Dr. Leroux is beyond reproach. I am a United States Air Force retired combat vet. Dr. Leroux is treating me for service and non-service disabilities. He always takes the time to listen to me and explains to me any questions I have. Dr. Leroux in the 4 months he is treating me has a great love for his patients. Every month, I see him and he request "full blood panels," My blood is better than the month before! I do my part as a patient and do my best to follow his instructions.
Have been waiting since March 1st. to have a report read by him. It is now March 21st. he still has not read the report. Lab where I had test done has spoke to him. He does not care. Be careful if you go to him, he is all about the money not the care of people and how things he does or does NOT do impacts their lives. I am making a formal complaint with medical board. Never go to him . Karla Hendricks
First off,I'm not a patient.I'm a med provider. After U used morphine for sedation on a dementia patient w/no pain rather than an anti-anxiety med i have to smh.U made the patient more manic.Geez wonder why?Then U proceeded to yell@urRN the next night when they asked for sedation4 the same distraught patient after they pulled out multiple IVs,flailed around trying hurt herself,repeatedly tried to get out of bed,etc.Newsflash big boy, that's not "what the sitter is for". That is how u hurt people
Watch the video, it is the EXACT opposite of how this doctor acts and performs. The only thing he cares about is telling everyone how good he is. He thinks very highly of himself and he isn't hesitant to tell you how much his patients love him. Reality check, his patients often switch doctors because of his attitude and lack of compassion.
This man left my mom without her prescribed pain management, suffering in a hospital for more than 16 hours, and then discharged her without any because he said she refused a treatment for a UTI. (She cannot remember doing so - she went in with massive confusion and she was also repeatedly falling; still worried it was a ministroke.) He said that he was too busy to call me to talk about concerns with my mother. He's negligent & it is also cruel to let a chronic pain patient suffer.
Because of Dr Garrett and his wonderful staff I was able to have 5 more years with my father. Because of Dr. Garrett my dad was able to walk me down the isle the first time and to be there when his grandson was born and even got to celebrate his 1st birthday with him. Thank you Dr. Garrett for all that you did to give this daughter exyra time with her dad. For that I will always be grateful.
Never like to leave bad reviews, but after my husbands experience with this doctor at the hospital I wouldn't recommend him to anyone. My husband went to the hospital for severe stomach pain and severe a edema. Already having kidney problems the doctor came in to order heart exams. Not one thing was done about his stomach. He sat in pain for four days until they finally ordered a gi dr.amarchand did not respond to order on his bp rising,and never ordered gi exam knowing he's had prev gastro issu
Dr.Triola and his staff are nothing but professional and caring.
Dr.Amarchand discharged my mother from the hospital after several transfusions in the ICU and assured my family that Mom was okay.. 24 hrs later her Primary care provider sent her back to the same ER, bleeding from every orifice of her body and refused to admit her OR to transfer her to another facility.
Dr. March and is a very nice man. He has a great bedside manner and I trust his medical decisions!

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