From the moment her came into the ER room we were put into, his demeanor was that of someone that had better places to be. He did not listen to anything we said. Shrugged shoulders and made comments like, "I don't see anything wrong", "you're not going to die", and "well, what do you want me to do". We actually looked around for a camera, thinking we were being punk'd. Waste of time in even going to the ER.
Dr. Torres is an amazing doctor you can find! I made the right choice by picking him. He makes you feel comfortable & welcome. He delivered my baby by c-section and the job he did was amazing! Trust me when i tell you this i have no scar from my c-section at all. He knows exactly what he's doing and how to make you feel satisfied & pleased!
I would have done no stars if it were an option. We had this doctor during a visit to the ER. He couldn't have been any less interested or less caring. I had him before with another family member where he was as bad as this but still nothing to write home about. Maybe he was having a bad day but do people a favor and stay home then....
Best doctor a woman can find. Making me feel comfortable, accepted and without any judgement. Between conversation one does not even feel the test until it says: "you are done" - thank you for always making me feel as if I was part of the family.
mi nombre es orialis berdial soy paciente del doctor torres hace desde 2001 hasta la fecha ,considero q es un exelente doctor al igual q su equipo de trabajo ,tube una cirugia el dia 16 de diciembre pq tenia fibromas y polipos en mi utero el cual me daba dolor y sangramiento yo por miedo a la cirugia la demore algunos meses y cuando me decidi mi cirugia fue muy buena fue por el sistema robotico y la recuperacion y el proceso fue muy bueno ,no tengan miedo como y hagansela ,gracias
Dr. Torres is an amazing doctor. He helped me while trying to get pregnant and infertility issues, then was very attentive and caring through my miscarriage and D&C and finally has been great throughout my 2nd pregnancy that is almost to the end. When I need medication or have any issue the office staff and Dr. Torres are great, they respond right away and prescriptions are called in immediately. When he has missed my appointment he called that night to make sure I was ok.
I had a total hysterectomy, a few days ago, and Dr. Emilio Torres, who is my gynecologist was the Doctor who did the surgery. I am very grateful for the excellent job he did and for how fast I have recovered. Dr. Torres, thank you very much.
Dr. Torres is an amazing doctor,very professional and understanding of his patients needs. He's been my doctor for many years now. After being diagnosed with endometriosis (by another doc) and losing a baby due to anencephaly i thought i would never have a family of my own. Dr. Torres was not only able to successfully treat my symptoms of endometriosis but also helped me achieve my dream of becoming a mom. I now have a healthy baby boy and couldn't be more thankful to Dr. Torres.
I Gave birth to my daughter with him very understand explains everything and looks for best interest of the baby and mom. He's an amazing Dr. I would have him deliver my babies over and over if I had more. Trust him so much. ??
Dr. Andarsio has been my family's OBGYN for almost 10yrs. He is wonderful! Rarely, do you ever meet a doctor as caring as this with so many years of practice. When my sister and I, both, had miscarrieges, he was caring, helpful and there for us. He delivered my two nephews and niece, as well as my son and many friends' children. A wonderful gentleman with a kind heart and great skills. :)
Dr Torres delivered our baby girl, during all the time he was a very kind person, he really cares about his patients, he resolved all of our questions and made us feel confidence.I highly recomend Dr Torres, he is an excellent doctor.
El Dr Torres atendió a mi esposa durante el embarazo y el parto de nuestra hija. Siempre fue muy profesional, muy atento y nos dedico suficiente tiempo durante las consultas para explicarnos todo claramente. El día del parto y los días siguientes en el hospital estuvo muy pendiente de que todo estuviera bien. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.
I was referred to Dr Torres by a NICU medical director whom I work with after the OBGYN I was using ignored my opinion and wishes. In Dr Torres I found a real professional who took the time to explain all procedures, options, and worked with me to help me make the best decision for me and my baby. I had a c-section and the stitching he did is amazing a very thin line, little pain, no complications and I was cleared to jog in two weeks. I would recommend him to anyone in my family.
I had a good experience with Dr.Torres. my first baby was a premie due to a uti infection. he came at 24 weeks. Dr Torres was very hopeful when he saw the ultrasound. he told us our baby had a chance. he delivered benjamin and our baby was born at 1 1/2 pounds. our second baby was delivered by Dr. Torres and she was full term. both of our babies are very healthy and thank you Dr. TORRES for being a professional and give us hope. we highly recommend Dr. Torres.
I've been with Dr. Torres for 13 years now and he just delivered my first baby girl at Palms West Hospital. Words can't even begin to express my gratitude and love for this doctor. He always has your best interest in mind, he always makes time for you and treats you with the utmost care and respect. He is truly the best doctor I have ever visited and wish more were like him. If you are searching for an amazing OB, stop right here you have found him!!!!!!!
My 1st pregnancy was ok but he never showed up for delivery and waited 14 hours in labor and i ended up having an emergency c-section because my baby was born dead but thanks god she is alive, now my 2nd pregnancy i had a bad experience since it has been a difficult pregnancy he always had a nasty attitude and if we had any questions he will leave the room in a rush that we couldn't ask him,l but the nurse, i had an UTI for 3wks and they never called me to tell me i found out by my pharmacy
He is a great doctor & takes care of you very well :)
Dr Torres is the most compassionate doctor I've met in the USA! Besides his knowledge and expertise are update. No need for a second opinion, you will always come back to him!

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