Excellent physician, highly recommended.
At first Dr. Duterte was caring & helpful. He diagnosis you with something then years later he changes it because he doesn't know what he's doing. I had always been honest & upfront with him & just wanted basic care. All he had to do was get a MRI enterography & he would have found my problem. Instead he insisted on the expensive pill endoscopy which clearly showed bleeding ulcers in my intestines after I prepped on my own accord with mag citrate. No prep was done on other 2 & showed nothing.
Waited 2 hours. Scheduled appointment in advance, faxed the info over to save time as their office said it would. They charged my card immediately, then 1 hour and 50 minutes later the doctor came in. I asked the staff in advance if I would be done in time to pick up my children by 3 and was told, Oh yes. I asked the doctor if he made all of his patients wait 2 hours and he said it was average. I had to walk out because I had to pick up my children from school. Paid 45.00. He's an arrogant jerk.
He almost killed me. Told me my Crohn s Disease was all in my head. Had since 1979
I would recommend this Dr. He is a good doctor and besides that he is considerate and kind. I would not want to go to anyone else. He is very professional.
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