Excellent emergency room doctor. Dr. Jockovich is very competent, knowledgeable and patient-oriented. He coordinated my care with my internist and kept me informed. I was very FORTUNATE to have Dr. Jockovich as my ER doctor.
My mother was diagnosed with melanoma above her left eye. She was really nervous & scared. She went in to see Dr. Theophelis and he put her mind to ease right away. He was very attentive & knowledgeable . He got her in to surgery really fast, working around her schedule. He was there to see her when she was preparing for surgery, came in to see me in the waiting room to let me know things went well, and called mom personally the next day to see how she was doing. We highly recommend!
I fell and suffered a complex fracture of two ankle bones. Transported to Holmes ER via ambulance. Had no choice in who saw me. Thank God it was Dr Segina! He is a very nice and compassionate person and an incredible surgeon. All the nurses and other doctors hold him in very high regard.
My father fell and broke his leg. Dr. Segina kept me informed on the progress and prognosis. Great communication. Highly recommend him.
Dr.Perry is very professional and competent. He truly cares about his patients and provides the finest medical care available.
I gave Dr Perry and his staff all 5-?. I could not be more delighted with my results. My hip-replacement was 22-Nov-2016. My surgery and outcome could not have been better. Prior, I was chair-ridden and could only walk with crutches. My days of playing with my grand-kids seemed over. Now I'm running with grand-kids and our pups. Dr Perry, PA Barb, and the staff added 20 years to my active life; I owe them more than I can express. All 5-? for Dr Perry, both a skilled and caring physician.
Dr. Perry recently did my right TKR. A knee replacement is NOT something a person wants to do, but after dealing for many years with a "bum" knee, I got over being scared and went to see Dr. Perry. He was honest (it will take a full year to heal completely), patient and IMO the best in at what he does. My thanks to Dr. Perry and his professional staff (Monica, Emily and all the others) for helping me through this. They have been there every step of the way! I am 4 months out & doing GREAT!
An amazing surgeon, Dr Perry has given me my life back after 4 agonizing years of mis-diagnosis on my hip. His diagnose came quickly after an x-ray. I felt completely comfortable with his expertise in total hip replacements. The operation was a fantastic success. 3 months after surgery, I'm back in the water surfing on my shortboard, long distance biking, walking rounds of golf, & enjoying life without pain. Dr Perry & his staff are kind, professional & compassionate. 6stars don't hesitate!
Had an anterior approach total hip replacement done on my right hip. Working with Dr. Perry and all of his staff was a great experience. Responsive, caring, and readily available to help with any questions. If you are on the fence at all about having surgery done - do not hesitate!! Have it done and stop hurting! I put it off for close to a year and really wish I had done it a long time ago. Pain management is important to them and they help come up with something that works specific to you.
Down to earth Sincere, Knows and cares about ones needs.
I cannot recommend Dr. Perry enough. He is a straight shooter-didn't hesitate to answer when I asked him about what might go wrong with the surgery. I walked comfortably the night of my knee replacement-walked like new three days later. I had more follow ups than I thought I needed-but no charge and no co-pay, so hard to argue with that. I will have ti have the second knee replaced soon-no other doctor will even be considered.
Dr. Perry's approach to my knee surgery was great. He exhausted all the treatments before he did surgery. The care that he took during surgery was exceptional! You barely see the scar! I recovered in no time and was playing tennis in 3 months.
Dr. John Perry performed a complete knee replacement and had me walking in two days. The surgery was flawless and scarring was minimal. Dr. Perry is an excellent technician. Dr. Perry's personal interest in my welfare was very obvious and his reassuring manner convinced me to have the surgery. Dr. Perry reduced my recovery time 50% and had me walking without support in 30 days. I highly recommend Dr. Perry for an excellent surgical experience. I would rate Dr. Perry at 6 Gold Stars out of Five.
Dr Perry replaced my right knee I am so pleased with how it turned out with in three weeks i was able to bike ride well over a mile I had struggled with pain for over 10 years and now I am very mobile. Thank you Dr Perry. I would definitely recommend him he a AMAZING DR
Please please find a different doctor with a stable personality. Dr. Perry makes so incredibly uncomfortable. One moment he's nice the next he is not. :(
Dr. Perry saw me very quickly after Dr. Sands left the area four weeks before my scheduled knee replacement. He was recommended by my GP and I am very glad he did. Both Dr. Perry and Andrew listened to me and explained everything. I was even more pleased with the surgery because Dr. Perry does not use staples instead he uses "glue" which he learned about when he first became a surgeon. It leaves very little scaring. My new knees are great and I have excellent motion. I have been given my life ba
He has treated me, my husband and my daughter. He has excellent bedside manners. His diagnosis has always been correct and has given us the right treatment. I highly recommend him to anyone!!!
In following his direction of pre-exercise regiment and follow up therapy, I am out riding my mountain bike in week four after total knee replacement. Very happy with both doctor and surgery. Thank you
I have had both of my hips replaced within the last 11 months. Dr. John J Perry performed surgery on my hip two months ago. The hip has healed very fast. I have an excellent range of motion, without any pain. I attribute this success to Dr. Perry's skill and dedication to his patients. A very down to earth phycisian, that I would highly recommend.
I needed a THR and was in denial, extremely scared, and in tremendous pain. Dr Perry set my mind at ease. His professionalism, skill and knowledge are a gift to his patients. I am now pain free, without a limp and forever grateful to him. Thank you
Dr Perry was a fantastic doctor. He did an anterior hip replacement for my husband and there is only praise for what he did for his recovery. Not only is Dr. Perry knowledgeable, experienced and efficient, but he is also a very friendly and approachable guy. Spent time with us to explain everything. This experience made the surgery and the recovery a very positive experience.
I would recommend Dr. Perry without any reservations. He performed my 2nd knee surgery. It was less painful and the recovery is much quicker. I gave all the credit to Dr. Perry. Then he told me he used a new pain medication.I applaud Holmes for making this new drug available to help alleviate the horrendous pain from knee replacement. Thanks also to Dr. Perry for his effort to relieve patient pain and suffering.
Dr. Segina took care of both my ankles and left thigh, after a car wreck. After several weeks of therapy, I was walking. Here, 3 1/2 yrs later, I am walking, literally, everywhere, and working as a cashier, with no pain.
I had to have a partial knee replacement revision to a total knee replacement. Dr. Perry did an excellent job. After 6 weeks I can bend my knee 125 degrees and I can tell when the knee fully heals I will finally be pain free after 8 long years of pain. In my opinion, he is the best knee surgeon in Melbourne Florida. I would highly recommend him.
I had a total knee replacement in the beginning of January 2016 and had fantasically wonderful results. Dr. Perry was my surgeon, and I couldn't be more pleased. He was very thorough in explaining the surgery and was very attentive and caring. I will highly recommend Dr. Perry to any of my family and friends. His staff is very professional, and office waiting time was very minimal.
Not only a great Dr. but a great person. Office staff & Dr. T are like family now. Seen him for reconstruction on my leg after a bad accident. Would highly recommend.
I met Stephen MacDonald when I was doing my immigration physical for USCIS back in 2012. He made me feel very welcome at ease and answered all my questions. I also loved the staff at his office, they were all very friendly. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs an immigration physical.
I was very satisfied with Dr. Perry's expertise in his area of medicine and surgery. I had both hip replacements done, one in December 2015 and the other one done in January 2016. It is now March and I back to work. I would recommend him for any similar surgery.
He was the rudest doctor my mother had ever encountered. I would not refer this man to anyone. He was negative throughout the entire visit. He didn't even turn the light on to look at my mother's xrays and telling her, I don't know why you are here, I don't know anything about your hips. I am assuming he will bill medicare for this visit which is a sham. My mother was their for a second opinion. What a waste of my mother's time.
Very belittling doctor. He seemed annoyed to listen to my health concerns and overlooked my pain like it was nothing. He didn't seem to have my best intrest at heart if you can even say he had one. I have little to no trust in him.
Dr. Perry has done three operations in the last three years on me, I had no problems on all three operations, Excellent doctored great to talk to and does a great job.
One of the best doctors I've been seen by since my accident.
Dr. Segina treated me like I was a close friend even though we never had met before. His confidence along with his sincere concern for my well being gave me the confidence going forward into the surgery. The surgery involved total titanium radial head replacement including the insertion of a plate and ten screws. The surgery was an overwhelming success. Dr Segina also took time out to research and find me a top notch traumatic Orthopedic Surgeon in my Suburb of New York for follow up care.
Dr Perry was very professional and explained very well what would be done during the surgery. My hip was a little more challenging and I am very happy i had a very experienced surgeon doing the hip replacement. After 6 weeks I am completely without pain, walking without a cane (started that after 3 weeks) and walk up and down stairs with ease. I was in extreme pains before the surgery - now i am pain free and back to walking several miles each day.
I had previous experience with Dr. Perry in that in Sept. 2011 He repaired a torn meniscus in my right knee. I have had no further trouble with it since then. When it came time to consider hip replacement surgery, of course, he was the first doctor I thought of. Also, I had an opportunity to speak to several church members in our church who all were very satisfied with the outcomes of their hip replacement surgeries. I have also made a complete recovery and I am completely satisfied.

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