He performed my first back surgery in 2011. After the surgery I was pain free for the first time in 17 years. After an accident in 2013 he preformed my second surgery and because of him I am still able to walk. I trust him with my life.
I will never return to this horrible and rude facility/doctor/staff.
Dr jones is one of the best Drs I have ever meet. Like all great Surgeons he is focused. You would be mistaken to interpret that focus as too busy or non caring. If you are lucky enough to have him as your surgeon you thank what ever god you pray to
Dr. Sokol is the finest Pediatrician in Tampa! However, years ago my son became very ill. I made him an appt & while waiting the office manager came out to inform me (in front of patients/parents) my son was not able to be seen due to an acct balance. I explained I had no knowledge of money owed, as it was in my divorce decree my ex was to pay medical costs. I could tell that fell on deaf ears, so we left. That week my son was admitted to St. Joe's, we never returned. I always missed Dr Sokol.
Takes time needed to explain procedure so you understand. Looks out for whats best for patient. Very personable
Every time I had an appointment, I asked to see my X-rays. I'd think he would come back and show them to me, but then all of a sudden I'm being whisked to the checkout desk and at that point, it's like fine, I'm just going to leave. I know I could've been more insistent but still, I think it's ridiculous and insulting to a patient's intelligence to tell them "you broke your elbow and wrist" but I never see images and no one ever tells me the actual BONES I broke. Elbow and wrist aren't bones.
Dr. Jones replaced a hip for me last year. He did a fantastic job and I will have him do the other one soon. I recommend him very highly.
My experience with this so called Dr. was horrific . Very bad attitude I have never met this man before and I had two surgeons from Scottsdale AZ tell me I need a hip replacement and even show This Jones the MRI . When he came into the room he looked very angry, I have never laid eyes on this man before, he either didn't want to be bothered or something upset him before he came in or he does not know what he's talking about. I asked him what an "ASI"he didn't know.Anterior Supine Intramuscular
Dr. Jones did an excellent job in relieving the numbness & tingling in both my right & left hands & I am thankful that it is no longer waking me up at night. He is very professional & is a good doctor.
An excellent doctor and staff. He has been our family doctor for more than fifteen years and have always been able to get same day appointments if ill and have never waited more than five minutes past scheduled time. I'm impressed with a doctor that respects your time as much as his own. He has excellent skills and is always current on medical practices. Highly recommend!
Dr. Siambanes is an incredible surgeon with an amazing bedside manner.
Our family is very grateful for the care Dr. Siambanes has given our grandchildren. Our grandson18yo 2 rods 17 screws, does cross-fit plays softball and lifts weights, surgery 2 years ago. Our granddaughter 16 yo 2 rods 22 screws plays softball and does cross-fit, her surgery was 2 years ago. The third is a 14 yo girl who just had surgery. Tomorrow is her post-op appointment. She is off her prescription meds doesn't need any help getting up or down and is 2 inches taller than before surgery.
Over the last 3 years Dr. Siambanes has preformed scoliosis surgery on three of our grand kids, all siblings. His level of commitment to his patents is amazing. I think he is a gifted surgeon. I do not use this term lightly. I can personally attest to the amount of relief he has given these kids. The two oldest play softball lift weights and do cross-fit. The youngest is fourteen and still recovering. All indications point to her doing as well as her two older siblings. Thanks Dr. Siambanes
Dr. Siambanes' surgical skills gave me a new lease on life. The outcome of my very complicated spine and rib surgery is outstanding. He is also extremely professional and easy to talk to.
Dr. Siambanes is an unbelievably talented doctor and surgeon with a wonderful personality and bedside manner! He makes you feel comfortable and confident in his abilities.
When you first meet Dr. Siambanes, he comes across serious and stern. Know he is thinking deeply about your child You want this. Our son needed extensive reconstructive surgery on both legs/ankles/feet. We are so fortunate to find Dr. S. In fact, our son sees many peds specialists; all recommended him. He is superior in his field. Our son had to use a wheelchair for the last 6 years and because of Dr. Siambanes he is walking again!This is a gift beyond measure and we are eternally grateful.
Dr. Laganella has been my primary care doctor for over 10 years. I trust him completely and have never had any complaints. I've always felt that he has taken what ever time is necessary to explain things but he is very busy and wont have time to just sit and chat or wait for you to come up with other questions. Appointment times aways run very close to on time. Don't be late!
Dr. Taylor is the best! He is so easy to talk to. He is very thorough and I trust him fully with my health. I also have to give Kiddos to the entire team. From the front desk personnel to his MA. All 5 stars.
As a medicare patient, the visits are short and relatively intense. If you have questions better write them down. With that being said, I have been a patient for over 10 years and he has kept me pretty healthy. Easy to talk to but you must put your full attention into the visit.
He's wonderful
I have been having problems with my prescriptions being sent to the Pharmacy and now a referral to my gastroenterologist, Dr. Michael Small, has not been sent. I requested it on 2/10/16. I have an appointment on 2/23/16 w/Dr. Small and I need a referral and copies of my blood work. I am frustrated how my prescriptions and referrals are handled by the Personnel at Bay Care.
Dr. Laffer is marvelous. It's his staff that is the problem, and the reason I cannot recommend Dr. Laffer. As I would not want to subject anyone to Dr. Laffer's staff and the Health Point health care organization of which they are a part of. The staff (nurses, Dr.'s assistants, etc.) are horrible. Rude, non caring , incompetent, rude, disrespectful, mistake/error prone, and just generally irresponsible and unprofessional. They are hazardous to one's health. I do not go there anymore.
Dr Reina is an excellent doctor who is so well respected by a lot of other doctors that they send their kids to him. He is very patient, thorough, and pleasant and I never felt rushed or forced into decisions. You can tell that he has a special love for his patients and his job. My son went to him for 19 years and now my daughter is 8 and has been going to him since birth. I pray that he continues his job until she turns 18. The office staff is very friendly and personal with you and your kids
It's nice to finally meet a doctor who is just a genuinely nice person. I had to bring my two small children to my appointment and he was super patient and understanding. He was thorough with explaining everything including his concerns.
Dr. Elhammady has totally taken care of my excruciating pain from a ruptured disc. Another doctor had tried to fix it in a previous surgical procedure, the other doctor had not been able to make it better. Dr Elhammady fixed it. He is not only a fantastic doctor but is also kind, accessible and cares. I would give him 100 stars. Thank you Dr. Elhammady. P.S. his staff is terrific as well!
I traveled to take my husband who is 32 to Dr. Elhammady for a answer to our prayers. And we received more than just that. My husband had a prior L5-S1 Laminectomy at Lee Memorial on April 11,2017. 72 hours after the operation he got worse what seemed daily. After two months of begging our old Neurosurgeon in Ft Myers we then realized his disk had reherniated at the same level and area. I called to Dr Elhammady office and I knew he was the answer to our prayers. He has been a blessing. Thankful
Wonderful doctor. Young, extremely knowledgeable, and skilled. Has old time doctors ideology, gives you his cell phone number with permission to call anytime if needed. Great bedside manner and good listener. Highly recommended
He really care about his patients.
I recently was referred to Dr. Cain. It was the best experience I have ever had with a medical provider. He took time to explain my diagnosis and to alleviate all my fears and concerns. He laid out a plan of treatment. I appreciated his candor and easy manner. I have found a true gem!
Dr. Bailey is intelligent, well-educated, experienced, caring, and curious...a perfect combination of traits for a physician. We have been his patients for the last six years, and his knowledge and demeanor are a source of comfort to all of us.
Dr. Bailey is one of the most caring doctors I have ever met. I felt very safe in his care. He makes me feel as if I am his only patient. Thankful he chose this profession and I got to be his patient.
He is a amazing neurosurgeon. He operated on my wife and removed a 6.6 cm tumor and she is still herself. I can not ask for more then what he did for her. Thank you!
I can't say enough about Dr. Elhammady. He not only is an amazing surgeon, but person as well! We were told by other Dr's, in Yale of all places, that my son's brain tumor could not be removed and if attempted would leave him with some site loss and/or speech or memory loss. Not only did Dr. Elhammady remove it, but was able to get a complete resection and did so without leaving my son with any ill side affects, no vision, speech or memory loss. His skills & knowledge are above and beyond!
I can not express how Dr Elhammady was a blessing to me. I flew from Ohio to see him. I read multiple reviews & I kept seeing the comment that he had hands sent from God & I believe that they were truly guided by Him. He takes his time, wants you to feel comfortable and understand the information so that you can make an informed decision. He is very humble & truly makes you feel that his concern & compassion are at the level that he would have for a family member. 5 stars is not enough for him.
There are not enough stars to express how wonderful this surgeon is to my family. My mother had a very large aneurysm embedded in her brain. This was a very complicated surgery for a woman with severe high blood pressure etc. Dr. Elhammady removed it with NO loss of anything. My mom is highly function as she was prior to the surgery! I am so thankful that God sent him to be my mother's surgeon! Trust the process ! This doctor is the absolute TRUTH! A GOD SEND!
After waiting about an hour before meeing with Dr. Chan, upon his arrival he assessed my injury inconsistent with my imaging reports provided to him. He minimized my injury's severity but stressed that surgery was warranted. After the first of my many questions about surgery, other options, etc., he sought my commitment that he would perform the surgery. After continuing with my questions, within 5-minutes of meeting him, he was then rushed for time. I was just a # and surgerical opportunity!
I met Dr. Bailey in the emergency room when I became ill in April. I was impressed from the beginning. He is knowledgeable, kind, and caring. After doing research, I was comfortable in switching to him. It was absolutely the right decision.
Amazing physician ! Very thorough never misses a diagnosis. Dr Harris always has a smile on her face and is always upbeat. My children love her & feel comfortable coming to the doctors, she takes time to get to know her patients so there is a great relationship.
As a case manager, I found Dr. Elhammady to be very thorough and thoughtful as he assessed and explained the options for my client. I would be happy to recommend him any time!
I was having pain from my back down my rt leg. My foot would fall asleep too. I went to four surgeons before Dr. Elhammady. His staff was friendly and He spent over 30 minutes patiently explaining in detail what was causing me the pain and options to alleviate it. My wife and I were very happy with the time he spent with us. The surgery went great. My recovery was much faster than I expected and the pain was minimal. I will always be thankful to Dr. Elhammady and his excellent care.
Dr Elhammady is my current neurosurgeon. I was incidentally diagnosed was two brain aneurysms. I had my consultation with Dr Elhammady and was very impressed. He is extremely knowledgeable, and was able to to advise and explain how he will treat me. Dr Elhammady coiled both aneurysms sucessfully. He is a very kind and caring doctor. I would recommend him 100%.
Extremely professional, honest, and up front; treats you as if your a family member and will not let you leave without answering all your concerns. Encourages you to contact him even after hours if there are any concerns or issues; ensures he makes himself available. Best choice I've ever made in my life; exceptional and personable surgeon!!!!
He is the best doctor ever!! Nobody wanted to do my surgery and he said He would & He did!! I had a tumor in my neck that spreaded he took it all out!! without messing anything up like my arterys or anything but yes! He looks closely at what he does... He's totally the best and would recommend him to anyone.
Mr . Elhammady you can only be so blessed to have him as your surgeon in a time of tragedy or other wise , Mr. Elhammady was and is my wives surgeon after suffering a stroke, his hands are gifted their is no other words I can use , one of these special people that just make such an impact on your life after just knowing him for such little time 5 stars is not enough to describe him
Dr. Elhammady is an excellent surgeon . My husband had a very large brain tumor that Dr Elhammady skillfully removed. His bedside manner is very compassionate. My husbands initial diagnosis was grim. My husband has surpassed any expectations that we could have wished for. Dr. Elhammady has been a gift. He explained the course of treatment going into great detail with our family. He was available to our family answering all questions . He took time with us and we are very grateful.
I trust him with my life. He diagnosed my disability that other doctors (4 ) misdiagnosed. He saved me from getting the incorrect back surgery and a few years ago also did my cervical fusion. Thank you Dr. Gonzales!
Dr. Borden is super nice and knowledgeable, our baby likes him too:)
Very disappointed. Do not buy into his Youtube videos. He is a nice guy but when a doctor comes in the room, does NOT introduce himself, and says "hello, hop up on the table" you better just forget it. He spent maybe 4-5 min. with me at most. Didn't want to listen to what I said and barely examined me less than 1 minute. Did not do any of the standard examination. I even brought pictures of the fall that happened almost 3 years ago and progression of the deformed knee, and MRI"s to discuss. A t
If you are thinking of back fusion this is your doctor ! I have been In pain two years tried everything nothing worked a made appt with two other surgeons and chose Dr. Elhammady. I'm three weeks after and have to remind myself I just had surgery and have to be careful. Very small incisions and I have not felt the old pain since the fusion surgery. This doctor is your only choice if your in Tampa friendly staff he explains everything listens to you which is rare I find with neurosurgeons .
Outstanding caring Physician.Takes the time to communicate Diagnosis and any treatment options.His staff is great also.Very attentive team,to help you with your needs.Office is very clean and professional.Highly recommend Dr.Chin-Lue,and/or,any of his fellow associates.
Highly recommend Dr. Elhammady. Very knowledgable and compassionate physician.
After 6 months of suffering with debilitating sciatica pain, Dr. Gonzales-Portillo gave me my life back. He got me into surgery right away so I didn't have to suffer any longer. His staff always return calls, often the same day. He is very caring and highly recommended by other medical professionals and I can see why. I am so glad I found him!
Dr. Elhammady was very informative of everything i was to expect with my cervical surgery. He made me cery comfortable with all my decisions.
I recently had a colonoscopy and polyp removal from Dr. Chin-Lue at St. Joseph's North. The procedure went fine. However, I found out later that the total cost (including, labs, anesthesia, etc.) is $25,537.49. This is absurd, as the national average is $2,000 to $3,000. I then found out that my insurance will only cover a small portion and that I am being billed for $20,943.80. I was given no warning at all. Dr. Chin seems to be a good provider, but he is part of a system that makes no sense.
I am 75 years old with Ankylosing Spondilitis. I have seen many doctors over the years. My Neurologist said I required surgery on my lower spine and recommended Dr. Elhammady. He is one of the very best. He spent time with me both in our 1st meeting and prior to the actual surgery to be sure I understood every aspect of the procedure. I am now healing quite well and walking again without a cane. This doctor really cares about his patients. I give him 5 BIG stars.
I searched for almost 3 years for a neurosurgeon and thank god I finally found one to help me. I've had constant pain for almost 3 years and nothing helps. I've had epidural steroid injectionsamong other treatments and I felt like a pin cushion after 3 years. Finally Dr. Elhammady did my surgery and was honestly the best Dr. I have ever had. Kind, compassionate and caring are just a few attributes I could think of to describe him. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.
Dr Elhammady went to exceptional measures to ensure my father had a good biopsy taken to ensure proper treatment. Never have experienced his personal care from another dr.
After visiting a few doctors in the Tampa area, my neurologist recommended Dr. Elhammady and I made an appointment. Honestly the best decision I have never made when it comes to a medical doctor. Extremely knowledgable, professional, and friendly. After the first visit he supplied me with a personal number, personal email address and multiple telephone numbers for the office informing me from day one if I ever had questions prior to deciding to surgery to contact him no matter the time!!
This doctor is a blessing . He has saved my life . Im so happy that he has come into my life he is a miracle.I thank God for you Dr.Elhammady.
Dr. Elhammady truly saved my step dad's life. He is an incredible person and a very caring surgeon. My step-dad was in a life-threatening situation with a horrific spinal cord injury and he was able to not only save his life but get him to the point where he is moving again. We are so thankful for him and would happily recommend him to others.
Terrible physician!! Rushes through the visit as if your just another number! Does not specify what my MRI results were. Did not answer my questions to the fullest. This doctor was clueless and he felt like an amateur. I would not trust my health in the hands of this doctorr. Waste of 3 hours of my life. BEWARE!!! Stay away!!!!
Dr. Chin-Lue is just a downright good, caring doctor. Excellent at what he does
Dr. Elhammady is an outstanding surgeon! If it was not for him I would not have known my spine was severely compressed! He litteraly saved my life!
Dr. Elhammady is the most Highly Skilled, Highly Intelligent, yet Compassionate and Genuine Physician that I have ever met. He explained procedures carefully and as detailed as I needed from him. He kept me and my family informed and involved. He is the most dedicated and professional caring Doctor, that I have ever came in contact with. Most Physicians are at another level. Dr. Elhammady is not that way. He talks with you and listening to you, NOT at you. A few months ago, I fell from a
He is the best!
Was referred to Dr. due to severe leg pain. Dr. Gonzales-Portillo's staff scheduled me right away, upon meeting, he and his staff were outstanding, thorough.He read my MRI, explained everything fully to us and showed it was ruptured disc. His professionalism, skills, concern for his patients is nothing short of excellence! I had my surgery in late March, after 6 months of prior agony from the pinched nerves; I was amazed! Walking and the pain was gone!! I cannot thank him enough. He's the BEST!
Dr. Bailey was my attending physician when I was admitted to the hospital with a G.I. bleed. I felt very assured that I was in good hands and will follow up with him with any future concerns.
Doctor Bailey is a very kind doctor. I felt that he took time with me as he would his own family. He didn't make me feel as if he was rushing me in any way. He went over everything I was going to have done, and then asked me if I had any questions about anything. Then he reminded me of what was going to be done and reassured me not to worry everything was going to be fine. I wish more doctors would make you feel as comfortable as Doctor Bailey made me feel. the office staff was great too!!! A+++
De. Elhammady is a terrific neurosurgeon. His office is awful. I was sceduled for my post operative follow up. I sat in his office for two and a half hours, never saw Dr. Elhammady. I asked his M.A. and he said Dr. Hammady would be right in. Finally, I went to the reception desk and told her I was tired of waiting and I was leaving. Once again, she said she would check with Dr. Elhammady but I said no, I was leaving and never be back. Pathetic office procedure.
Outstanding! Miracle worker!
Excellent Doctor! From start to finish he was very caring, considerate and professional! I went to him regarding low back pain and static nerve problems that I had been dealing with for years and had got worse! I was so scared when the MRI revealed I needed back surgery! Upon meeting him he was very caring about my issues and assured me that I was in good hands and made me feel very at ease with my decision to have the lumbar fusion! my surgery was 2 weeks ago and I'm pain free!!
Dr. Bailey is a very kind and soft spoken doctor. He took his time with me and was very thorough and explained everything. I would recommend him to everyone and if possible I would give him more than five stars.
Wonderful doctor not only is he passionate about his work but very passionate about the care of his patients. Dr Elhammady made Myself and my family very comfortable and at ease knowing he was going to be performing my surgery. I had 2 aneurysms on my frontal lobe of the brain and he did an excellent job and the recovery was quick and with very little discomfort. My family and I could not ever thank him enough. Thank you Dr Elhammady for saving my life. Mrs. Titus
He was the only doctor that took enough time to talk to us and explain things.
Cares for her patients the way a doctor should. Beautiful new office.
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