresses general concern for her patients and was very personable. She is very knowledgable and takes pride in patient care. I have highly recommend her to my family and friends and have scheduled an appointment for a cosmetic procedure.
I was treated like royalty from the moment I walked into her office. Not only did Dr. Klem do an amazing job with my Juvederm, she also had a great bedside manner and a sense of humor. The entire experience was better than I could have ever imagined. I wish I would have found her sooner!
Thank goodness I was recommended by a friend to see David. You will be in safe hands! He is extremely competent, very calming and takes time to listen and answer any and all questions. He puts his patients first. Extremely personable and likeable guy. I would absolutely recommend this physician - first class! Note to any future patient - Please do not attempt to self diagnose (ie no guessing or googling!) and do not delay - go and see this professional and put your mind at ease!
Dr. McAskill is a excellent doctor... professional, caring, and very skilled. He has removed several basal cells from my face and back. He suggested mohs to limit tissue removal but I didn't want to do that. He does such a great job that I wanted him to remove the basal cells. No one can tell that I had surgery on my face as there are no visible scars. I will refer friends and family to him in the future.
I had an appointment and waited in waiting room for 1 hour and half to find out that she couldn't see me. My appointment was at 11.00am and other patients were coming in and were being seeing. Myself and another patient we were sent home with a new appointment. She saw the private patients first and left the ones who have Medicare and Medicaid on the last of her list then she sent her office staff to say she didn't have time to see me. I think she is very un professional. Why make people wait.
I was referred to Dr. McAskill by my primary care physician. I will make sure he knows that he should never send another of his patients here. Making the appointment was easy, my doctor's office did it for me. I went to see Dr. McAskill for problems with hair loss. He asked several questions and said he would order blood work (which was already done by my primary) and call me back to schedule an appointment for a biopsy on my scalp. This visit was in October 2015. I went back to visit my PCP in
He is highly skilled and has a wealth of experience. He has a wonderful sense of humor that makes the small discomforts of treatment seem small. He sets the highest standard of excellence for himself and is down-to-earth, using good common sense. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Doc didn't listen to my needs or what I've already tried. Was in and out. Geee, thanks for prescribing me something I've already tried.
I don't trust most Dermatologists. They cut first then ask questions later. Like many other Doctors there is a conflict of interest when it comes to money and practice. Not much difference from Car Mechanics. However this PA is honest and caring. Much like the old days when patients came first and money second. He tries to take care of everything he can in one visit rather than stretch it out over many visits. David has a good personality and listens to you.
I have been a patient of Dr. Mammino for over a decade. He is very kind, caring, and professional. He is accurate with this diagnoses. He is genuine and doesn't give cause to 'white coat anxiety'. I highly recommend him.
I have been a patient of David Boyd for the past two years. I have issues with skin lesions, including those that are cancerous. Dr. Boyd is a skilled physician who correctly identified any pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions and treated them appropriately. I am very pleased with his professionalism and demeanor. His staff is pleasant and responsive. Clinical staff member, Minou, was very helpful and professional. She ensured Dr. Boyd was prepared prior to treatment. I recommend him highly.
Dr Chaplik is extremely professional, knowledgeable and caring. His attention to detail while treating his patients is very commendable . His office staff is very attentative and I would highly recommend his office.
Smart, no BS kind of doctor. World class and extremely knowledgeable. He doesn't try to sell you on things you don't need, which is why I really trust him. Super nice guy as well.
I've had relatively frequent experience with dermatologists over many years. Dr Chaplik is outstanding in several categories. He's very knowledgeable and helpful. He has a meticulous office and kind staff. He is not there to "sell" you anything. You will understand his suggestions ahead of time. If you decide it's not for you, no harm done, no hard feelings. For patients who mention his manner, try to look past that knowing you will receive the best medical treatment possible. The best.
Today I received a very cursory and unthorough examination because Dr. Bond was too busy talking about how wonderful Donald Trump is and how terrible Clinton and Obama were. I felt harassed, violated and trapped by his diatribe. I think he's lost his mind. He was never like this before. Don't feel like I can trust his judgment any longer, I will not be going back. I've seen him at least twice a year for the last 4 or 5 years. Extremely UNPROFESSIONAL behavior.
I would highly recommend this doctor. Dr Chaplik is very knowledgeable and pleasant.
I was refused treatment for a cancerous lesion on my shoulder unless I paid up front. My insurance requires that billing is submitted and when an EOB is issued...I pay that amount...not the incorrect amount that the office 'estimates'. I was told that unless I pay the incorrect amount UP FRONT, I cannot see the doctor. OUTRAGEOUS! I walked out and have to find another surgeon. I have at least 1/2 dozen doctors that I see regularly. They submit their billing...I receive an EOB and pay. Unreal.
Excellent. Checks your whole body. Nice clean timely office and staff. Everybody is so nice. Been going for 5 years and have had work done. He is one of the best.
Very knowledgeable and listens to the patients needs.
Dr. Archer is incredible. She is such a talented surgeon. I cannot say enough about her and her staff at Advanced Dermatology. Just love them.
She was not very interactive nor interested in carrying on a conversation. Very arrogant and not very caring towards the patient. I felt like I was a nuisance and my questions seemed to irritate her. Nursing staff friendly.
Super nice and great listener. It was my first visit for a thorough look-over. Office people were great especially checking my insurance coverage. Waiting time was average but once I was in the back I was seen within minutes. Would absolutely go back to him. Biopsies were done and was told they will get back to me within two weeks either way. Only concern was different things I was concerned about and wasn't told what they were but overall checkup was good.
Dr chaplik was referred to me by my father, and now treats my whole family. Dr Chaplik caught and treated his melanoma after another dermatologist missed It. He also does his skin cancer management with mohs. I feel comfortable recommending dr Chaplik for anyone looking for a dermatologist who is thorough and cares about his patients.
Life threatening infection following surgery. Botched job.
Excellent staff, Dr Archer herself is so patient informative and good at what she does! Highly highly recommend
I was a little apprehensive about going to go see a dermatologist as I've done my fair share of laying under the tanning beds. Dr. Bernstein Made me feel comfortable from the moment she stepped Into the room. She was kind,gentle and thorough and really helped me put my mind to ease about the concerns I had regarding my skin. She took the time to answer all of my questions and didn't rush me out of the room. I will definitely be coming back to Dr. Bernstein for my yearly skin check!
Dr. Bernstein listened to all my concerns and was very patient and caring. She put my mind at ease and discussed treatment options with me. I'm going to continue using her to keep my family and I healthy.
I went to see Dr. Chaplik for the first time and was so pleased with the experience. In the past, I have been to Dermatologists who have treated me like a number in a factory. Dr. Chaplik was friendly, thorough and took the time to explain certain conditions on the skin. He is very calming and put me at ease. He is very knowledgeable in his field. I would highly recommend Dr. Chaplik and I will definitely see him again should I have further issues in the near future.
Completely rude, condecending and unprofessional attitude, wasted time waiting for this apt and the day, left feeling terrible. Actsd as though he was doing me a favor by seeing me. Just an extremely unpleasant person who should have never been a doctor. Gross!
About 12 years ago I needed to see a dermatologist and a friend recommended Dr Igor Chaplik. I made an appointment and immediately felt comfortable with my choice. I am fair skinned and have spent too many years enjoying the sun and beaches of Cape Cod and Ft Lauderdale which has taken a toll on my skin. I now see Dr C twice a year for body scans to check for skin cancer issues and biopsies and treatments as needed. I have found Dr C to be a very professional, competent and pleasant man.
Waited for over one hour... he walk to the exame room I present a list and he without looking at it sad we don't have time for this today and after address only 3 of my concerns, did find time to start talk about OBAMACARE and went on and on and on... boring. Left the room and I GOT NOTING again NOTING... Paid $50 of my pocket plus my PPO Insurance payment. He should retire... lost his zest for the profession.
Dr Chaplik is very professional and I trust him.
I saw Dr. Chaplik in his fort Lauderdale office about six months ago to treat a worrisome rash on my toddler. He treated her with such care and patience and she was very relaxed in his care as she usually gets unruly and anxious during doctor visits. He treated the rash effectively and reassured me while taking the time to educate. Since then, I've been back for a thorough skin exam and he recently performed a procedure with Bellafill on my embarassing acne scars. Now my skin is so smoothe!<3
Excellent dermatoogist with a great bedside manner. Took time with me. Answered all of my questions. I had a lot of questions :).
The rudest doctor I ever met. His attitude is horrible. You have been warned!
My biggest complaint: When I called to schedule my follow up appt to have my mole removed, the lady at the desk never actually scheduled the appt. I waited three weeks for an appointment that was never booked by their front desk. $80 was initially paid and was to go towards that follow-up, but I will not go back. So disappointing!
Igor Chaplik one of the worst doctors I ever met , he missed diagnosis and was very rude and arrogant. My worst experience ever ! He needs to go back to school!
Dr. Boyd is an excellent doctor that took plenty of time to explain my MOHS procedure to me. I knew exactly what to expect going into surgery and exactly what to expect as far as recovery time. I had my surgery just before Thanksgiving and my nose is almost completely healed up now at Christmas. Staff was very friendly and patient.
Rushed incomplete care in a crowed office environment . I
I am an existing patient and have an issue. I called to to make an appointment and they said I would have to wait 3 months. I am looking for a new doctors. Someone that makes room for patients that have a problem between appointments.
I had cosmetic fillers done for the first time with Dr. Potter. My face with showing aging in my cheeks and lower face. The results are amazing and beyond what I ever imagined. She was very caring and gentle. She smiled the whole time which shows how much she loves what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for cosmetic work or a dermatologist.
Very good! Takes care of patient and is very thorough.
I just had filler put on the sides of my mouth and around my lips and I'm so thrilled with how it came out. Dr. Potter has a wonderful bedside manner and a very gentle hand. I very highly recommend her.
Dr. Podnos has performed two Mohs procedures for me and both have turned out very well. Neither had any ongoing issues. Very pleasant and professional.
Mohs surgery expertly done in an impossible location on inside ear. I would recomend to my family and friends.
Dr. was punctual, friendly, and professional. He made eye to eye contact , shook my hand, and treated me as a person rather than a specimen in the lab. His explanations and follow-up exams worked out perfectly. I had 3 Mohs procedures in a 6 week time period and I am very satisfied. I recommend Dr. Podnos for any dermatology procedure.
Dr Marisa Potter and her team are the best, the very best. I am thrilled to have chosen her. Highly recommendable to any one looking for high quality medical care. You will not be disappointed with doctor Marisa Potter and her team. Very pleasant and professional. Miami Beach, FL.
I found Dr. Yungmann to be very pleasant along with his nurse and the young man at the front desk. Dr. Yungmann was very thorough and explained the procedure prior to numbing the area.
I'm the nervous type when it comes to any medical procedure so I was very fortunate to be referred Dr. Podnos. Dr. Podnos performed Mohs surgery on my nose which I'm happy to report healed beautifully! His calm and informative demeanor will put you at ease and you know you're in good hands!
Dr. Podnos is a wonderful dermatologist and a skilled mohs surgeon. His exams are always thorough and his relaxed demeanor have consistently put me at ease. He never rushes through an exam and takes the time to answer all of my questions. If you are looking for the highest quality of care, I would highly recommend Dr. Podnos.
My experience with Dr. Potter proved to be both painless and the results were fantastic. She's a perfectionist in her work as she works cautiously and carefully.
I am currently bringing both my 90+ parents to this practice for skin cancer treatment. I brought my sons to Dr Yungmann over ten years ago for wart issues. He has always listened carefully and explained thing well. When my son's plantar warts were non responsive to standard treatments he try end aldaira cream instead of giving up or continued growth the painful freezing.
Out of all the dermatologists I've been to in my life, Dr Podnos is by far the best. He is very thorough and meticulous, and has a wonderful bedside manner. Anytime he has performed MOHS surgery on my face, it has healed perfectly and you can't even tell where the stitches were. He really cares about his patients and makes sure you have the best outcome. He also has an amazing staff in Mona and Marisol. They are always there for you if you have any questions or concerns.
Dr. Podnos has been my dermatologist for many years. He is a great doctor, treating me for many stages of skin cancers. I trust him immensely and always leave the office knowing that I am in great hands. Dr. Podnos is very approachable, good humored, remembers his patients and listens intently to your needs. Both myself and my wife are extremely happy with the office and our care. Easy to make appointments or reschedule if needed.
I was seen at my appt time. Dr Schiff and his staff were very personable and professional. My wife and I were there for a check up. After all the horrible Dr's I have seen in S florida over the past several years, it was a pleasure dealing with a professional and very simply a nice guy.
I have been to Dr. Yungman's office 4 or 5 times. I don't know if he's alive, dead or doesn't exist at all. Never met him. The place is run like a production line in Detroit. They waste half of the visits giving a quick visual of your skin and telling you to come back again later for more aggressive treatment. The place is just too busy to offer the type of care I desire and paying for. I am currently seeking another Dermatologist that will better serve my needs.
If you want a physician who respects your input and research, who makes eye contact, listens and is more interested in you than writing on your record, who answers your questions, and says negative, hurtful things to you, then THIS is the doctor for you. Otherwise, choose one of the five star rated physicians. I will never see this man again or refer anyone to him. These comments are based on my two visits with him, and are my personal opinions. I might add that my career was in health care.
The doctor was fine but the staff which was very important was awful and interrupted my fathers care. I plan on reporting to the doctor my experience. I was ignored by the office manager as a health care advocate for my father. My father counts on me to protect him.
I booked my appointment, asked if they accepted my insurance, gave them the member ID, got confirmation of the appointment a few days later. I took my 9 year old out of school in the middle of her day, drove all the way there to be told that they made a mistake and my insurance is not accepted and they would not see her
Dr. Rosen has been treating me for 3 years and he is the best Dermatologist I have ever seen. His knowledge and state of the art treatment surpasses all other Dermatologist.
Unprofessional customer service. Questionable end-result of surgeries. I do not recommend this practice and encourage potential patients to seek dermatological medical service at other practices and not with any of the Advanced Dermatology offices located throughout Central Florida.
Horribly misdiagnosed me twice!
Excellent people and technical skills.
Dr. Podnos takes the time necessary to perform a thorough exam each time you visit. He has a level of concern and caring that was missing from other dermatologists I visited in the past. He was meticulous in performing mohs surgery and did a great job explaining what was happening and following up. The staff has always been personable and caring as well.
I told him I thought I had ringworm, he looked at the rash and prescribed medication, kind of brushed off further questions I had. I made a second appt about a month later and then a test was done and a month after that I got the test results, which showed it was not ringworm, and a bill for the test after spending more than the cost of the test on medication for something I didn't have. The test should have been offered at the 1st visit.

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