Dr. Roman is very approachable and ensures that he answers any questions.
Dr. Nardandrea has been my primary care physician for many years and I have always felt he cares about my health. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends!
I'm a senior citizen who recently move to Ocala from out of state. Finding Dr. Patterson and his practice has been a blessing. I have several health issues so I needed to feel assured that I could find a doctor that I could trust. Mission accomplished!!
DR crespo, how do you describe a professional, in the medical field such as him.in layman's terms , he cares . each person is treated as if they are a family member. if DR Crespo ever left there I /we and my family would follow him. I have the utmost of respect for him and his now staff, it is the most obvious that he only seeks the best of the best.
I have had very good experiences with Dr. Patterson, he is very attentive to my questions and expectations are very easy to understand. I would recommend Dr. Mark Patterson to anyone seeking a Primary Care Physician. The Staff are also friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely 2 Thumbs Up
wonderful staff , great office. everyone is so helpful , Love this place
If you want a physician who truly cares about your health and gives you time to ask your questions and has a staff that will bend over backwards to help you as well then Dr. John Nardandrea is the physician you are looking for. I so appreciate and trust the care I receive from Dr John and his staff.
I was throughly pleased with the care I received. Dr. Zimmer always listens to what I say. She will suggest something if she feels it will help me.
Always Top Notch care and evaluations.
My experience with Dr Rivera has been very positive. He communicates well with me at all times. He answers my questions satisfactorily which relieves my anxiety. He always contacts me concerning any immediate health issues. I am very comfortable with him as my physician.
I am a villagers Ndola began with Dr. Rivera 19 years ago when his office as in the Spruce. Creek Shoppes across from Walmart on 441. He has set up his practice in Bellview now working with the Ocal Health group. I highly recommend him to everyone who may be looking for a doctor out of The Villages. Dr. Rivera has a blood lab and X-Ray facilities on the premises. He telephones the results personally to you with any further instructions.
I am very satisfied with Allison I couldn't ask for anything better.
Very good experience with Dr Clevinger He took a lot of time to explain my blood work and answered all my questions I would highly recommend him and this practice
Dr. Fusco is a kind, professional, knowledgeable physician. I am always very satisfied with the care and attention he gives me during my office visits. Dr. Fusco's staff is very friendly and professional.
Dr. Rockower is an excellent medical provider. He always takes the time to answer my questions and to make sure that I am fully informed about my health issues. Every specialist that he has recommended is top-notch. His support staff is outstanding; they are very knowledgeable, efficient and always helpful. The front office folks have always found a way to work me in if I have an emergency and are always friendly and helpful. I am very happy with the service that I receive from Dr. Rockower.
I really like Dr. Aragon-Lopez and highly recommend her to everyone I know. I've talked my bull-headed, adult son into seeing her for his problems. She never rushes me thru a visit and answers any and all my questions. I can "be me" with her and laugh and be at ease with Dr. Lopez. Five stars isn't enough, lol!!! And her staff is just at nice. Love this office and this doctor!!!
Dr. Aragon is very personable and takes the time to answer questions so I can understand what she's talking about. It's nice to find a doctor that turkey cares.
I am very glad I found Erin Zimmer. She listens and cares what you have to say and how you are feeling. Her patience and desire to help is obvious. I have already recommended her to others.
My experience with Dr. Nardandrea is one of trust and understanding along with trying to find the best solutions for my particular medical problems. He listens to my questions and answers thoughtfully, and thoroughly. He has been available even when scheduling urgent appointments. The office environment is clean, and comfortable. The staff is friendly and courteousness. The wait time in the waiting room and exam room minimal. I would recommend him to others.
Allison Brewer-Reed, ARNP is friendly, knowledgeable and caring. She was fast, efficient, and concerned with getting to the route of my problems, not just treating symptoms.
Dr. Aragon is the best. Takes her time with you never felt rushed. Highly recommend.
ever time II see Dr. Crespo I always find all the staff very polite an than d Dr. Crespo will always answer my question no matter how little the question was. I always find the whole staff to be polite and knowledgeable I have never known a doctor that I have like to see more than Dr. Crespo. Lois Wagner
I appreciate the personal attention to the 'problem at hand'. Getting down to the condition with both a professional attitude, and technical enough for the well educated patient to understand the medical jargon that medical professionals speak. The one-on-one approach that Dr. Clevinger regularly utilizes in his rapport is greatly appreciated, and his open communication is a welcome comfort level with the doctor/patient relationship.
Dr Myra is professional, thorough and genuinely caring. I have never had a doctor who took the time to explain everything to me in a way I understand. I recommend her to everyone.
Dr. Nardandrea was my husband and my doctor for several years. He loves to write prescriptions. He began getting increasing hurried and short tempered. After the third time of him yelling at us for my husband refusing to take (because of a severe reaction Dr. N. Himself took him off) a cholesterol med my husband was on he tried scare tactics. There were three totally irrelevant incorrect diagnoses on my husbands list according to specialists. When asked he refused to remove or correct them.
A crisp clear communicator who listens, provides feedback on what he hears and a careful questioner turning over the nuances of our talk. It was quite positive knowing he is totally aware of my problems and addressed them in a highly professional manner. Urging me to use the patient portal to keep him up to date as we go forward. The doctor and staff were excellent in all aspects of their services.
When I leave Dr. Nardandrea's office I always feel good about myself, questions regarding my health are answered, and Trish and Dawn are always courteous, understanding and remember me and my health problems. I would and have recommended this practice anytime.
Erin is my favorite person - i just recommended her to a friend looking for primary care.
Dr. Crespo is a great family physician. He listens to what is going on with me and always gives a good, helpful and correct cure for the problem. He remembers prior conditions and considers them with the current situation and I never feel as though he doesn't take my ideas about what is going on lightly, even if I am way off the mark! I am comfortable with his professionalism and personality which mean a great deal to me.
Myra Sherman is an amazing health care provider who is not only gives exceptional medical care, she is Friendly and genuinely cares for her patients. I highly recommend her to everyone.
Both my wife and I have been patients of Melissas for a few years. We are always impressed with her thoroughness in all her exams. Melissa always provides ample time to explain lab results or comments relative to our current health status. She is patient with us with our questions and comments. We feel truly blessed to be her patient and look forward to a long relationship.
Allison is fantastic...very professional and personable. Family Care Specialists in Belleview offers superior health care; I've been a patient there for 19 years and wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly recommend.
I first met Dr. Aragon at a women's health seminar and liked her attitude towards healthcare. I have been her patient for 3 years now and regardless of what type of appointment I have (annual physical, women's wellness, illness, etc) I find Dr. Aragon to be extremely caring and knowledgeable. She listens to my concerns, answers all my questions and we review plans for my care together. If one of my test results has unexpected results, she will retest and refer me to another doctor as needed.
I was extremely pleased with the service provided me. It was Friday afternoon and I got seen quickly and Erin listened to my problem and gave me the appropriate treatment needed. She was courteous and attentive to my needs. I would definitely see her again if I had a medical issue.
There was a lot of miscommunication on my first visit.. Dr. Rockower has received good reviews and I cannot offer an accurate review. My first visit I thought was going to be a wellness checkup, however instead it was a brief visit of me talking and the doctor listening, He did send me for blood-work. No paperwork given to me about what I needed to do next. I never heard back about my blood-work. I called and left a message and still have not heard back. It has been frustrating!
Very good bedside manner, spends time with you and does not just talk to you, but listens to you. Very thorough and knowledgeable about necessary and unnecessary tests. Feel very comfortable with her and trust her advice.
I've been a patient of Dr .Rockower for so many, many years and have found him to be informative and takes the time to answer any questions a patient may have. If you need a doctor, he's your guy!
He is thourogh and is a good doctor
I have been longtime patient at Family Care Specialists in Belleview, and Dr. Rockower has been my primary care doctor for 19 years. We have a good rapport and while he has a quiet personality, he is also very professional. I've gone to see him several times this year regarding a serious health issue and appreciate that 1) he does not candy coat the truth, unlike some of the specialists and 2) he was very helpful.. If I have any issue, it's the wait time. But I trust him, 100%.
My appointment with Myra was great. She has a very caring demeanor! Yes I would absolutely recommend her!
Dr. Crespo has been my doctor for over 10 years. He is always at the door looking at your chart or in the room within 5 min. Listens to any complants, never felt rushed. He also called me at home several times to check up on me, not his nurse or other staff. Dr Crespo himself. I would recomend him to all family and friends. Awsome Dr.
Dr. Patterson was great! He is very focused. He asked questions, examined me and offered possible solutions for my issues and sent me on my way for x-rays. I felt he really listened and offered possibilities/options for me to consider.
Sid is a great doctor and a great guy. I completely trust him with my healthcare decisions.
I highly recommend Dr. Fusco as my primary doctor.. He is always thorough and never rushes through an appointment as so many doctors do. He cares about his patients very much.
Enjoy the information I receive from Him, the way he answer questions .
He is caring and really takes the time to listen to you. Great personality. You never feel rushed.
Dr Aragon-Lopez always makes us feel as though we are her only patients.... never feel rushed, answers our questions and explains everything simply. She is very professional but also realistic and warm!
ExcelentDr. Always answers my questions, and is concerned with my health, present and future. Is informed with my health care..
my experience with Erin Zimmer. Medical assistant and entire staff is phenomenal. They are all so compassionate and very friendly from the time you arrive until you leave. The Medical Assistant gets right back with you immediately without delay and is very friendly. I HIGHLY Recommend this office and Dr. Erin Zimmer to meet anyone's healthcare needs.
Dr. Brown took over for me when another doctor at Family Care Specialist retired. I was experiencing some health problems and he jumped right in and got up to date on where I was and where I was going. He was very thorough and I felt like he was truly interested in my wellbeing. I am extremely happy with my new GP.
Dr. Crespo always listens to my concerns and is very helpful in giving me more than one option to address my problems. He is ALWAYS on time which I appreciate, but never makes me feel rushed.
appointment with Dr. Rockower as a "new patient". he spent time and listened to my past history and current condition and prescribed new medication for me. next day i felt 100% better, unbelievable. very impressed with Dr. Rockower and would highly recommend.
I find Dr. Fusco to be very courteous. He listen to your concerns and answers them promptly. He is also very efficient and always ask for any prescription renewals. I am glad that I finally found a Doctor that cares.
My husband and I have been seeing Dr Brown for over 9 years now. We have options to see physicians closer to our home, but choose to have Dr Brown as our physician. He and his staff are exceptional. They are friendly, efficient and professional in every aspect of our care.
Dr. Juan Crespo, MD is not only my Physician, but also for my entire Family. We have been seeing him for over 10 years. He is very thorough and always timely on our visits. I would highly recommend Dr. Crespo for all your Family Medicine needs.
Was very impressed with Dr. Brown during my first visit. He puts you at ease and listened closely to my responses to his questions and made appropriate followup questions before reaching a conclusion and moving on to another area.
Am very satisfied with the service I receive from Alison.. She has always listened to my concerns and I never feel that she is in a hurry to get me out the door. Am very pleased with her and the staff.
I consider Dr Roman an excellent physician, personable , and well informed. Someone that I would recommend to a friend. James gamble md
The wait to see the dr. was short. The Doctor was through took time to hear my concerns and he put them to rest.. Super!!!
Alison Brewer-Reed is very caring and compassionate. I have been her patient for many, many years and can't imagine a better provider. While she may not be a full Doctor but her knowledge is right there with them.
Great doctor - she takes her time and is thorough in answering any and all question or concerns. I highly recommend her. The whole staff at Family Care Specialists are great - very warm and quick to help you. The wait time is minimum - that's a big plus.
My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Nardandrea for several years. We are very pleased with the courteous, professional and friendly staff at the facility. Dr. Nardandrea spends the time needed during our visits to listen to our concerns and provides thorough care. We consider it a pleasure to have Dr. Nardandrea and his staff as our medical providers.
I've been a patient in this office for several years as well as other family members. Staff is friendly, helpful and show concern for their patients. I've been very satisfied about getting in to see the Dr when needed as well as quick turnaround for referrals and administrative tasks. The office staff are very efficient.
I moved to The Villages several years ago but remained in touch with my family physician of 30 years in Pennsylvania. When needed would fly back for routine examinations. After 8 years of commuting I felt it was time to find a doctor in Florida I could feel comfortable with. I looked for almost a year until my gut feeling told me that Dr. Rockower and the Family Practice was the place. I am 100% satisfied.
Dr. Fusco is a very fine doctor. Great bedside manner. My husband & daughter have started seeing also. My is a disabled Vet. That has the VA but !!!! Can't get anything done there 6 months to see a doc. anymore. Thank You Dr. Fusco and your office .
Dr Nardandrea goes above and beyond for his patients.
I have been his patient for many years. He found my cancer and referred me to a good specialist. I'm now cancer free. I have had other problems over the years which have been corrected. I have never been rushed during an appointment and recommend him.
I have been a patient of Dr. Brown for ten years. He is always professional, explains things clearly and is always personable. We have been pleased with his referrals to other physicians. I hope the practice doesn't take on too many patients making it harder to get an appointment. So far so good. He's the best.
Dr. Fusco is very easy to talk to and does not rush the visit. The staff also makes the visit comfortable and unintimidating. Communication is complete and I leave the office informed and satisfied that my needs were met.
Highly recommended.. Dr. Fusco actually returns some calls himself if he knows you want to speak to him directly.. A rarely done practice in today's healthcare..
Dr. Rivera has been my primary physician for the last 17 years. I have been extremely pleased with his care and concern for me as a patient as well as for my husband. Doctor is conscientious and thorough in his exams and continuous care. He always contacts me personally with results of tests and lab work immediately. Feel he is the kind of doctor everyone needs.
Dr Rockower was welcoming and professional. I would highly recommend him as your doctor.
I have been a patient of Dr. Nardandrea for the last 27 years. In today's medical market place it is rare to have such a strong relationship with your Doctor. Dr. Nardandrea knows who I am and greats me warmly each visit. He is very thorough in his examinations and always spends ample time to be sure he has everything under control. Best Doctor in Ocala hands down!
Dr. Aragon is very competent in her work and has been my doctor for years. I trust her and benefit from her decisions and helpfulness.
Easy going & very approachable, yet sharp as a tack. I take an active interest in managing my complicated health issues, and Dr. Roman works well as a team member --- NOT getting defensive like some Doctors when I suggest possible alternatives and ask a myriad of questions.
Dr. Fusco is very friendly and easy to talk to .... he hears what you are saying and try's to come up with a solution the I can work with !!! I like him very much as a Doctor and a person...
I have had Doctor Nardandrea as my doctor for 25 years. I would recommend him to any one. I believe that the years he has been my doctor is the best indication of how highly I trust and regard him as my physician
When I moved to Ocala FL in 1988 and needed a family physician, I called Munroe Regional hospital for a name and they named Dr. Clevinger and he has been our family doctor since that time. We rely on his knowledge and experience when problems arise and have faith and trust in his medical judgment. We have in the past recommended him to others with the confidence that they, too, will be satisfied with his medical advice and care.
We recently moved to the area which is always scary having to find new doctors. I on a whim chose Dr. Aragon-Lopez and it is one of the best Doctor decisions I have made. She is very knowledgeable which you definitely want in a Physcian. However, she was also very personable, friendly and had a great sense of humor which also is very high on my list of priorities. I would recommend her to anyone searching for a new doctor. The office staff was also very welcoming and efficient.
Lacks compassion, audacious. My office visits feel like I'm going to court. As a retired health professional myself, I tolerate my visits.
Dr. James Brown is very caring, friendly and easy to talk to. He is a great help and easy to see. He makes you feel like a family member that really likes you and wants the best for you. I would recommend him to anyone and have recommended him to several of my friends and church members. He is just a great guy and doctor.
Dr. Roman is wonderful, however in my opinion being a part of the Ocala Health system severely limits his effectiveness.
I have recommended Dr. Clevinger to friends looking for a first class healthcare provider. He is the finest primary care physician I have ever had.
Dr. Rockower is very thorough and takes time to listen and respond to any concerns. He is very personable and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend Dr. Rockower to my family and friends. In addition, his staff is very pleasant, efficient, and accurate. A+++ For Dr. Rockower!!
Dr. Rivera is an outstanding physician. He is professional, compassionate and is genuine in providing excellent health care. He will inform of your test results and actually calls you. I have never had a doctor call me at home, well, he does. He provides health care services to me, my husband and parents. His staff is wonderful, and the nurses are great. I have been going to Dr. Rivera for three years! '
After years of being with the same doctor, I had to change because of my insurance. I selected to go to Allison Brewer - Reed because I had heard many good reports from medical people. . I have a chronic problem and instead of giving me the same medications that were not working, Allison gave me different meds that made a difference in the problem. She is a great listener and wants to know how I, as a patient, feel about the treatment.
I am always satisfied with the care I receive from Dr. Rockower. He has the time to answer any questions I have
I visited the practice for a broken hand. I was very happy with the whole experience.
I would recommend this office. Never had to wait long and everyone is very nice and helpful
The Doctor takes her time to ask you questions and listens to your answers. She also listens to your concerns and takes time to answer your question/concerns in a language you can understand. She and her staff are very professional. A friend suggested we see her and were very pleased we did.
Ms. Brewer-Reed is very knowledgeable and compassionate in her care giving. I would highly recommend her as a care provider
I was one of Dr. Johns first patients in Ocala and he has been my doctor for around 20 yrs. He is a great doctor and I trust him completely. He is very intelligent and thorough while at the same time not ordering a lot of unnecessary tests. When he needed to refer me to a specialist for instance for a colonoscopy he sent me to the same guy that treated him and they also did a great job. He is very caring and takes time to answer all your questions. I highly recommend Dr. Nardandrea.
Erin Zimmer is fabulous at what she does. Anytime I go there I am treated with the utmost care and concern. I have had many Dr's over the years, but I will continue with her until my last breath. She is great and so are all of the staff at Ocala Health. If you need health care, go see her, you won't regret it.
I am very happy that I chose Melissa as my new health care provider, when we moved to Ocala. She came highly recommended and I totally agree. She is very easy to talk with and she is always willing to listen.
Dr. Brown has been my primary physician for over. 10 years. I am not the easiest patient since I have dealt with long- standing medical issues but no matter, Dr Brown is a rare physician who listens carefully to his patients and truly cares. He is also not afraid to say " I don't know. He then does his best to find an answer or refers you to someone who should know. All this and a terrific sense of humor.
Very satisfied. I would highly recommend her to my friends, she listened and answered all my questions. Easy to schedule an appointment, Office was very clean, staff very friendly, cordial and relaxed. Total wait time, about 10 minutes in waiting room and 15 minutes in exam room.
I have nothing but good to say about Dr. Nardandrea. I feel totally covered medically by his expertise. He knows just when to refer you to a specialist and who the best doctors to go to are. I literally feel like he has not only enhanced my wellbeing, but has saved my life by suggesting tests that I needed. If there is a fan club starting for him, please put me in as a contender for the president of it!
Dr. Nardandrea has been my Primary Care Physician for nearly 20 years and I do not hesitate to tell my family and friends how pleased I am with the quality of his care. He carefully reviews previous records/ tests to be certain that he's prepared for my appointments or before beginning a new treatment. Dr. Nardandrea treats me with respect and dignity and takes time to address my questions or concerns. Nurses Dawn and Tricia are considerate and conscientious as is the entire staff at Ocala 1.
I respect Erin Zimmer's opinion on what I should do about my health care, and I do what she recommends. She is great taking care of my health. Would recommend her always to my family and friends.
I have been a patient of Dr. ARAGON for a few years. I have come to respect her knowledge. As a Nurse I make a terrible patient but she takes the time to listen to me. I was recently seen for a painful problem and she treated me effectively. I suppose what I appreciate the most is her treatment is effective.
I have been his patient for over twenty (20) years and I have all the faith in the world in his ability and dedication to his patients>
Dr. Clevinger has been a wonderful doctor for myself and my wife. Has taken great care of us for years. Can handle it all would recommend him to anyone!
Dr. Rockower listens. He doesn't push you for a myriad of tests or over prescribe meds. And, if you need a prescription, he will endeavor to find the best option for coverage under your plan. His PA is also super helpful, often saving me a visit by providing guidance or assisting in getting a prescription renewed.
Dr. Patterson has always meet my families medical needs whether we had a scheduled appointment or needed an urgent appointment. He is always curious and professional. We are extremely sadden that he will be moving .
From start to finish, Dr. Cunningham's office is operated efficiently and with the specific urgent need each patient has. Care is taken to minimize exposure between patients by the way the physical.office is arranged. I really like this aspect. Dr Cunningham focuses entirely on the patient once he enters the exam room. On the occasions I have been treated by Dr. Cunningham, the diagnosis has been spot on and the treatment has been accurate and effective. I recommend him without reservation.
I've been a patient of Dr Crespo's for many years, I thought it was six but not sure. I feel very comfortable with his decisions and diagnoses.
Always a pleasure when have appointment with Dr. Fusco even if actually sick. He listens to my concerns and I feel confident with his care./
Ms. Zimmer is an excellent medical physician. She takes time to listen to your medical issues and does not rush you. She is encouraging in your endeavor to lead a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically. I enjoy every visit. Such a refreshing face in the medical field. My favorite medical provider.
i had the luck of finding allison brewer through my pharmacy tech. having had horrible luck with physicians staff at a different place, i am delighted to say the staff is wonderful. if you ask for a callback it's what you get. or if you have any questions, the correct person responds. and quite quickly. as for allison, i find her thorough and most interested in helping me stay well.....i couldn't be happier with staff or allison brewer to meet my needs. and with such expediency
Dr Aragon is a very caring and very qualified physician!! I was recently very ill and Dr Aragon immediately identified the problem and I was hospitalized within an hour. I consistently follow up with Dr Aragon. She is thorough and listens to my concerns and questions. I would recommend Dr Aragon and Family Care Specialists to anyone in need of a primary care practitioner!!!
Where do I start, Dr Brown ,You have feeling you are like family ,not just a patient,Takes time ,just can't say enough about him ,Bring tears to my eyes,Been there for us for so many wonderful years .Dr Brown is a wonderful caring Doctor,recommend to all. Thank You ,
I moved to Ocala from Orlando 9 years ago, although hating to leave my doctor of 17 years, I decided to try a Dr. in Ocala. It was horrible, my wait time for over 3 hours, after speaking with the Dr. who seems to be suffering from compassion fatigue, I decided to go back to Orlando to my Dr., I COULD drive there and back, be seen, even before being seen in Ocala! but, I had to change as my Dr. no longer took my insur. I found DR. ROMAN! YES THERE IS A GOD! HE is LISTENS & Appt. on Time!
Excellent. Very comfortable feeling with Dr. Rock. His friendly demeanor, takes the time to explain ALL information and also to listen to questions.
Over sees his staff well. He is very accurate and caring. Always available when I need him and calls me if something is very important that I should know.
I have been going to Dr. Cunningham for many years. The entire staff is always so friendly and make you feel comfortable no matter what is going on with you. I always feel cared for.
My wife and I have been going to Dr Fusco for 20 years next year... That tells it all..
Have been going to him for 16 years, and very happy with the services.
Dr Brown allow time to discuss your health and reviews blood work with you and answers any questions .The staff and office are extremely professional with providing a good comfort level to the patient Dr Brown gibes you a level of trust in his explanations of your medical situation as well as going forward to live a healthy life I would highly recommend Dr Brown as a number of people had recommend Dr Brown
I have been seeing Erin Zimmer for many years and I can honestly say that when I come through the doors for my apps. I know my needs will be addressed.
Could not ask for a more personable Doctor and Staff
Dr. Rockower is friendly courteous and always through in dealing with me in all of my visits.
Dr. Nardandrea is professional, personal and knowledgeable. I have complete confidence in his judgement.
Wonderful Doctor and care. Fast in and out time and Trisha was pleasant and effecient. Doctor took the time to answer all my questions.
Dr John has been my Primary Physician and colleague for the last 20 years and has kept me on track all these time. His strict and straightforward way works very well and the whole office staff is wonderful and has really made each office visit a comforting experience.
Dr. Rivera and staff are the very best. Always very helpfully
The offices runs seamlessly. I have every confidence in their ability to meet my medical needs.
I have the upmost respect and confidences in Dr Clevinger. He listens well and responses with a feedback.
We have been going to Dr Rivera for 10yrs since We moved to Fl. To me and my wife we have never had a Dr who we felt cared more for his patients then him. He will spend time with you he does not rush you.
Myra takes her time with each patient. She will listen to them understanding it is an important part of diagnosis and treatment towards thei optimal wellness.
Yes I would he very good doctor and understand things that you ask him that you having trouble with when you down and hurting with has patience thanks Doc
This office is always professional, prompt, and friendly. I rarely wait over 15 minutes to be called back to the exam room. Billing is handled efficiently and I'm able to contact Allie if I have any questions.
Dr Rivera is an awesome Doctor! I suffer from severe anxiety and have white coat syndrome except for Dr Rivera. He is so kind and considerate I never stress. His nurses and office staff are so sweet and attentive. They take as much time as I need and listen to me. I highly recommend him to any and all ??.
Melissa is a very caring detailed oriented Care Provider.She analyses diagnostic information,encourages referals when necessary and above all gives a great Patient /Doctor atmosphere.
Good Doctor takes the time to listen to you, explain everything, always makes me feel like I am important to him, never rushes me out the door. When my regular Dr of 20+ years retired I was going to leave but decided to stay and give the new DR a chance and I am so glad I did. Dr Roman is great..
My first time visit was comforting, more than what I expected from past office visits. My visit was thorough, staff was very friendly and wait time was minimal. I would definitely recommend Dr. Aragon-Lopez.
Our "old" doctor retired and after meeting with Dr. Roman liked his approach and how much he listened and then followed through.
We stumbled upon Dr. Ramon by chance. My daughter hadn't chosen a primary care doctor and was extremely ill. We couldn't find anyone to take her in on such short notice. Dr. Ramon and his staff made it happen! We were very pleased with our entire visit and are thankful we landed at such a great office unexpectedly. All staff members were very friendly. Dr. Ramon was very down to earth and friendly as well. I always enjoy a Dr that can make you laugh, especially when not feeling well. Thank you!
Dr Cunningham was very thorough during his examinations. He was very informative and explained factors considered in reaching his diagnosis. His post-diagnosis follow-up was the best I have ever received. I highly recommend Dr. Cunningham,
I was seen for sick patient appt, the office was helpful and was able to fit me in. But The physician did not eben touch me for my exam. I dont understand how I can be assessed with a physical examination. I didnt even take my shirt off and the infection is under my arm. I was given antibiotics and sent home. I will wait next time for my primary physician to have an available appointment.
Dr Brown listens and shows concern. I never feel rushed. That is important to me.
Dr. Roman has a great sense of humor but is very professional in examining and treating of his patients.
I am always treated with concern and care from the front office personnel, lab techs, nursing staff, and by Dr Nardandrea.
New patient. Was very impressed with the professionalism of all staffers and the in depth questions that Dr Brewer asked on previous health issues. Very pleased.
Beginning with his check-in staff, everyone within Dr. Roman's office provided me all the time I needed in answering my questions, thoroughly & professionally. Dr. Roman's office environment is the exception to the efficiency standard which seems to be developing throughout the medical system. I am NOT put on hold when calling for an appointment; I'm ushered into his office at precisely the time of my appointment ; & Dr. Roman takes his time asking questions & listening to my concerns.
Dr Nardandrea has been my doctor for some 20 years. I trust him and he is easy to talk to.
Dr. John takes time with his patients. He is knowledgeable and keep s current with new medical issues.
Ms. Erin was extremely easy to talk to and was a very good listener. She understood what I was trying to say all the way through. She gave me her recommendations in terms that I understood. I was very happy with her attention and the fact that I felt at ease with her. She's number one in my book.
Dr. Fusco is a caring professional and wonderful listener. I'm fortunate to have him as my doctor.
I will ha been recomending Dr Crespo becouse reliable, kind, pays attention, care for your health. Dr. Crespo is trustwelhty.
Clean, friendly and efficient. Office staff and Doctor was very personable.
He's very thorough, very thoughtful.
He is the best Dr. I have had since I moved to Fl.15 years ago He does a great job and when he cant he sends you to the right person who can
Dr Patterson listens. He will discuss your concerns with you.
Dr argon was conserved caring doctor would remedy this doctor to any one she listens to you
Easy to talk to
Dr Rockower throughly explains in lay terms concerns or treatment for condition. If unknown or beyond his field he will refer to a specialist in that field. This is a tremendous plus as it cuts out second guessing and the back and forth of appointments and medications. Fortunately for me most of my problems were addressed in one visit to Dr Rockower.
Melissa is one of the most caring and gentle souls I have ever met. She truly understands and listens to your concerns. Melissa takes care of our whole family. She is an amazing person with a wonderful personality.
She is caring, knowledgeable, efficient and extremely helpful. I love her.
This was my first visit with Dr Brown. I felt an immediate sense of comfort with him & by the end of my visit my trust level was very high. I feel like I chose the right doctor for me. Very professional, very engaging. I would highly recommend him.
High recommend, Melissa is better than any of the doctors I have had in the past. She has a 5 star in my book.
I really like Dr Sherman very professional however the office staff is lacking. The wait time is way too long. I waited over 45 minutes and then had to reschedule the appointment. Again with all paper work complete the second appointment was long. While still waiting people that had just walked in went before i even went in. I am a working professional and time is very important to me . Not a pleasant staff this appointment was for my daughter
She is attentive and genuinely concerned. A. Brewer not only addresses the now, but also what treatment, or lack there of could present moving forward. I am very pleased with her willingness to listen and explain in detail what options are available. So glad she was recommended to me.
Dr. Sherman possesses a great personality and is easy to talk to about medical issues. However, I believe the office could be better managed when it comes to patients that present for a scheduled blood draw after being told to fast 10-12 hours, but it does not seem to be of any importance, and I am of the opinion that it most definitely should be of importance....the wait time is too long, which oftentimes causes COMPLETE puzzlement with regards to a "scheduled" appointment.
The best Dr. I have been to.
Dr. Brown cares about his patients. He is always interested in what I have to say and has never "brushed off" any questions I may have. Again, he is the best doctor I have ever had.
Dottie Cook is a straight talker. She is a get to the point no nonsense person, who has your best health interest first. Some think she is brisk, but I consider her honest and compassionate. She listens. I can't thank her enough for helping me with my health condition and getting it under control. I highly recommend her. Definitely tough love with your health!
Dr aragon - Lopez takes time to listen to my health concerns. She has never made me feel like I'm a number. She doesn't mind referring to a specialist. She is very nice. The staff has also treated me very well. I don't mind having blood work done there. The lab tech is very nice.
Has always been lifesaving, positive, efficient, and caring.
I would not even rate her one star but that is the only option here. I have never met someone so rude in my life. If you want to feel like the smallest person on earth, then make an appointment with Dr. Cook. If you want professionalism, see someone else.
Dr Clevinger takes the time to thoroughly listen to you as a patient and then answer and explain anything you may have questions about. He is trustworthy and truly cares about his patients. He makes you feel like family.
Dr. John is a knowledgeable, caring, and personable physician who listens to the patient and is quick to check out legitimate concerns. I have complete confidence in him. Going for a regular checkup is a satisfying and pleasant experience. He has a great sense of humor! William Kenneth Pyles
Very nice, professional caring, been looking for a family physician for 2 years, I've now found him office equipment staff are all great, office is very clean and comfortable.
You relay on telephone robots that repeat the same thing every 5 seconds....while you sit on hold for 20 min...the robot says press 1 to leave a message....when you do, ...nothing happens... if you hired enough people to answer the phone this issue would not happen. Ask yourself...how was it possible for people to make appts with doctors before ROBOT Telephone systems??? Did they have to write a letter or just call?
He visited me during my hospital stay at Ocala Regional Medical Center. I can't say enough of how he treated me and answered questions concerning my condition.
Dr. Aragon-Lopez is excellent. Kind, compassionate, thorough, and very knowledgeable. Listens and explains everything very well. Miss her as my doctor!!
Dr John is one of the most compassionate Drs I have known. He takes the time to match the solution to the problem and doesn't over prescribe drugs or tests not needed. His nurse is terrific too!
He is a thorough provider that takes the time to ensure that he understands the problem. He does not hesitate to run the necessary test to ensure proper diagnosis. He has always been very thorough in the seven plus years I have been seeing him and having him for my primary care provider. He also works well with the VA doctor that I have assigned and the two of them co-ordinate my care.
Inconsiderate and rude provider. Dismisses concerns due to age instead of trying to figure out what is wrong. Unable to make decisions without using her cell phone to look things up and this has been an ongoing process over the last 2 years of seeing her! Insecure in knowledge base, very rushed to get in and out of exam room, never smiles nor makes you feel like you are important. Finally looking for a new provider!!
Dr. Nardandrea is an excellent Doctor. He takes the time to listen and really cares.
Dr. Riveria has been my Dr for years. He's compassionate and cares about his patients it's easy to make an appointment and he doesn't have a long wait time in the waiting area. His office is clean and his staff is pleasant what more can you ask for?
It seems most of the time spent with Dr. Rockower was his filling out paperwork for Medicare. He took little interest in my specific questions.
My experiences with Dottie Cook have always been nothing but excellent in every way. She is very knowledgable and compassionate. She found my hip pain was actually Sciatic nerve pain, after no doctor at two ER's could not. I was in excruciating pain, and right away she spotted it and relieved my pain instantaneously. My mom had the same problem the other day for the first time. I told her, you need to go see Dottie! I took her in and she was feeling better before we walked out the door.
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