This Dr. is BAD NEWS scary! I switched PCP's and chose this Dr. I was under specialized treatments from an out of coverage Dr. and I saw Dr. Hernandez as a matter of formality to transfer my insurance coverage and introduce myself as a new patient. Without my consent she scheduled me for some tests that neither she nor her office could tell me the purpose as applied for my condition. She then tried to "hijack" my case and treatment in the face of the fact she had no clue what I was dealing with
Dr. Hernandez is the best PCP I have ever had. And, I'm a RN, so I am very picky.
She did not stay with me for more them 10 minutes and rushed to another patient . Waiting time, usually ,can reach 45 minutes. So many patients , has no time with you. If you are feelling sick, never finds a time to see you on same day..
It's always the same issue, you have to waste a whole morning or a whole afternoon for a standard visit, the Dr is good when she's not rushing but I don't think it's worth the wait, pack snacks and something to read because it's going to be a long wait plus her staff always have issues with the appointments and with any simple request.
Terrible Dr. always in a rush but you have to wait more than an hour to be seen by her. She doesn't care about the patient and never recalls who you are and I've been her patient for almost 7 years!.
She is extremely detailed and a wealth of medical knowledge. I even recommend her to my family.
The quality of care has decreased. She is a great doctor,used to be very attentive ,I became her patient when she was practicing next to the Osceola Regional 15 years ago, very dedicated, things changed in the last 5 years. The personnel is rude, they wont return phone calls, give you a referral for everything and then do not notified you even when your test results are abnormal. They are just clueless about what providing quality health care is all about.
She barely spends time with the patient because her office is ALWAYS running behind. Good luck getting anything done with that office, billing, referrals, anything they rarely answer their phones and they never return a left voicemail. The staff is not knowledgeable they will tell you that your insurance will cover this in office minor procedure without even checking and then you have to pay it out of your pocket. It took a while but I'm glad I withdrew my care from them.
I was diagnosed with hypertention and was never referred to a cardiologist, and was never advised about why and a proper diet. She spends minimum time with patient. I was diagnosed with hurtburn and again was never referred to an specialist. I had to ask for those referrals myself. I was never advised about what diet I should follow.
I called Dr. Estevez office for an appointment. The evening before the appointment I get a call telling me that my insurance is not active. I told the lady on the phone that this is the second time this happens to me from Dr. Jermania Estevez’s office. I told the lady on the phone that there is a PROVIDER SERVICES number in back of the card and that I can give it to her so she can call and verify whether it is active or not. She said right off the bat; “no, because they are closed now, call tomo
I have been at this office for over 15 years and I think it is time to change! My daughter had an asthma attack and was seen the previous day. Called the office was was denied Asthma medication for her, she is a patient as well.
Scheduled an appointment for a physical, arrived early to my appointment and waiting two hours before being seen. Once i was called in, the nurse took my blood pressure and temp and had me sit and wait another 20 minutes before i complained to get a room. Once i brought it up to their attention, they sent me into a dirty room and the "doctor" came in a rush and literally just checked my throat and billed me for a physical.
Fue mi Dra por varios años mientras viví en fl super nice su oficina y tremenda persona y dra y todas las personas que trabajan hay son un éxito 100% se los recomiendo
The absolute worst experience I have had at a doctors office. The staff here do not communicate. You wait in the lobby well over 2 hours and then in the room over an hour each time. I would not recommend. The doctors want to do whatever it takes to get you out of the office once you finally have a moment with them. It is a shock they are still in business. Unprofessional and disappointing.
The office staff and medical staff are awful! Even tried to ask for an administrator, but got the run around. Definately never going back there. I dont understand why people cant be friendly??
Took a month schedule appointment, when arrived took 10 min to check-in another 15 min to see the nurse. My appointment was at 1, I saw the doctor after 2. When I finally saw the doctor, she seem in a rush.
Dr is very good and recommend, but the office staff is none responsive had cancle appointment that doctor made on my behalf and staff never provided information to specialist so the Dr can't see me someone had taken time of take me and when I called they talk as I don't matter
Dr. Estevez is a kind, considerate and excellent physician. She takes her time to assist you in all your medical needs. She goes out of her way to help you even when she is not at the office.
Very rude, unprofessional, not courteous or has the qualifications of a doctor.
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