I would not go see her as outpatient after my terrible experience dealing with her while I was admitted to the hospital for headaches. She saw me for few minutes and never saw her again and I got a hefty bill from the hospital for her service. If you do the math, each minute she saw me, my insurance and I got billed, was worth 300$. Besides, she did not help me at all.
My husband & I love this doctor, she praises my husband at every visit, she's highly motivated to improve the quality of life for him since his stroke. I receive a compliment, as his caregiver, at every visit, too. Two friends have taken her business card and made appointments with her. Thank you for being so caring Dr. Lake
I have been seeing Dr. Lake since 2012 , for severe migraines . Dr. Lake and her staff have always conducted themselves in a very professional manner . Out of nine visits I have only had one visit rescheduled by her office . My wife has been in the medical field for twenty five years and presently works at Monroe . If Dr. Lake was not absolutely the best Neurologist within driving distance of Ocala , my wife would be the first to say so !
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