Dr. Howard was very knowledgeable and kind and I couldn't have asked for better care after my allergic reaction while on vacation. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Dobhan is awesome! Great personality. Is straight forward in his diagnosis, very thorough, asks a lot of questions and then explains things very well. Couldn't be happier to have him as my Gastro Doc!
Real. Approachable. Friendly. Great Doctor. No doubt that he cares.
This guy was a joke, I had to refrain from yelling in this guy's face. He didn't care one bit about his job and didn't listen at all to what my husband was saying. Seemed to have less knowledge on his career than a basic Google search, and had no reference to any studies we could look into on treatments. Looked like a slob and had a very lazy attitude. After waiting a month to get an appointment, this was the most useless experience in a doctors office I've ever had.
My experience with this doctor was very disheartening. Could not remember anything about my situation, had to refresh his memory. Would not look you in the eye and any concerns you had about your treatment did not seem important to him. Asked me what procedures we had done so far, this information would have been in my file. His nurse "forgot" to send samples to lab. His nurse told me that the doctor could not figure out what was happening and if it got worse to just go to an emergency room.
Dr. Redden did not seem to know me from one visit to the next. He asked me what medication he had prescribed. Did not explain the medical treatment that was to be done. I was in the pre-op with an IV in waiting for surgery at 2:00 P.M. He arrived at 2:15 and told me I had a UTI so no surgery. He had the results at 9:00 A.M. He kept telling me I needed to have my bladder removed, I believe for more billings. I am now at the VA having BCG therapy, the "cookbook treatment" for what I have.
I am a new patient and I found Dr. McCanse to be interested in my concern and he demonstrated his desire to correct my problem. He was professional, clear and concise on my diagnosis as well as the treatment plan prescribed. I felt he also took extra steps to rule out other possibilities. I would definitely recommend him as a physician.
I was bracing myself for PAIN, having seen post op patients at my workplace and colleagues saying their face was swollen for three days, it's worse than labor.However I' am extremely lucky to say I had NO PAIN. I took one pain pill about four hours after surgery for when the anesthesia wore off and prior to bed, but it was just precautionary not because of pain.Would I recommend Dr. Landis? YES,YES,YES.
Frequently did not remember why I was there. After spending the night in the ER due to an adverse reaction to medication prescribed, I called to let the doctor know, and the receptionists said the nurse would talk to the doctor and give me a call. But, my call was not returned. Considering the prescription was a specialty compounded drug that the doctor specifically had made for me, I would have expected at least a call.
Office staff is a joke. They changed my first appointment to a different date/time but didn't update their records so when I showed up they said I didn't have an appointment. I showed them the letter they mailed me with the new date/time. I still had to wait 1.5 hours to be seen by the doctor. I've had to reschedule my 2nd appointment three times since they keep forgetting to fax over the forms for imaging (or send the wrong forms all together). I'm done wasting my time with this office.
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