Dr. Gupta and his staff are extremely professional, caring, and know the best approaches to developing a medical plan of action for rare and difficult diseases that are under his specialty. I credit Dr. Gupta with saving my life.
I saw dr Gupta once and he within that visit had come up with treatment plan and was very well at explaining every outcome and options for all them. When my first procedure took place he was very comforting as well
Immediately Impressed I was referred by my primary care physician. My immediate impression when entering the office was wow! The receptionist was incredibly friendly and the office is beautiful! I met Dr Badillo and he took the time to talk to me and listen to me. He genuinely cares!!!! I would never see anyone else!!
Excellent Experience!! I have been having difficulties with abdominal pain for years. I see Dr. Gupta and Lauren NP at the office. They have been extremely informative and attentive to me. After seeing numerous other doctors without a clear diagnosis, I was diagnosed with IBD and am now on treatment. I am doing wonderful and have my life back!!!!! Thank you!!!!
DO NOT GO HERE!!! First, they scheduled me at the wrong location and I asked me to go to the other one that was 30 minutes away while I already took off time from work and in severe pain. Then they agreed to see me, but made me wait over an hour. Finally I was misdiagnosed and wound up in the hospital the next day!! Also, they said they would call in the prescription for what they diagnosed me with and never did which I wound up being thankful for seeing that it was not correct.
Dr. Covelli is wonderful, personable and attentive. However, her office staff and nursing staff are not AT ALL concerned with patients. If you leave a message for someone, don't expect a return call. Their phone system is awful, you can rarely talk to a real person. Voicemails are useless.
I have been a patient of DR. Gupta for over 7 years. In 2014 during my second colonoscopy exam. Dr Gupta founded cancer in my appendix. Upon finding the cancer,he immediately refer me to a very qualified surgeon and Hematology/Oncology for treatment. Every procedure. Dr Gupta were very concerned about my well being and I can't thank him enough for the detecting and aggressively looking out for my health(I am cancer free for over 3years) Thanks to Dr Gupta and I would recommend him to anyone.
I have suffered with abdominal pain and Crohns Disease for years. Dr. Gupta was able to diagnose me with Crohns disease. I am now on appropriate therapy and doing wonderfully. I finally have my life back. Thank you Doc!!!!
Dr. Covelli thoroughly addressed all of my concerns during my visit. Plus, she was aware of more of my medical history than I was because she had researched most of my records before we met. She was amazing and I felt completely comfortable with her as we discussed my issues. I would definitely recommend Dr. Covelli.
I showed Dr. Covelli where my pain was at the base of my rib cage near my liver, which happens to be where a normal human liver resides. She proceeded to tell me that was not my liver but my lung. She also told me no less than 4 times in the span of only a few minutes that she thought my problem was psychological even though I explicitly told her I was having physical pain and she has no psychology license and administered no tests to come to her conclusions.
Misdiagnosis-told my wife she had cancer - she ended up with major depression. Surgeon told her she did not have cancer and was normal-avoid this guy
Dr. Gupta and his staff of medical Doctors are awesome. They take the time to explain any concerns you may have or every procedure they do? Droctores are very supportive, and thorough when explaining the process they are very professional, and they have lovely personality. I would recommend Dr.Guptas office to everyone. Through Dr.Raham Dharmaratam is the one I see in a regular basis but I have been seen by most of them and they are awesome!!
Wife - colonoscopy. At the surgery center where she went I was very disappointed to see an "assembly line" operation - get them in and get them out as fast as possible. After the procedure Dr Gupta sat with us. My wife told him she had a dry throat- was coughing, which was NOT happening before the procedure. He just blew it off as a joke - he took biopsies. She spiked a fever after. Again she was not taken seriously, even though the post-op instructions said to call. Nurse never called back
Outstanding doctor and team.
Dr. Corelli is full of intelligence & energy. She asked questions, listened then recommended a procedure that we both are very comfortable with. All in all it was a very positive experience. I am so grateful to have found such a great physician.
I moved to Florida from Texas where I have been under the care of a GI for a long time. I saw Dr. Gupta based on his schooling, things he was supposed expert on. I am on many water pills and when I saw him I told him I will be needing refills within a month, he said just call the office and he would call them in. I called and he refused to call in all my meds, 2 weeks later I was in the hospital all because I did not have my medicine to rid my body of excess water.. I will not return to him.
Very knowledgable and takes time to explain. Highly recommend to anyone.
My husband and I love Dr. Covelli! She is upbeat, caring, and hard working. I am new to her practice and she took the time to read my extensive history. I feel she is working hard to help me with my Crohn's Disease and other problems. She is looking at possibilities that other doctors haven't and she has found some promising leads. I feel hope for the future and feel lucky that I found her.
Dr Covelli is an INCREDIBLE doctor! She is caring, compassionate and extremely intelligent!
Very good and caring Doctor, recommend her anytime
Dr. Gupta is warm, caring and an expert in his field! He literally saved my life by finding gastric cancer tissue before it became a tumor. Be patient with the office staff because they seem to create a lot of mistakes BUT it's completely worth it to have such an amazing physician.

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