She has ZERO bedside manner. She will spend 2 minutes with you and treat you like you're an idiot. Horrible doctor- honestly the worst I've ever experienced.
I've been a patient of Dr. McDougall's for many years. He's always been very thorough, kind, and is willing to answer questions. I've never felt uncomfortable or rushed. The office staff is always nice and nurse Cindy is wonderful. ( Only a time or two I've been greeted by a less than friendly assistant…but have never seen the same assistant twice. So, I'm thinking those people aren't permanent staff employees ?) Too bad Dr. McDougall isn't taking new patients. He's one of the best GPs!
Always feel like Dr. Mcdougall listens and is truly concerned with how I am feeling.He is very kind and easy to talk with.He explains everything and always asks if I am understanding everything he has told me.Totally the nicest Dr. I have ever been to.Very smart and knowledgeable.He treats the total patient and I have never felt rushed during an appointment.
Promptness, dedication, assertiveness, kindness, preciseness, knowledgeableness, and helpfulness are some of Gaston Ponte’s skills. He has helping me since day one with my condition’s journey. Also, his team answers my requests on time and they are available for all my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Ponte as endocrinologist and physician.
I suspected our baby was dealing with reflux issues and brought this up to Dr Lee who basically brushed it off and said I had a "noisy baby." One day after a feeding our baby was screaming in pain, I called the office and asked if there was anything they could do, the nurse called back to say there was nothing they could do to help. We switched to a new ped who listened to us, ran some GI tests, and prescribed Zantac. Our 3 month old little girl no longer screams in pain and is happy as can be.
My experience with this clinic was horrible. My purpose for the visit was because I have a tumor on my right adrenal gland. My first issue with this doctor was that my appointment was at 10 and I had to wait an eternity to see him. Second, he comes rushing as if he was running a marathon. During that quick session he is arguing with me that I have high blood pressure when my records clearly state that I don't have high blood pressure. His final diagnosis was that I have hyperglycemia, hypertensi
This is my favorite doc & that says a lot, considering the facts that 1. I have a lot of Drs & 2. no one enjoys going to the gyno. She's chill, real, empathetic, has a sense of humor & great bedside manner. She's gone WAY above & beyond for me. Dr. Boucher has always taken my concerns seriously & has trusted the feelings I've described to her, without ever cutting me off or limiting my questioning. I never feel uncomfortable w her. Good example of how doctors should behave with their patients.
Highly,recommendable,compasionate with her patients.
She really let me ask any questions I had. She was professional.
Dr. Boucher is an excellent physician & very knowledgeable gynecologist. Her patience in listening to my concerns & taking the time to answer all questions is extraordinary. I'm extremely satisfied with her services, including her personnel & staff!
Dr. Ponte took time and listened to me, and asked a lot of questions. He was extremely thorough. He is very knowledgeable.
Very good doctor. Listened and took care of my concerns. Will make her my regular doctor.
I am a postmenopausal woman that has been looking for a good, sensible, kind doctor for years and I finally found her in Dr. Boucher! She listens closely, understands my challenges, and has given me good advice and medical care. I could not ask for more. I trust her completely.
Recently had my annual with Dr Boucher. I feel that she is very knowledgeable with bioidentical hormonal replacement and answered all my questions. I will continue to see her through menopause and was very happy with the exam and staff. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.
During my internal, she hurt me also. I had mentioned before the exam that I had repair surgery and she needed to be aware that she could hurt me if she wasn't gentle. She hurt me so I reminded her. She told me I was just getting older and hurt me again! Never going back. Looking for a new doctor.
Dr Ponte is very unprofessional he put me on a medication for hypothyroidism that I told him I was allergic to besides being allergic to it he did not get the dosage correct I ended up after 3 weeks of calling his office begging him to see me and he refused. . I drove myself to Holmes Hospital and they admitted me checked my TSH level and I had zero thyroid in my body because of his pour judgement. Would not recommend
I'm 20 years old. I've already had pap smears. Dr. Boucher, in all her wisdom, gave me an ultrasound despite the fact I was on my period at the time of my appointment and told her I didn't want one. Supposedly, she doesn't give pap smears to anyone under age 23. As I said, I already have had pap smears. I'm currently looking for a new gynecologist.
Dr. Ojha, is a rare find. Her staff is wonderful, helpful and friendly. Dr. Ojha has spent no less than 1 hour w/ me on each of my 2 visits. She is thorough and open to listening to your concerns and discusses methods of treatments w/ you. She is careful to go through labs, explain stuff, answer questions and and who recommend her over any other Endo docs I have been to.
Knew nothing about important details about being Hypothyroid and meds, put me on no meds, spent 13 minutes w/ me 1st visit. I know go to an endo doc in private practice who spends an hour w/ me everytime, has me on the correct thyroid meds and I feel so much better.
Dr. Ojha, is wonderful at what she does, she actively listened to my concerns and was encouraging to me when I felt like giving up on my treatment and care. I would recommend her without fail to anyone that has Type 1 Diabetes, she knows what she is doing and I should know as I have lived as an IDDM all my life.
The Dr. was rude, spent virtually no time with me, answered my questions with disrespect, and spent more time looking at his phone than the patient. I went to another hospital and had a dramatically different experience. I intend to report in more detail on his hospitals survey which is veviewed by an independent third party.
Dr Ponte denied a referral for me, I have hashimotos thyroidits and he refused to give a reason why. Do not recommend this doctor at all!
She was very nice and listened to my concerns. She is knowledgable and patient
Offic staff incompetent.have called my prescriptions into wrong pharmacy 3 times.request NO generic medication they always call in generic .always seem to have the wrong pts.chart in front of them.very discouraged.
We left the practice. It's nearly impossible to get someone to pick up the phone, same day sick appointments are few and far between and the doctor isn't even in the office all week...and has no coverage. We had to use urgent cares 90% if the time. My children were also refused flu shots bc they were late with ten year old well visits. Refused to see them until the well visit was done but the wait for a well visit was nearly 4 weeks. Better than the 8 weeks I waiting in '14. Find another office.
The Doctor took the time to listen to what I had to say, and did not rush me.

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