I unfortunately was referred to Dr. O'Neill by my insurance. He was very rude, and short with me. If I had a question about my injury, he would respond in a demeaning tone, and I felt he was very disinterested in me as a patient. I get anxiety going to the Dr, and he made it quite worse for me. Dr. O'Neill is absolutely horrible, he should be aware how he treats his patients. I would not recommend him to anyone.
WOW! What a disaster!! Waited over 45 minutes, I had the 1st appointment after lunch, so I figured the appointment would be fairly quickly..WRONG! The entire time he was in the exam room, the door was opened, his tone was very degrading, didn't care I was in pain, never looked at the x-ray from urgent care, I was told I most likely had a fracture, he just said ice and elevate. Went to another Dr and I most definitely had a fracture, now im on crutches and a cast. What a waste of time and money.
Very disinterested in me as a patient, he did not seem to care. What a waste of my time....only waited 50 minutes in the exam room...i had an 815am appt. I will be looking for another Dr.
I had a previous bunionectomy on my right foot, that was not very satisfactory, at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Tremendous pain and swelling, use of hardware, and a long recovery time. We moved to FL and Dr. O'Neill performed a bunionectomy on my left foot. He used a totally different procedure. There was minimal pain and swelling, no hardware, and a shorter recovery period. I was amazed. The results were so much better and it is a joy to see my foot with straight toes and no signs of a bunion.
He has the worst bedside manner ever!! Reading some of the reviews about him, I 100% agree with other people. Go to Sarasota Orthopedic Associates!!
Great doctor. Great office. Thanks for helping me.
The WORST DR EVER!!! He has the worst bedside manner, he barely did an exam, no x-ray...so I went to get a 2nd opinion, and I have a fracture. Do not make an appointment with him!!!!!!!!!!
Great doctor and office. Thanks for helping my hip feel better. The cortisone shot didn't even hurt.
Never met a doctor more disinterested in me as a patient. No examination, few questions, cursory responses to my questions. Had recent x rays from previous doctor. He complained that they were poor quality but had no interest in taking new x rays.
My first visit with Dr O'Neill was one of reassurance, compassion and explanation of what was going on with my ankle. Dr O'Neill is warm, caring easy to talk with Dr. He listens to your questions. I need felt rushed.
Great experience with Dr. Herman. Thanks for helping me.
This is a GREAT doctor. He diagnosed my "trigger finger." By the time I'd left his office, I was on the way to being pain free. Great personally-easy to talk to, very knowledgable and professional. Great staff and zero wait time. Yay!
Dr. Herman was great. He listened. Diagnosed my problem. Gave me a cortisone shot in my hip and I feel great. Highly recommended.
Wow. The personable & caring physician I had seen in 2 prior office visits morphed into a brusque & rude person once I was in the preop area of the same day surgery center. He appeared in front of my stretcher a few minutes before the scheduled procedure & was angry & uncommunicative. Things only went downhill from there. As a retired health care professional, I thought I was used to temperamental personalities but I was already prepped & vulnerable, unable to deal with this in avproductive way
Dr. O'Neill preformed hammertoe surgery for me on 5 toes at the same time. The surgery went so well, and while it is a very painful surgery, the pain was controlled as well as possible with my pain medication. He impressed me with his knowledge and the outcome is amazing. I appreciate him and his office personnel professionalism and kindness and would, and do give his name to others who are in need of a top notch Podiatrist. Thank you Dr. O'Neill. Margie Turner
I wish there were more doctors like Dr. O'Neal. He diagnosed my problem accurately, explained patiently what the treatment was and showed me how to dress my foot. I never felt rushed and he was very kind and caring. I have complete faith in his medical expertise and would highly recommend him to anyone,
After seeing other Drs. who did not help me overcome terrible heel pain, Dr. O'Neill correctly diagnosed it as an Achilles tendon problem that could be corrected by surgical lengthening. Dr. O'Neill explained the process and recovery time accurately. I followed Drs. orders to the letter and am now completely foot-pain free. I can count Drs. I would recommend on one hand, but Dr. O'Neill is one of them.
I found Dr. O'Neill to be very personable and still professional. He saved me from unnecessary surgery and I cannot thank him enough for catching an incorrect diagnosis by a different doctor. As for whatever bad reviews are on here, I truly don't understand. I'm not sure what the hype was supposed to be, but as far as I'm concerned he lived up to the very good reputation he has around town.
I feel that Dr. O'Neill saved my foot. I had elective metatarsal and bunion surgery followed by a second surgery for debridement due to infection. The wound would not heal. I went to Dr. O,Neill for a second opinion. I immediately had a 3rd surgery and began IV infusions via a Pic line for a bone infection. Three months later my wound is healed, no infection and I know with Dr. O,Neill as my doctor I will handle the future outcome.
He made fun of my illness to the nurse that was assisting him. I was extremely unsettled knowing that he has that much disregard in his patients feelings. Especially when I'm putting my faith in a healthcare professional to take care of me AND PAYING HIM!
I accompanied my 83 year old mother to this appointment. She has terrible pain on the bottom of her feet and swelling in her ankles. Dr. O'Neill offered no explanation for either the pain or swelling. He also said he had no time for an anatomy lesson when we asked about a possible operation for tarsal tunnel syndrome, which was the diagnosis from the neurologist. When we gave him the report from the nerve conduction studies and he said, I don't know how to read this.
Nightmare to deal with the staff was unable to tell me what an office visit costs. Really, after giving them insurance info days prior. Then a nasty surprise bill weeks later with a charge for a service I never used, which they then made me write a letter to take off the bill. Now you know why our health insurance costs so much. I went to 2 other doctors after this one and neither agreed with his diagnosis. My advice go see someone else.
Dr. O'Neill is a caring physician; he took the time to explain my fracture situation, and the options available to me. Without question, my opinion mattered, and he sincerely cared that I was comfortable.
Lots of hype, but he doesn't deliver.
William Kennedy, M.D., and Ronald White, M.D. began working together in Sarasota in the late 1970's. Since then, their small two doctor office has grown into a full service orthopedic/multispecialty practice. There are now 11 doctors in the group. Spanish

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