Dr Stevenson is an amazingly gifted surgeon. With a bed side manor to match. Very professional. Very thorough. Wonderful with making sure you have all the information you need. Walks with you every step of the process. Treats you like you are his own family
I could not have asked for a better doctor. Dr. Rucinski was very funny , personable , kind and explained the condition I had and what he was going to do for it. My wife a retired nurse was very impressed too. Dr. Rucinski listened carefully and answered all my questions.
Great surgery , very informative and great bedside manner. My husband and i have both had surgery with Dr Shinn, he does the impossible. Recommend him highly. Mr and Mrs Harry Tison
I seen Dr. Skinn a few years ago, due to a workman's comp. claim. Was not impressed at all. Stated to me " there is nothing wrong with you, it is all in your head." I will never go back to the Orthapedic center in Gainesville or Alachua. Your place of business is not the only Orthapedic center in town. If I knew what I know now I would of looked up the owners of this place of business and the board if medicine and reported him for his unethical behavior.
I love Dr Stevenson. He is very professional as well as his PA Vance. Visited everyday while I was in the hospital and was very courteous. I would highly recommend him. I valued his opinion as well as what would be in my best interest for my health. Thank you for helping me!
God bless Dr. Marc Rogers. I woke up in extreme right shoulder pain on 10/2016. After a series of non-surgical procedures, I was led to Dr. Marc Rogers who adjusted his booked schedule to fit me in for right shoulder surgery. I fill like a new woman and the Physical Therapy staff are great too.
Love Dr Sambry. He has always done what is best for me and my family. He is very much to the point and makes sure you understand what is going on with whatever your problem may be.
He has done several operations on me and I have no complaints. He takes time with me and answers my questions.
Doesn't listen to my concerns or problems. Too worried about what workmans comp wants and what they say compared to my issues. Doesn't listen to me or address the limited amount of movement I have or the level of pain I am in on a daily basis
Too busy to address immediate health needs. Has lost the concern for the individuality of patients. Staff is oblivious to immediate needs and unwilling to listen to special situations that may require consideration.
Considerate, concerned, great sense of humor, comfortable talking to him
Dr Rosenberg's empathy, knowledge, and skill helped me immensely. His DIEP procedure gave me 100% home grown, natural breasts after my double mastectomy, and the only scars were around the areolas. My insurance covered it in full. I'm very open about the mastectomy and reconstruction, and his work on me has gotten excellent feedback (and a little envy) from other women. So many survivor friends wish they had known about DIEP for themselves, or done it this way. THANKS, Dr Rosenberg & staff!
I am having trouble finding words to describe this MD. I will tell you: he is extremely non-professional. He actually made a diagnosis with out a physical exam. I went twice and each time he had me wait an hour before he appears for a 4 minute visit. I finally went some where a lot further away and what a difference in the exam the doctor provided and the care and the attention. Gainesville Orthopedic Institute needs to retire him.
Very arogant, no bedside manner. Treated my injury (torn muscle in calf) as if it was no big deal, rushed me out without explaining what exactly happened or how to heal it, did no testing, just his so called knowledge. Didn't want to ask all the questions i wanted to for fear of being belittled again..will definately go to someone else for followup.
Dr. Rocca is so amazing. I have had the best experience with his staff and his service. He is extremely professional. He takes his time with his clients and makes sure they are truly comfortable with their treatment plan. He is direct and has a remarkable bed side manner. I am so thankful I chose him for my shoulder surgery! I highly recommend him to those out there that are looking for an excellent surgeon and Doctor! Thank you!
Dr Rogers is very professional and understands your needs and feelings completely. A doctor you can depend on to get the very best medical advise and care without question.
He is quick to judge a patient. He has this God complex and a potty mouth. He thinks patients are made out of a money tree. He discredit his patients reasoning for why they didn't drive to Gainesville to see the Surgeon to be charged another $70, when the surgeon made his determination after I canceled the appointment surgery wasn't necessary. I was talked down to and asked why I don't take responsibility for my actions. I told him that I had an X-ray 6 weeks ago and my foot wasn't healed.
Saw him on several occasions. He never exams you.
Did not take time to explain my problem and rushed me out of the office. Seemed very disinterested in my knee problem.
Despite a six week wait to see this practitioner, it was clear that he had not taken the time to sufficiently (at all?) review my case history, nor had he invested time in actually looking at my recent MRI results. Instead, he simply reviewed the radiologist report and based his comments on it alone. It was clear that my failure to act crippled enough gave him the impression that my issues were not worthy of his full attention. Nice enough guy, but complete waste of time professionally.
I had breast augmentation and a tummy tuck done by Dr. Rosenberg. He and his staff were professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He helped me to pick the implant size that was right for me and I love the way I look. My abdomen looks great and the scar is hardly visible. I have recommended him to my friends and family.
Dr. Rucinski was very professional and eased my concerns with his knowledge of my condition. I felt very comfortable with him and would definitely return if I ever needed his services again. He has a great bedside manner and I will tell everyone I know to see him if they need him.
TOI, Dr. Shinn and the TOI staff are the best I have met in my 45 years in the medical profession and in the 65+ as a patient. The practice runs like a well oiled machine. The efficiency of the org. is superior. The personnel excel in every area I entered. Had 2 surgeries within past month with excellent outcomes - which is attributed to the cleanliness, efficiency, knowledge and superb patient care. I highly recommend TOI and Dr. Shinn to one and all.
He listened, he examined, he explained and he offered options. At all times I felt I was being treated as an intelligent patient who deserved his time and attention. Only time will tell if the solution he recommended and I chose will be the right one, but I am impressed with this doctor.
He takes the time to explain the problem and what he is doing about it.
He explains process and procedure well. He is trustworthy.He is a great surgeon.
My mother, who is elderly, fell and broke her hip. Upon receiving the diagnosis in the ER, I was very upset, essentially in a state of shock. It was our good fortune that Dr. Shinn was assigned to perform her hip replacement surgery. Upon first meeting him while still in the ER, I immediately felt calm and confident that he is competent and that all would all turn out okay, which it certainly did. Many thanks to Dr. Shinn!
Outstanding Dr and staff. I would and have highly recommended him.
Dr. Parr was rude and condescending from the moment the first appointment began. He accused me of only being interested in a law suit in the first 1-2 minutes of meeting me. He accused me of not being in the pain I described. He continued to discount my pain throughout my treatment and called it out of proportion to my injury after referring me to a surgeon because he said there was nothing else he could do.
Dr Mariano is not only an excellent surgeon and physician, she is a truely wonderful and warm human being. She takes time to explain everything in layman's terms and willingly goes above and beyond in all aspects of patient care. We will miss her greatly and hope she returns to the Ocala area soon. God Bless and watch over you!
This a rude and arrogant old man who needs to retire but does not know how. I chose an appointment with him thinking that he might have some empathy and compassion for my lifelong painful condition called Spondylolithesis. NOPE. I was told by Phillip Parr that I was a drug seeker and if I wanted drugs "I should go buy them on the STREET" He feels free to demean you and insult your integrity without caring about the pain you have been experiencing. Find another Orthopedic Doctor !
Extremely well trained. At the peak of his professional career. He uses a very direct approach in communicating. He listens well. He doesn’t candy-coat or mince words. I like this type of dialogue when dealing with serious matters of my health. He is very aggressive in preventing peri-operative complications before they have a chance to occur. Our family has had 4 major orthopedic procedures done by him, all were very successful even today.
This Doc is outstanding, unfortunately his office staff must be overworked and harried for she, whoever she was, was unable to interface appropriately. Having not been late for a medical appointment in 20 years & fearing that I might be I called, while on my way, to say that I might be late. The scheduler was curt and rude, reminding me that if I was 15 min late they would not see me. No good deed goes unpunished :( Perhaps it was my northern accent?
Would not have even given one star. He is a very angry individual. Maybe burnt out due to being the primary work comp provider. Actually walked out on me saying I was complicating his life.
Dr. Jaffe cannot be bothered to listen to patients or review their medical histories. Don't expect to spend more than 2-3 minutes with him, don't expect any answers, and don't expect to be treated like a respectable adult. Do, however, expect to immediately hear that you need expensive tests and surgery--he loves that sweet, sweet MRI and surgery money. What a disappointment, especially since The Orthopedic Institute is overall a pretty good practice.
Excellent physician. Dr Kinard is extremely kind and compassionate and does an excellent job injecting a degenerative joint condition in my foot. He's the best!!
Very clear and detailed explaining symptoms and choices on what can be done. Nice guy and to the point. Which is great since I don't go to Dr's for chit chat. Highly recommend.
I saw Dr. Altbuch for a torn meniscus. I found him to be very professional, extremely competent, and willing to explain what was going to be done and, after surgery, what was done, complete with photos. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Locker and his team were great with my left hip replacement. They were able to fit my surgery in way ahead of the expected time. I'm grateful for that. He was friendly and answered all of my questions. His team was helpful. I'm grateful!
I wish this doctor would retire. He makes you feel like you are crazy for having the symptoms that you have. I have severe lower back pain. After two years at OI I have worse pain than when I started. He told me the solution was to ride a bike for weight loss but it hurts too much to ride on a bike seat. I will not recommend him to anyone.
Went with a work comp issue with pains in my wrists, I asked about an ergonomic keyboard since I typed all day at wotk. He actually asked me "what's that". You would think most educated people would take the words "ergonomic" and "keyboard" and not need an explanation. Changed to a different doc after that afternoon was happy.
I have not had a good experience with this doctor!
Met Dr Mariano for the 1st time today! Although I could have given birth to her :), I found her very professional, compassionate and personable. She spent all the time I needed doing exam, reviewing my MRI, and answering all my questions! As a seasoned RN, I cant express how important this was to me!!! The staff was great too!!!
very knowledgeable and up to date on information
Dr Petty performed a hip replacement for me in April 2015. The result could not have been better! I have gone from quite a bit of pain to virtually none. My first thought on beginning even a short walk used to be " well it's going to hurt". Now it is as though there had never been a problem. Dr. Petty uses proven implants that have produced a good result many times in his practice. He did not explain recovery therapy at all but N. Fl mdc is professional and I had home visits 100 mi away.
I was in excruciating pain. Knee issues. I called Dr. Locker and got an appointment quickly and into surgery days later. The staff were very friendly. The facilities very clean. Dr. Locker was terrific and my Recovery has been speedy indeed. Dr. Locker has also done full hip replacements on my husband and half dozen friends. Everyone had terrific experiences and healed quickly and with no complications. Thank you, Dr Locker!!
very rude some what butt, i think all he does these days is scheduling so what the hellll....i like him he is a good o boy . i just hope this good o boy does the right thing...
I would not recommend this dr to anyone. He is incredibly rude and disrespectful when he speaks to you. He discredits any and all information that you give him, even when from other accredited doctors. He asks questions in a rhetorical, degrading, way as if to make you feel stupid for even being at his office. He then told me his stance as an orthopedic is to only be concerned with functional skill ability, and didn't care about the pain I experienced while functioning.
Doctor Mahmood fixed a cut tendon in my hand. I saw him in his office one day and he operated on me the next day. I'm very happy with the quick turnaround
Very helpful, listened to all my needs and explained things in detail to where I could understand. Had a little bit of a wait but was grateful he could work me in with such short notice!
I had my 1st appt with de berk last week tues and became very ill due to medications he put me on so i called to let them know and the staff there did not show any compassionthey started avoiding my phone calls and when i did speak with them they rushed my conversation cut me off and were just rude i wouldnt have had to call had the doctor not put me on so much terrible medicine
Dr. Kabeer is an exceptional physician with a wonderful personality. He removed a cancerous growth from the bridge of my nose and despite the length and depth of the growth, the scar is barely noticeable. He fully explained the surgery and answered all of my questions. I was comfortable before surgery and fully apprised of my home care requirements.
Wonderful and skilled physician. The success of my hip replacement has been a recommendation to all my friends. Several have asked who was my doctor.
Dr. Ellis did an excellent job taking care of my torn meniscus in my knee. I had arthroscopic surgery and have been doing well since. I was treated efficiently and kindly by all of his staff and he has a top notch Nurse Practitioner.
Personable, attentive, very skilled at injections for arthritis.
I hate shots and the worst kind of shot would be in a joint. I was pretty scared. Finally I had reached the point that I was willing to try anything and Dr Lane injected my shoulder. It was not painful at all. Still, two years later after a knee problem I knew that a shot in the knee joint was going to be necessary. I went back to Dr Lane. I didn't even feel the shot. It was amazing. If you need an injection and you are afraid of needles.Go to Tim Lane. Oh, and my knee is feeling much better.
Dr kabeer did a hand surgery on me that turned out fabulous!! Highly recommend him. The center was very clean and the staff was awesome.
Dr. Glenn has an excellent bedside manner and takes the time to listen to patent concerns and thoroughly answer any questions. He provides excellent care and follow-up. I could not be more satisfied with my care. Dr. Glenn did both a total right knee replacement and a total left knee replacement for me and both hospitalizations/surgeries went extremely well. I highly recommend him.
I saw Dr. Mahmood three or four times with hand problems. Each time he treated me with care and solved the problem and pain.
Dr Glenn is highly recommended and is very well known in the community for his excellent care. He has taken care of me for several years along with some of my family members. I would recommend him to anyone
Dr. Kinard is the greatest. He has repaired three vertebrae for me. He is a very kind experienced and talented physician.
I had hurt my knee in a fall about 6 weeks prior. It was better but still I had some issues with it and so I went for a consult. I took an older MRI and older x-rays with me. I had others done in Dr. Locker's office that day. He compared them all, did a physical exam & gave me his diagnosis and suggestions for treatment none of which involved surgery and, therefore, did not bring any more income to him. We discussed those options. I felt he cared about my outcome. I highly recommend him.
competent doctor?..explains well?.DELIBERATELY OVER BOOKS?..KEEPS YOU WAITING FOR LONG PERIOD OF TIME?.I CHANGED DOCTORS AFTER WAITING OVER AN HOUR ON TWO APPOINTMENTS?.NONE of the other doctors are like this in his practice...
Dr. Berk is someone who chooses to treat patients NOT in a compassionate way. He seems disinclined to openly discuss his thoughts on diagnosis and treatment, which is not helpful if a patient may want or need to understand his or her condition. I would not recommend him unless someone has a very straight-forward situation like a broken bone and needs urgent care. Overall, he has a condescending tone, which is inappropriate and totally unnecessary.
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